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5 Things I’ve Done Since COVID-19 Came to Nigeria

COVID-19 is the hottest topic and it’s EVERYWHERE. On the radio, television, on your social media feeds. It’s the Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19. Now, I kind of find it comforting that everyone in the world is affected by it, because things would’ve been a bit lonely if it was restricted to one region. A bit of a morbid thought, but that’s just how I feel. People in one nation can sympathize with others when everybody has to go into shut down mode.

Looking back, I guess we can say that we took information for granted, especially in Nigeria. As of January 29, 2020, the NAFDAC and other federal agencies shut down Panda Supermarket in Jabi, Abuja, amidst rising concerns about the Corona Virus. Now, as I write this, it is March 24 and the virus is in Nigeria, with 40 cases confirmed and counting. The number rises each day, and similarly, so does our panic level. This period has brought a lot of fear, outrage and at the same time, entertainment. We fear how our medical facilities will hold up if the number of cases explode. We’re outraged at the blatant ignorance displayed by our fellow citizens who fail to grasp the concept of self-isolation and social distancing. We’re entertained by the brilliant skits, dance trends on TikTok and Corona inspired music and content we see!

As for me, I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’m returning and hoping I can get more content out. While I agree that not everybody should force themselves to be productive during times such as these, I for one am a person that needs to get things done. So, I hope to create more content. I’d like to share what I’ve done since the Corona Virus entered Nigeria.

1. Self Isolated (Partially-Fully)

I say partially fully because there were days I stayed at home completely, like last Saturday and Sunday. I however had a photography gig on Monday, and on Wednesday 25 March, my mother dragged me to Garki Market for last-minute stocking up. If she had taken my advice, we would have achieved this on Saturday, but noooo! Now, I believe it’s full lock down mode, which is best.

2. Downloaded Hella E-Books

While I’d like to vehemently deny any refutations on my predicted productivity levels this period, I do agree that it’s not possible to completely transform from a generally hard-to-get-the-ball-rolling individual to some productivity queen. Yet, I’d like to have some faith in myself. I’ve gotten a bunch of e-books cutting across topics that I find interesting and want to further my knowledge on. These topics include design, emotional intelligence, and personal development in general. I’m hoping to devour at least 20 in the next month, but if I don’t, I don’t think I’ll be killing myself. In times like these, I’m excited for the opportunity to get back to a reading level that can match my high-school self, not the part of me that’s easily distracted and always attempting to multi-task, leading to divided attention.

Do I even like personal development books? I guess we’ll just have to see. Some interesting titles I copped include The Language of Emotional Intelligence (Jeanne Segal), The Dictionary of Body Language, Sell With a Story (Paul Smith, Mike Weinberg), Savvy Girl: A Guide to Etiquette (Brittany Underwood), Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office (Lois P. Frankel), I Feel Bad About My Neck & Other Thoughts On Being A Woman (Nora Ephron).

There are honestly so many books I want to read, I just hope to at least read and FINISH one.

3. Bought A Bunch of Supplies

Well, a bunch just means wipes, soaps and sanitizer. I have also bought food here and there, but it’s not anything major. It sucks to not be able to go out as freely as before, but I’m counting on the supplies I have with me, such as all the backdrops and props I’ve acquired over the past couple of months. I got more wipes because I’m a wipes person, soaps because soap and water is essential for times like these, and sanitizers at N2200 a pop. The prices of sanitizers skyrocketed and it’s sad, but what can we do. A half of me is all like, it’s not fair, but at the same time, I’m thinking of supply and demand.

4. Stayed Glued to Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp

A majority of people can admit to this. I mean, what is life without a steady Internet connection? Though Nigerian Internet providers are sketchy, I appreciate the Internet connection I’ve had over the past few days. It enables me to keep updated with the latest COVID-19 developments, as well as interact with others and keep entertained. I’ve definitely been on Instagram, twitter and especially WhatsApp. I’ve also been on YouTube but it’s not easy to find content that interests me. I’ve also started working on my own YouTube content, considering the last video I posted was in 2018. So much has changed since then!

5. Thought About Life

Like every other person affected personally by the Corona Virus, I have thought about life. I have thought about my life right now, and I want to think of where my life is going after this. We all need to think. We need to evaluate our relationships with ourselves and those around us. What is working, what is not? This might be the only time some of us get time to ourselves to do that. I wish to seek God further, but I have to admit it has been hard to get the hang of things especially as someone who gets distracted easily, but I won’t give up easily.

That being said, we all need to stay strong and stay positive as much as possible. Things may look bleak, but I strongly believe that a lot of us are going to come out stronger after this. Speak positivity into tomorrow, you will get through this. Stay safe!

4 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Done Since COVID-19 Came to Nigeria”

  1. Nice post. I did Number 2 and 4 and If I did not take a 5 day leave from work I would be working. So by monday I resume. I envy those who get to stay home


    I can absolutely relate with everything except the e-book) part. My life doesn’t feel really different because my job is remote and I mostly stay indoors anyway. I can’t believe all of this is happening- it still feels like a dream.
    I also want to go back to blogging. Currently editing a post [inspired by you] and hoping to get it out soon!


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