Long Haul Flights: A Survival Guide (Tried & Tested)

Long haul flights are things only a handful of people look forward to. It could either be because they love flying and the thought of being above ground excites the heck out of them, or it’s their first time. Either way, the novelty has to wear off some time.

Picture this, after shouting a series of #godwhen? to nobody in particular, you somehow managed to get your life together enough to build up savings for that dream trip. Perhaps you even got yourself a nice Travelstart package. Now, armed with an overstuffed luggage bag in one arm and neck pillow shoved under your other arm, headphones plugged in and the comfiest pair of shoes you have on, you’re ready to get into that jet-set life! Problem is, it’s going to be a hell of a flight.

18 hours?! Your eyes slightly widen. There are only so many times a good-looking flight attendant can smile at you before you start getting agitated. There’s only so many movies you can watch or games you can play. Also, plane food isn’t exactly always Gordon Ramsay standard. What is the solution? Fear not, this post, featuring a detailed infographic by Travelstart, shall be your ultimate long-haul flight survival guide!

  1. Plan Your Time

Unless you’re traveling with kids or other groups of unpredictable folks, then you most likely are by yourself on the long haul flight. When you realize how long it will be, you can decide to plan your time. It sounds really boring and perhaps too extra, but some folks would enjoy this. Perhaps you can have a little timetable and slot in periods for watching movies, resting and reading. After all, flight time is still time. You may be suspended thousands of feet above ground, but you can still be productive.

2. Listen to Music

As someone with more than 400 songs on my phone, I always proffer music as a solution. This is because my music listening experience is not regular. I find myself imagining things that are generally impossible, like me working out, or bumping dramatically into the love of my life. Jokes aside, music can help calm you or get you pumped for the moment you arrive.

3. Do Work

As I said in the first point, you can be suspended thousands of feet above ground and still be productive. I wouldn’t personally want to be doing work on a flight, but if you’re feeling restless, you might as well get productive. Work doesn’t necessarily have to be the demands of your employer. It could be your personal project – start brainstorming for that YouTube channel or blog you want to open some day, perhaps?

Complete Guide to Long Haul Flights Travelstart

4. Strike Up a Conversation

Warning: if your seatmate looks like they really could do with some silence, abort mission! But anyway, if not, striking up a conversation wouldn’t hurt. I’m sure long flights are a great way to make friends. Who better to complain about the long haul flight to than another victim?

5. Sleep

At the end of the day, sleep conquers all and helps the time go faster. This is if you’re a long sleeper like me. I don’t think my body believes in 30-minute naps or short bursts of sleep. Imagine sleeping for 18 hours? I think that can only be achieved if you popped a sleeping pill or something. Either way, when all hope is lost, man must turn to the loyal friend, sleep!

At the end of the day, long haul flights are a necessary evil, because we get to go to the places we’ve always dreamt of, the places we need to be. Apply these tips and I hope your next long haul flight is worth the while!

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