Oshey, Baddest: On the Dangers of a Risky Lifestyle

I’ve always said I love looking into the lives of people and observing their actions, their lifestyle.


I have a confession. I am fascinated by Bobrisky AKA Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju. No, It doesn’t mean I love his lifestyle and support it, but I just don’t know why he is so entertaining to me. Known by his famous line ‘osheyyy barrdest’, Bobrisky has come to be a name which ignites pure amusement or pure hatred in the hearts of many. I am part of the former group, because:

  • His lifestyle and decisions don’t really have any effect on me
  • He is really something else, a character I have never come across before in my life.

Okay, let’s look at these things that make him stand out (not in a positive way):

  • He used to be dark skinned, but bleached himself into oblivion and now is super-white.
  • He has a ‘bae’ who supplies him with money, a bae whose identity has been kept secret until now, with much speculation. He exchanges erm..favours with this bae and gets money in return. He does this, then claims he is not gay and plans to settle down soon (African aunty side eye)
  • He twerks and whines on Snapchat
  • He calls himself the king of Snapchat
  • Last but not least, he does all these things.. while being a Nigerian.

The last point is simply the foundation of my fascination. The fact that Bobrisky is still alive and can move around Lagos and other states in Nigeria is amazing. I haven’t really watched his updates since he returned from the USA a few weeks back, but he recently popped back into my mind when he was made brand ambassador for a hair line.


I read the comments, and a lot of people were angry (of course). Some commented on the fact that hair is for women, and making a man a brand ambassador was simply counter productive. True, but at the end of the day, they’ve chosen him and are probably trying to use his ‘fame’ to their advantage. 

He’s gotten a movie endorsement, and also recently deleted his Snapchat, going premium at which you pay N10,000 to view his snaps.

The Risky Lifestyle


Bobrisky, like his name suggests, lives a risky lifestyle. I have watched his Snapchat stories for quite a bit, and I have experienced shock and amusement at different intervals. Whether it’s his ever-filtered photos and videos, regular visits to ‘bae’, his cooking tutorials, club appearances or rants for the ‘haters’, he is truly an entertainer and a strong businessman, If I may add (I mean, he created a whole new persona, he called it Bobrisky, and he’s in the news now and then. He monetised Snapchat, now getting paid to put advertisements e.g. music videos, and also hair and makeup services. You have to seriously admit, Idris is pretty smart).

However, when I see these things, I feel a sense of sadness.

Bobrisky has actually gotten a lot more than most, having opportunities that most can only dream of. He’s got a house, new car, travelled to the UK and the USA, been paid to make appearances and such. These are things some people are wishing for but cannot get. His lifestyle might even appear glamorous to some – repeated nail and hair changes, constant shopping trips, travelling internationally. However, I always ask myself where this will all end.

He’s in his late twenties, and his lifestyle so far has been shaped by this “bae”, who he appears to be in an abusive relationship with. Some of us who have him on Snapchat have seen where this “bae” seized his car and locked up the house because he travelled to the UK, or the snaps where he cries on how his ‘bae’ maltreated him or whatever. Real or not, it’s just sad. When I look at this young man, or see his snaps at different places, I ask myself:

  • What would happen to him if this “Bae” was to die?
  • What if this “bae” had their identity exposed?
  • What are the health implications of his lifestyle? It’s no news that bleaching causes a host of problems down the line, and Bobrisky is known for his extreme bleaching. What kind of health problems would he start being exposed to?
  • Who are his family members? How do they feel about him and his lifestyle? If they support it, will they still be there if things go awry?
  • If he was to lose everything today, how would he cope?

We see his snaps and don’t really know what goes on deep within his mind. I wonder if he’s actually happy with himself. I wonder if he has regrets, if he wishes he could turn things around. I wonder if he has thought of the future.

Bobrisky might be all popular now, but imagine him at the age of 30, 40, 50+! Where is he heading with this lifestyle? When I looked at snaps of him with other people e.g. at his house opening, at clubs etc. I felt sad, I wondered if these people actually like him or are just there for the benefits.

Lessons Learned:

  • When you make decisions, always think of the long-term rather than focusing on the short term. Analyse them very carefully, analyse the possible effects, negative or positive, that you could experience.
  • Work on your reputation and impact, what do you want to be known for? So far, it’s no news that he is no role model. If he was to pass away today, what would he be remembered for? Whose lives has he touched? Positive or negative?

Though he’s highly superficial, I actually kind of care for him. I don’t want to see his demise and I really hope he can somehow reach a moment of realisation one day. It’s never too late to turn his life around. You know, God loves him, and just like we’re not perfect, he isn’t perfect. If he was to ask for forgiveness, he’d be granted it.

