I Attended My First Ever Vision Board Party – Here’s What Went Down

Vision Board parties are the new in thing. I’ve heard of vision boards, but didn’t know there could be something like a vision board party, nor have I ever attended one. When The Blogger’s Advocate announced they’d be hosting one, I initially didn’t think I would attend. I mean, I was (and still am) on a tight budget due to trying to save up for a camera, so parting with N3000 (I was one of the first 5 in Abuja to grab a ticket) didn’t seem ideal. Still, I bought a ticket, and as the day drew closer I found myself getting more excited and curious as to what it would be like.

As it turns out, I kind of went overnight from being an attendee to an organiser, so things were experienced from a whole other dimension! I’ll break them into categories.

Planning, Decoration & Administrative Stuff

Did you know, to decorate any part of Millennium Park, you need a letter of approval from Salini Nig. Ltd.? Now you know – and this piece of information was graciously provided by Demi of Demi Akin. I never thought I’d be going to an office – located at Wuse – with a letter because of a vision board party. In the end, nobody disturbed us, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Apart from these, I didn’t really do much on the planning side of things. It was at a public park, so there weren’t too many issues involved. It was all down to quantities – did we have enough materials? How many extras e.g. mats, tables, etc., were needed? In the end, it all came together.

For the decoration, I had pictured what the set up would be like from the get-go. I attended the DA Picnic two weeks or so before, so I was filled with so much inspiration. Unfortunately, the area used for the DA Picnic was completely soaked, so Tonye, my partner-in-crime for the day, conveniently found a shady area close by. The more I touched the equipment we were working with, the more things came together – suddenly we thought about hanging the souvenir totes on a ribbon line surrounding the letter board, Tonye brought up the idea of hanging some totes on random tree branches, as well as using sticks for borders to create a section exclusively for us. I loved the way things came together, though I do wish I decorated more.

After profusely sweating (to the point where I wasn’t motivated to beat my face anymore) and some running around, we were good to go! I also made a pinata courtsey of Suzelle DIY! That was definitely a stressful but fun experience – shoutout to Mide for helping out.

Network and Reflection Session

Most people came way after 12.30pm (as expected) so the event started more at 1.45pm. Tonye, being the TBA Abuja Rep, was shoved into the Anchor role while I reclined at the back worked hard on the pinata. We first did a little network session, then got to the meaty stuff.

Sike making her board

There was a reflection session where reflections on 2018 were made, and people shared stuff about their challenges – mostly blogging/content creation wise. Sike stepped in at this point and explained how she was able to use random spots to position her phone so she could take pictures – she was trying to help Winnie with her challenge from 2018. It was quite interesting! Waiman, Nkechi, Isioma were among those that contributed. I wish I had contributed too, but generally, I suck at group discussions, so life goes on.

Vision Board Time

After talking on the past, it was time to strategize and plan for the future. And so, we got to making our vision boards! Or, let’s say everyone else got to their boards while I ran around taking photos and shoving Bon Bons down my throat. I’ve come to accept that sometimes I let my camera get the best of me and am content with clicking away at events, though I wish I had started on my board – I, after all, was attending the event for that purpose, right?

I did like seeing how the minds of others worked, and there were some lovely end results once it was time to go home! Tonye was a great host, and Sike made an awesome co-host. I was just glad in the end it wasn’t a catastrophe, because as I was rushing there by 11, it seemed like it would be – for starters, my Taxify driver didn’t know how to get to Millennium Park #boybye and his drive not only wasted my time but cost me N1600.

Safe to say I’m not going out for a while! Right now all I can afford is akara and cotton wool balls. I will try and finish my physical vision board this weekend, but with my school life and product photography life, who knows what might happen? Below is the vision board I made last year with my computer and PhotoscapeX.

This is my virtual vision board, I made it in 2018. It’s aspirational because your home girl did not come to this world not to enjoy life.

Speaking into Existence

I’ll tell you one thing though – I am not letting this year pass me by without becoming the custodian of an upgraded, advanced camera. Other things may fail, but this goal is one I will work fiercely for. Oh yea, I want to start exploring the world of healthy eating too. Wish me luck! And thank you to The Blogger’s Advocate for the opportunity! To view more photos, search #TBAvisionboardparty on the gram – and I hope you join us for the next event!

6 thoughts on “I Attended My First Ever Vision Board Party – Here’s What Went Down”

  1. I wanted to come for this, burning was somewhere doing assistant omugwo. All good perhaps the next one…
    And, if I had your body, I honestly wouldn’t eat healthy. That shawarma will not eat itself 🙄🤷. But with the body I have, it’s something I have to look into. If you come up with a great plan to eat healthy, do share please.

  2. I’m still on my physical vision board too because work will not let me breathe, you see this camera thing ehhhhh I was so close to getting one last year but I played myself I picked something above budget but this year we must get that camera AMEN

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