Sanitary products are a girls best friend whenever the demon known as your period sets up shop at the end of the month, or whenever it usually comes. Periods are actually rude, they just appear sometimes out of the blue (if you’re like my bad half and don’t really keep track of these things) and they cause a whole lot of pain. Speaking of pain, I often read stories about people suffering excruciating cramps during their period, and I wonder if I have things easy, even on days I struggle hard.

The Thing is, Period Cramps Suck

I really think there needs to be a machine invented where you plug in and feel the pain someone else feels. It would shut up a lot of dumb people that like downplaying the pain women feel during childbirth, periods, or other types of pain people feel, including emotional pain. I feel the world would be a better place, and people will start minding their business. I want to know what people who suffer from endometriosis/really bad cramps feel like (then quietly unplug and be on my way, because the machine is just to plug for a while, not a permanent attachment) To my sisters going through that, I wish there was a fat candy pill I could give you to make the pain go away FOREVER.

sanitary products, female sanitary products, periods, cramps, ovaries, fallopian tubes, period jokes, mensturation
Image skilfully drawn by Mind of Amaka

Anyway, pain is a story for another day. I’ve had this question on my mind recently, after I remembered a scenario that happened with a friend of mine some years back. When it comes to periods, I don’t like discomfort – but I can never find true comfort. That time of the month is spent doing my usual activities with a straight face, even when my cramps get bad. I guess that’s why I want to know what other people’s cramps feel like, just to see if I “have it easy”, or whatever. While I don’t go extreme like binging on prawn crackers mixed with chocolate and shrilling at innocent bystanders (but really, does anyone normal do that anyway?), I have utmost peace when I look at my box of tampons.

I always say to myself that nobody, and I mean nobody, can come in-between me and my comfort when it comes to periods – meaning nobody can determine for me what I should use (unless it’s a life/death health risk or something).

What’s Up With Tampons?

Some years back, I remember discussing with my friend about periods and stuff, and at some point, she told me that she couldn’t use tampons because her dad didn’t really allow it. Back then I was like ‘oh ok’ but now I’m like ‘hell naw’. What business does a father, or any man, OR WOMAN have with my body and the way I choose to deal with natures blow? Are they nuts? It’s bad enough I have to swim in my blood for a freaking week – with intervals after showering and freshening up – but I’m not allowed to explore the choices out there?

sanitary products, female sanitary products, periods, cramps, ovaries, fallopian tubes, period jokes, mensturation

Dixie cups, tampons, and pads, what have you – these have all been created to ease the end of the month travail! And at this point, yes, a period is a freaking burden! If you want to come all up in here talking about #appreciate #naturesblessing, walk yourself out. When I got my rough start on ‘womanhood’ I was chucked some pads, but eventually I discovered tampons and my world changed. It’s not that I was into swimming activities, I just hated that squishy feeling you got whenever you sat back down after getting up. Freaking disgusting.

Why I Love Tampons

Tampons were a world of fun for me – awkward fun. I could move around with minimum squish, because everything was inside as opposed to spilling out, if you know what I mean? I felt my mum would try to stop me if she knew I was using them so I would hide the boxes but later it was all cool. She doesn’t buy them though – I do, she’s a traditional lady in the sense that she sticks to pads – good luck with that.

That’s my mum, I can’t imagine any male whatsoever with whatsoever relationship to me – father, boyfriend, husband, male cousin, brother – trying to tell me I shouldn’t use tampons because they don’t feel it’s decent or whatever. How does it affect your life? Is it your body? Is it your period? Uterus? Any husband/boyfriend that tries that needs to be thrown in the bin – it’s not their business whatsoever. The only time you should be asking about my period, is if you’re offering to buy sanitary products or something. Apart from that, mind ya damn business.

I admit, when I started, I would Google up stuff like is using tampons a sin and can tampons take your virginity(lol) because I felt like I was doing something wrong. But tampons make me comfortable, and that’s why I’ll stick to them (thought they’re pricey, but hey, more #motivation to #bossup).

So yeah, I don’t really care for opinions relating to how I deal with my bodily functions, unless there’s a great, grave health risk involved. I’ll stop using tampons if they say and prove that there’s like nuclear radiation or something, but until then, I’m living my best (period) life! Yeah, toxic shock syndrome is a thing, but we won’t leave our tampons in for like 4 days or something. Everything in moderation.


Would you allow a man, or any other person, try to police your choice of sanitary products?