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10 Nigerian Organic Skincare Brands To Try

Nigerian organic skincare brands have began to rise in number – or so my Instagram feed tells me. Week after week, I’ve stumbled across some gorgeous brands that I hope to try in the near future. I’ve compiled this list to assist those who have money so I can glow through them.

In no particular order, I present to you my list of Nigerian organic skincare brands that are on my radar, and should be on yours too if you’re considering travelling down the organics path any time soon. Join the dark side, we have shea butter.

Join the dark side, we have shea butter. * No but really, if you're looking for organic products (made in Nigeria) to show your skin some love, check out these 10 brands and perhaps you'll find something you like! #skincarenigeria… Click To Tweet

OREKE BY DAMI (@orekebydami)

This is a brand I’ve definitely been lusting after ever since I stumbled across their page. Actually, you know what the worst thing is? A majority of the brands on this list are going to be based in Lagos. Basically, the only thing stopping me is shipping money, which I have no capacity to possess right now (cries in debits).

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I like Oreke By Dami’s vibes, from their minimalist, black and white packaging to their cute yet intentionally scattered Instagram feed. Products I’ve got my eyes on include the chocolate body butter and face repair serum.

MAYANGA (@mayanga_)

Mayanga is one of many Nigerian organic skincare brands which will be mentioned in this post. They’re based in Abuja, and specialise so far in sugar scrubs – aiding the exfoliation gang – which come in 5 variants – honey coco, green tea, coffee, raven (which includes black soap) and turmeric.

You can read my review on their honey coco scrub here

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ARAMI ESSENTIALS (@aramiessentials)

Oh Arami, the things you do to me! Arami Essentials, a Lagos based organic skincare brand, is on my radar due to their much-hyped products. I’ve tried twice and failed to win their products, so all that is left is to get my money up. I of course have my eyes on the sweet oud oil and their black soap, which has gotten lots of good reviews.


Mainly I’m just here for the glow. Arami Essentials has top notch branding, from their simple yet chic logo to their overall feed and presentation. I loved their stand at the SLAY Festival 2018 (from what I saw on their Insta story) and will definitely keep them on my list. Fortunately, Abuja dwellers can now purchase Arami Essentials products via The Beauty Bar NG (@thebeautybarng) so yay!

NARGANICS (@narganics)

With such a bad-ass name, Narganics definitely holds it’s position on my mind, urging me to work harder to access the luxuries of life – or in this case, skin.

From their top notch, simple but deadly name, to their branding and overall product photography aesthetics, I definitely want to try Narganics one day.

Come on, just look at their rose body scrub! In my opinion, body scrubs are so overdone but the way they packaged this product makes me feel I’m missing out. I also want to try their black soap with rose petals – it sounds so luxurious. While I get my money up, I don’t mind getting an item or two as a birthday present! 

PARFAIT BEAUTY SHOP (@partfaitbeautyshop)

Parfait Beauty is a brand I see becoming a huge brand, and so I appreciate their little beginnings. When I saw the packaging of their coffee scrub – hello? Coffee scrub! I drooled out of sheer excitement.

Here was a brand doing things right from the start. I hope you’ll give them a follow because I highly believe in them! I want to try their coffee scrub one day because their product photos so far have been pure skincare porn.

SOPY SOAPS (@sopysoaps)

Sopy Soaps are an organic skincare brand based in Abuja. They sell a bunch of amazing soaps which sound pretty engticing. I discovered them through Bella of @thebrowniegram and haven’t looked back ever since. Though I’m yet to order, my eyes are set on their goats milk, turmeric and carrot bars – doesn’t that combo sound mad?

AJALI (@shopajali)


Ajali drew me in with their minimalist aesthetics – I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for simple branding. They have a range of products which I’d love to try, but I lean more towards their oils and body butters/souffle. There’s just something about body butters that makes my skin tingle. I would also like their face mask which comes in dry form. They’re yet another Nigerian organic skincare brand who have been on the lips of many around me – including some beauty influencers.

MATTE APOTHECARY (@matteapothecary)

Ever since I read Ifeoma Amadi’s post on this brand, I’ve had them on my radar. Again with the minimalist theme and packaging! I want to try their oils and body butter mostly. Anything to have that cute packaging in my grasp. Matte Apothecary are a Lagos based, Nigerian organic skincare brand, and I have to say, I love them from afar.



Mint Care are a Nigerian organic skincare brand based in Abuja. An awesome thing is that they sell candles too, so I’d love to snatch a candle for myself. I have my eyes set on their oatmeal, milk and honey bath bomb and Japanese cherry blossom bomb. Not only am I a sucker for minimalist branding and packaging, I also love delicious sounding product names. Mint Care can take my money since they’re in Abuja!

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DEW OF HERMON (@dewofhermon_ng)

Dew of Hermon are a nigerian organic skincare brand based in Port Harcourt. I only recently discovered them through Instagram, and I like how cute their feed is. They seem like a really chilled brand, and so I want to try products of theirs such as their honey oats soap and coconut milk soap. I love when products sound so rich without having to try them.

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With these items being stated, I hope you’ve seen a thing or two that you like! Don’t forget to SHARE this post in order to spread the skincare good news to your friends!

Which brands have you tried from this list, and which ones are you hoping to try soon?


4 thoughts on “10 Nigerian Organic Skincare Brands To Try”

  1. Lol…. When I opened this post I started laughing because I am working on a series and profiling Nigerian organic beauty brands will be part. Well it just goes to prove that whatever idea one has, someone else is already thinking about it.
    I am sold on Narganics and Arami essentials.. Aesthetics and reviews are crazy.

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