5 Things I’ve Done Since COVID-19 Came to Nigeria

While I’d like to vehemently deny any refutations on my predicted productivity levels this period, I do agree that it’s not possible to completely transform from a generally hard-to-get-the-ball-rolling individual to some productivity queen. Yet, I’d like to have some faith in myself.

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The Nigerian Blogosphere is Dying, and Nobody Cares?

This is just a short post to show concern for what I would term the death of the Nigerian blogosphere. I’ll throw it back first of all to my earlier days of blogging. I joined

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6 Things That Happened to Me Since My Last Post

I found out about my convocation about 4 days prior to the actual day! I had been neglecting reading my school email so I missed the messages. It was crazy to think that I could’ve been washing my bathroom and then open WhatsApp only to see my colleagues in their caps and gowns.

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