Mind on the Month: July 2017

Another month end, and another reflective post. I have to keep it short though, because I want to practice writing shorter posts & also because I have exams starting on August 8. I am so not excited for the exams. My weeks until august 15 will involve heavy studying, crying, praying for miracles & stress. As you can already tell, I just can’t wait to deal with all that rubbish that comes with the exam period. Time honestly flies so fast, it feels like just yesterday I was doing registration for this semester.


Anyway, without further ado, let’s get down to the bite-sized analysis of July.

July Blues


I honestly didn’t really like July that much. There was just too much going on for me. For one, I got food poisoning for the first time in my life. I puked so much it felt like all that was left was for my intestines to come through my mouth – too vivid? I’m just trying to put you in my shoes. My body just really hated me this month. It was so horrible, one minute I was normal and then the other I was feeling like my body was shutting down. I also got a boil on my eye. I’m okay now, thank goodness.


Another thing was that this month I went through such stressful situations – some caused by my inability to say ‘no’ and also my annoying tendency to sacrifice my comfort for others.


On my worst day in particular, I went to print at a business center and the place I usually go to was closed. I then went to the neighbouring one, and I got the worst customer service ever. How can I come, you serve me but without even concluding serving me you start serving the next person? Did I look like I didn’t have places to be? After my mood was ruined, the rest of the day just fell apart due to other unfortunate things.

Life Report Card


Spiritual Growth 101F

Just this Sunday, the preaching really hit strongly. Jesus is coming very soon, and I am so scared because I don’t want to be unqualified. The best time to start a relationship with God is now. Ever think, how many people out of the whole world population would go to heaven if rapture happened right now? It’s a scary thought, because I picture billions not making it – me included. I don’t want to be part of them.


Academic Growth 101C

I don’t read much, except when there’s a test, exams or an assignment nearby. This is a bad habit.


Personal Growth 101 – C

Haven’t really dedicated time to self-nurturing and care. Skin care regime FAIL. That’s one reason I am looking forward to the holidays – so many books, so little time!


Healthy Living 101F

Fail everywhere, eating too much junk & not exercising. Thinking of the amount of times I’ve tried to start a 30-day ab challenge is just SAD! I also hate vegetables & barely eat fruits. I’m a walking time-bomb, I reckon.


Financial Smartness 101B

Did very well! Saved better than last month. I invested some of the money saved into something pretty cool too. Watch this space.


Final Note

In conclusion, July kinda sucked. Then again, I’m alive and well & my basic needs are cared for. For that, I thank God. This year is running by so quick, and I don’t really feel like I’ve done enough. I hope that I can milk the best out of the remaining months! Time waits for nobody! Heres to more quality content & growth in all aspects of life!



3 thoughts on “Mind on the Month: July 2017

    1. Deeead *covers face in shame* With this comment, I feel like an aunty or mum just stumbled across my terrible report card! I’ll try to do better o

  1. Awww. Life is ironic though. Your problem is that you don’t know how to say no to requests that compromise your comfort. My problem is that I say no too fast as far as it has to do with my comfort ??. August will be better dear, I think July was just there for alot of people too.

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