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Long Haul Flights: A Survival Guide (Tried & Tested)

Picture this, after shouting a series of #godwhen? to nobody in particular, you somehow managed to get your life together enough to build up savings for that dream trip. With an overstuffed luggage bag in one arm and neck pillow shoved under your other arm, headphones plugged in and the comfiest pair of shoes you have on, you’re ready to get into that jet-set life! Problem is, it’s going to be a hell of a flight.

Being 21: So Far, So Good?

It’s funny I’m writing a blog post with such a title because at this very moment I type this, my face is breaking out, my right middle nail which I patiently grew to badass length has snapped off, my under-wig cornrows are a freaking mess, and my account contains only N3000. Only N3000? actually, it’s […]

How to Survive Long Layovers

Travel is something nearly all individuals aspire to at a certain point in their lives – it’s the ability to explore, see new sights and experience new cultures and mannerisms. People like me love every bit of the experience, from clutching your arm rest a little firmer as the plane takes off, to that rollercoaster […]

My 3 Biggest Fears

What are your biggest fears? I feel everyone faces fear of something at some point in their existence. Be it things like spiders (spiders are disgusting, by the way) or bigger things like burdens of life & adulthood. Basically, fears can either be basic fears, or they can be something bigger. I’m sharing my biggest […]