6 Things That Happened to Me Since My Last Post

Long time, no post hey? Don’t worry though, I’ll get you up to speed in no time with these updates! Did you miss me? I missed me too!

I Became a Law Graduate with a Second-Class Upper

Whew! I have previously spoken about my university, stating the 5 things I regret about my university experience. To have this quite short but long journey come to an end was really mind-blowing. For starters, the duration of the degree was not the usual law degree duration as Baze University runs a three-semester system as opposed to two. Three semesters is not compulsory though, you can always defer a semester. I, however, did three. The Convocation experience was funny in a way because for starters, I found out about my convocation about 4 days prior to the actual day! I had been neglecting reading my school email so I missed the messages. It was crazy to think that I could’ve been washing my bathroom and then open WhatsApp only to see my colleagues in their caps and gowns. Thankfully, that was not the case. University was quite the ride. I’m glad I finished with a 2.1 but I know I could’ve done better. However, now is no time for regrets, after all, what has happened has happened.

I Attended a Mental Health Event

I attended the TBA x MANI Mental Health Event which I found quite interesting. I got to share my burdens and hear the burdens of others in a game called ‘if you really knew me, you’d know…”. Apart from that, it was a good time I’d say. I also, of course, enjoyed taking photos of people. It was nice to see Alice of The Bloggers Advocate again, as well as Vickie Alfa and other faces from Instagram. I got a mental health evaluation that deemed me normal, which I find quite funny because the day after the event, I felt the most overwhelmed I’d ever felt in the last quarter of 2019. I’m glad I’m in a better place now, anyway.

I Entered & Lost Two Competitions

This is more recent than the rest of the items on this list. I entered two competitions – one was for Lux Nigeria and the other was for 5Alive. For Lux, I didn’t make it to stage 2, which was no surprise considering I am in Abuja and the competition was for Lagos-based residents only. It was still a fun experience I guess.

The second competition, 5 Alive, I made it to the top 10 but I didn’t win first, second or third position. I knew I wouldn’t win. People were trying to tell me to speak positive and all, but from the moment I knew it would be a like contest I checked out mentally. Oh well, at the end of the day, these competitions are not a measure of my creative capacity. I’m still a bad-ass whether I win or not!

I Got Fake Dreadlocks

I get called rastafarian by some. I think dreadlocks fit me a lot, I have this edgy totally creative look. I never got around to attaching the remaining hair rings though..for 3 freaking months!

In a more surprising twist in appearances, I got fake dreads! Fake dreadlocks have actually been trending this year and I’m glad I got to partake in the trend. I have enjoyed them a lot, and as I type this, I still have them on my head. I got them done in October. This year has generally been interesting when it comes to my appearance, I think I improved greatly in my wardrobe department too. Who knows what 2020 has in store?

I Got Heart-Broken

This is a story I’ll tell in full one day maybe. I have to say though, having things not go the way you thought, especially when you thought you’d met the most amazing person ever, sucks. Bad breakups suck. On this note, I just want to say that anyone out there who just decides to cut communication with someone without any prior warning or provocation is evil. I was kept in the dark for about 2 weeks, going crazy while various phone calls were ignored and texts left not replied to. I would say It was one of the most stressful periods of 2019 for me. I hope I never have to go through that again. It’s kind of made me resentful but I’m trying to lift the cloud of anger. On the flip side, it kind of gave my confidence a knock, but we’ll recover!

I Registered for NYSC

Yep! As per the Nigerian graduate package, especially as a law student, you either go to law school then do NYSC or do NYSC then law school, although the former is the standard. Due to some complications, I won’t be going to law school with members of my university set. It sucked to realize at first but I also had to embrace the fact that everyone has a different timeline in life. I registered for NYSC and I am supposed to do camp at Abia State. When I found out, I was just laughing! It’s crazy!

