6 Challenges I Face As a Product Photographer

Product photography & product styling can look glamorous in a way – getting to play around with colours and props, arranging things and sometimes getting to keep the products (not going to lie, this can be awesome, but overwhelming). In April, I officially decided to start offering product photography services to those who would need it. …

how to make the most out of networking events

How to Get the Most Out of Networking Events: My Experience at “Networking” Events

Networking is one of those words which have steadily creeped its way into my vocabulary and subconscious, as I find myself nearing the period where I’m thrust into the big bad world of adulting. Ah yes, build your network, have your circle, go out! Mingle with like minds!  In a previous post last year, I …


She Leads Africa: My Lafiya Lifestyle Expo Experience

She Leads Africa is just one of those organizations you can’t help but notice. Be it their eye-catching brand colour – blue – or their witty, youthful captions on their social media handles, they’re an organization you want to get involved with. I’d been a spectator for a while, simply hearing about their event, SLAY Festivalthrough …