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My Makeup Story: The Queen of Grey

I never used to wear makeup. Frankly, the reasons were not unreasonable. I was still young, and though I didn’t exactly like my face, I still found no appeal in makeup. I was a teen filled with angst, worried about everything else in the world –looks included – without actually caring about makeup. Girls I …


Mind on the Month: June

P.S. I would firstly like to thank God, and also my genes (passed down by the ‘rents), for my wonderful eyebrows. I appreciate you all, and I hope my eyebrows never lack. I couldn’t find my eyebrow pencil before taking this photo, and it turns out I didn’t need it anyway! All I did was …


#BuyNigerian or Nah?

I love the internet and social media, it’s such an amazing place which provides so much opportunity for people – especially small business owners.

There are so many online stores which exist just on Instagram, no website or all those extra stuff (probably coming later on). 

I like this, but then there are some repeated occurrences which annoy me to no end. Keep in mind that when I say online store, I don’t mean stores like the really popular ones. I’m talking the smaller yet upcoming ones which may not necessarily be an ‘official’ brand, but a side hustle for the owners. Here are three most prominent ones.


The Art of Remembering

remember |rɪˈmɛmbə| verb 1 [ with obj. ] have in or be able to bring to one’s mind an awareness of (someone or something from the past) – Oxford Dictionary of English – Song: Do You Remember – Jarryd James Picture this: add about 4 – 10 years to your current age. Where do you …


Confession: I Don’t Love God

Every Sunday feels the same. I wake up early enough, but then proceed to waste time doing a plethora of unnecessary things instead of getting ready for church. I then am filled with regret as I rush to find a scarf to wear over my head, rush to pack my things into my small bag …


How Fake Foundation Taught Me to Speak Up

It was a bright and sunny afternoon and I skipped off to the market, following a fruitful visit to the bookshop to get my law books. I was happy, clutching the N1500 in my hand, imagining the beat face I would be able to achieve when I purchased this certain product. Though I had a …

anike herbal solutions review

Review: Anike Herbal Solutions

I’d first stumbled across this page via the page of its owner, Anike Oladimeji (@anikethebosschick). I liked the concept, and was a bit skeptical at first. One thing that puts me off some business pages is the way their Instagram layout looks. If it’s tacky and thrown together anyhow, littered with Whats App screenshots and the occasional photos, I am put off.

However, I decided to stay with the page and look past the flaws. I looked at the price list of the products, and told myself that I would definitely purchase something in 2017. I read the Whats App screenshots, saw photos from happy customers and I was sold.

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