I’ve decided I’m not doing NYSC until after law school, after a short deliberation. Still, the fact that If I was doing NYSC I’d be off to Abia was so cool to me because it’s pure luck! My mum is from Abia State, Asaga in Ohafia is her village. My grandparents, when not in their village house, are actually based in Umuahia, in the same area where the camp is located. They were so happy to hear about the posting, haha! I wonder if when I am actually ready to go for NYSC I’ll still be going to Abia State. I surely hope so.

I Got a Brand New Camera & 50MM Lens

In what could rightly be termed one of the biggest flexes of 2019, I got not just a brand new camera in August, but a 50mm 1.8 lens in October! It was amazing to think how far I’d come and how these things came into my possession! I am so grateful that I could see a day like this. Back when I started blogging, all I had was my phone and a head full of ideas. I wasn’t even self-hosted yet. Now I’m self-hosted with my own domain name, and I have a brand new Canon camera, replacing my old one Hugo! I also stumbled across an opportunity to get a 50mm lens and I snatched it at a heavy bargain for N25K. Back then when I started blogging, I would wish I could be like all my faves who had cameras and especially 50mm lens. Now I am part of them, the gag is just that I don’t blog as much anymore. Lol! Still, It’s not like I’m not using the camera – it’s an integral part of my life and earns me coins!

That being said, It’s been quite a while since I was last here. I hope you enjoyed this update. I’m not going to make promises of being more consistent because honestly, we don’t know what tomorrow holds. I will try my best, though! If I go on another hiatus, you can catch me on Twitter and Instagram. Click the words to head to my profiles!

What have you been up to recently?

12 thoughts on “6 Things That Happened to Me Since My Last Post”

  1. You’re back!!!! (I hope)
    Missed reading and commenting on this space. Whew!
    I was scared that one day I will refresh and see ’Domain has expired’ here.
    It’s been an eventful couple of months for you.
    Congratulations on becoming a barrister lawyer!! Thank you for showing us your face, not 1 or 2, but 4 times in one post!
    As for NYSC, e go dey alright.
    I’m so sorry about the heartbreak. Ghosting is terrible. I’ve been through it and it messes with your head. I still don’t get why people do it, per se, but it is well.
    Loved your 5 Alive photo too.
    Ps. Please tell me you are not leaving your blog 🥺🥺

  2. Awwwn. Nice to have you here. So you didn’t go to the Nigerian Law School? Either way 2.1 is a good grade category. You’re beautiful. Everyone seems to be getting a lens, is it better posting pictures from it on your blog than that of the phone camera now that you’ve gotten it? Please let me know. But check out my blog if you feel up to it ♥️

  3. Long time, no post! Congratulations on your graduation!!
    A lot has indeed happened but in all, we should be grateful for growth.
    Would love to have more articles from you.

  4. Such an interesting update. Quite sad about those competition and even more sad about the heartbreak. But like you said, you are a badass, hun and I totally believe in you and your creative prowess.

    Heartbreaks happen for a reason or not, it is just how it happens that hurts the most and the process of getting over it. I wish you all the very best, b.


  5. Girl you’ve grown so much this year, I love to see it, Yass! Congrats on graduating and the new camera, your latest content has been litt. Sorry about the heartbreak and not winning those competitions, such is life, unfortunately. I figure it’ll make you stronger at the end of the day. As for your posting to Abia, maybe it’s Gods way of bringing you closer to your roots. And I’m excited to see you back on here, I actually missed reading your blog but I totally get your absence as blogs are sorta dying out.

    Princess Audu

  6. Congratulations, pls I need your advice on how you handled your study schedule like what time of the day you read and duration (two hours or more)and how you handled your various crushes in your first year because for me it’s overwhelming and I need to focus because my exams start in February. I am 100 level law student .

  7. Congratulations on your graduation, pls I need your advice on how your reading schedule was like ( the time you read, how you concentrated). And concerning the matter of your different crush how did you concentrated and did you become friends with them

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