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Skinny Girl In Transit: Is Drama the Spice of Life?

I’d been hearing about Skinny Girl in Transit, a Nigerian web-series shown on NDANI TV’s Youtube channel every Friday, for quite some time. I made a mental note to check it out but didn’t really get around to that. However, I watched Sisi Yemmie’s video ‘Husband Does My Makeup’ and while scrolling through the comments, …

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Review: Anike Herbal Solutions

I’d first stumbled across this page via the page of its owner, Anike Oladimeji (@anikethebosschick). I liked the concept, and was a bit skeptical at first. One thing that puts me off some business pages is the way their Instagram layout looks. If it’s tacky and thrown together anyhow, littered with Whats App screenshots and the occasional photos, I am put off.

However, I decided to stay with the page and look past the flaws. I looked at the price list of the products, and told myself that I would definitely purchase something in 2017. I read the Whats App screenshots, saw photos from happy customers and I was sold.