My 5 Body Insecurities

Is there honestly anyone in the world that can boast of having no body insecurities? I don’t care how satisfied you are with your body, there’s definitely going to be something you wish wasn’t there, or that you could at least improve in some kind of way – I’m not just talking surgery, because surgery […]

Is Growth Inevitable?

Growth is just one of those things that come naturally – there’s all types of levels of growth. There’s physical growth (the inevitable one which we can’t put a pause button on), mental, spiritual, financial, material growth, amongst many other categories of growth. Living on Freebies & Mediocre Ambition One year and a few weeks […]

Mind on the Month: May 2018

Just like that, we’re in the 6th month of 2018. It’s interesting but at the same time depressing – like just yesterday some of us were lying to ourselves that we’d change certain things about us, take on certain new experiences and generally flourish. How many of us can actually say we’ve done all these […]