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  • Stumbled upon one of the cutest Abuja spots ever today! Too bad I was there for about half an hour and didn’t order anything - I loved every inch of it - from gate to interior decor, such as this lovely corner just at the entrance. I really need to go out more!
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  • Sometimes I feel like throwing my camera away - other times I’m like maybe I can say I have the occasional eye for a good shot. I love this photo and the presence of green!
Tea: @sariherballiving •
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  • About 2 weeks ago I watched as Oby Ezekwesili declared her intent to run for presidency. It was really inspiring - i realized that I don't want anything to do with a man or family member who try to dim my ambitions because of my gender. Her husband sat next to her in an ever supporting manner. I honestly thought about how much you can thrive once you have an enabling environment- if you're constantly being told to lower your voice or standards or shy away from acquiring certain things (degrees, assets) so as not to lose your woman-ness and scare men away, how will you possibly dare to dream?! This woman has had people supporting her since day 1, from her father and family to her own family. Support is important!
Anyway it was really inspiring and I definitely wish her luck. The next question was whether Nigeria could have its first female president soon - I thought of #hilaryclinton and #donaldtrump and how I was rooting hard for her. I've always asked myself this question, because I don't know if Nigeria is ready to accept that it's head of state will be a woman. What do you think?
For the following people I think their chances are definitely an interesting thought:
• single man or woman
What do you think?
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