Until then, I guess I’ll occasionally hear of him through news outlets whenever he takes the next controversial action.

Ever heard of Bobrisky? Where do you think he’ll be in the future?

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28 thoughts on “Oshey, Baddest: On the Dangers of a Risky Lifestyle

  1. You’ve made very valid points. And I agree with you…I do not hate it as much as people seem to…still I do not agree with his lifestyle but they say every man for himself and his choice.

    If he feels that’s how it should be and he is still relevant, good for him.

    1. Nooo let’s not write him off, imagine if tomorrow he becomes one of the biggest evangelists. Now that would really be something. Maybe he knows the future holds a lot of wahala, which is why he’s doing his best to secure all the endorsements and deals he can now

  2. I am extremely fascinated with bobrisky. I don’t know why but i find him interesting. I don’t even kmow why so people put so much energy into hating him. You made some valid points there. I see him as a business man( a really good one). He has said a few times that he’ll go off social media when he settled down with his “bae”. Hopefully he’ll ne doing that to start afresh. But we’ll see. I still cant believe he went on premium. ??

    1. He is a VERY good business man. It hit me when I analysed some things I’ve seen him do on that his Snapchat. He took Snapchat, squashed it and made it to vomit money for him lol. He isn’t even a blogger! We can actually learn some tips for making the most out of social media platforms from him. Lol this his bae, I wonder what they will look like. I really want to see how he continues with all this, especially where he will be in 10 years.

  3. Awesome article, I planned on not reading this but became very inquisitive and I’m glad I read it. I’ve heard of Bob risky and I honestly don’t even have anything nice to say about him so I’ll just not say anything. I sincerely hope he has a change of heart but I honestly wonder how he survives in Nigeria sef.

    1. Haha I’m glad you clicked on the link! I debated whether to post the blog post or not, I didn’t want to look like Naij and other websites which always cover every of his moves, but I was just curious. Me too, I wonder how he survives. He said his grandma whips up something for him o, lol

  4. I find Bobrisky very interesting and people’s reaction to him even more interesting. Many people claim to hold him in disdain and hatred but I know one thing, a lot of people pretend. I won’t be surprised to hear that someone who publicly condemns Bob is among those that paid for his premium Snapchat.
    What I like about Bob is: 1. He is living life on his terms. 2. He is making money while at it.
    As to his future, well, we are the generation of instant gratification. We want fame today and tomorrow will take care of itself. I honestly think he should write a book, about how he capitalized on public hatred to catapult himself to fame and how he made money via social media. For now, we just keep on observing the 1phenomenon called Bobrisky until someone else comes along and grabs that attention. Sorry for the long comment

    1. Exactly, he should have a book haha. Another strong point, someone else will soon come and grab attention and he might end up being forgotten. You’re so right about those who condemn but then go and pay for premium view! They just want to keep up so they can hate more haha! I always say that people can learn a little from the way he monetised Snapchat. He really is a business man. Don’t ever apologise for long comments, I love them and get excited when writing and reading them! I feel privileged that you even took your time to leave a long comment!

  5. Bobrisky indeed does live a risky lifestyle. He’s a popular icon people just love to hate, a lot of which is rooted in jealousy and hypocrisy. Honestly speaking, I do not support his lifestyle, but it’s his life and his decisions, he hasn’t hurt or offended me in any way, I only wish him good health and happiness and hope all of it is worth the risk.

  6. I have been thinking about everything about this Bobrisky guy for a while now and I’ve noticed something. A lot of females love him, a lot of folks display hatred for him but at the same time are pretending… In fact he’s doing the most! Wetin remain na music video appearances to be very honest. Valid points by the way. You really studied him. Kudos Madam! ?

    1. Haha thank you oo! He is an interesting character so he just grabbed my attention like crazy, he really is doing the most lol. Video appearances ke? Please oh, imagine him moving next to Davido lol

  7. This was such an interesting read. When I first came across Bobrisky I was shocked that a Nigerian man could have such confidence to behave in those ways. The guy really does too much sha looool

  8. Wow…This is like seeing from a birdview and this view is really lovely.
    Insecurity isn’t nice at all, though Bobrisky seems to be thriving pretty well,his heart is not into it. He is so insecure,he is very depressed and good life and money won’t change that at all.
    He needs God’s help.

  9. But wait…Amaka why are you doing this to me? I just made up my mind that the post I read before stumbling into your blog would be my last before I close my data connection. But now,see me here??

    I’m an unashamed blog whore. I need help!!!

    1. I’m DYINGGGG! Lmao please who are you? Give me a link, an instagram page, something!

      You’ve just made my whole night! Please save the data connection ooo! I’m just like you tbh. We don’t need help! We need love!

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