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So people, I’ve casually managed to get an app to assist me in perfecting my flat lay and giving my Instagram feed a serious deliverance! I’ve also managed to find other apps to aid in my creativity and content creation. Soon I’ll tell you about them, but for now, enjoy my new found skills! I’m only going to get better, I hope!

So, I am about to embark on yet another semester of school! This, of course, means several reflections and promises made to myself, which I shall most likely not fulfil. I’m trying to repent for my sins though, so I’m going to try and put way more effort. So, in order to aid my attempts to make more effort, I shall share what I am starting the semester with.



Stationery are everything! I love stationery so much, and like I said, they give me the much-needed illusion that I am getting my life together. I love the varieties, the various products that can make life just a bit more organized. My staple stationery pieces are:

  • Pens – I am very specific about which pens I use, this is because the pen determines how neat my handwriting is. I don’t like pens with fat tips, pens that are too chubby etc. This is why I choose to use the good old BIC Cristal Ultra Fine – skinny, sleek, with a well-designed tip.  (Let them make me their ambassador, I’m loyal o. Been using BIC since childhood)
Peep the correlation between the pen and the handwriting. By the way, Nwuka v. Nwaechie teaches us that when we are given a duty, we shouldn’t go and dump the duty on someone else! (Not exactly the lesson, but a simplified version, haha)
  • Coloured, sticky bookmarks/Sticky Notes – I adore these a lot. They are small and cute, and I scoured several places before I was able to get my hands on them. They are quite expensive (as in over N1000) in shops though, I wonder why. These are nice because you can write a key word on them and stick them on the page, so you don’t have to flip furiously through several pages to find a certain page. They also make one look quite serious (my favorite advantage). Sticky notes are awesome too. I usually write on them and slap them on a surface I look at frequently e.g. my notebook to remind me of something. Popular reminders seem to be “READ READ READ” and a list of my problem subjects (always).
I got these babies from Aliexpress (as you can see from the package)! 6 different types of goodness! I think these will last me until next year.
  • Ruler – Some people consider me to be extra because of this, I always rule the obligatory two lines at the top + margin. I feel comfortable writing in a book without a margin when it comes to writing serious stuff. It makes me feel uncomfortable somehow.
This ruler should say “Saving your grades. What length would you go to?” but anyway isn’t that such a creative idea? Ruler – what length? Get it?
  • Highlighters – I love, love, love these. I used to be very strict, and refused to highlight my textbooks (I should have, It would’ve probably helped me more). That ideology was thrown out when I met my Sagay book. When you come face to face with a book with a lot of content in small font, you better bust out that highlighter. It is such a relief to turn the page in search of a specific thing, then seeing it highlighted. It saves time! Highlighters and coloured sticky bookmarks are a mad combination. Unfortunately, some of my classmates also realized this, and they have kidnapped my highlighters (internal crying). I hope to find a nice pack soon.
  • Notebook – I am also very picky when it comes to notebooks. There are notebooks with pages, which are a weird texture, making me uncomfortable. I love when notebook pages are crisp, making one write with ease. Currently, my favorite notebook brand is Vista International. You can recognize their products through the “learning never ends” written on the front. (They also should make me their ambassador, I swear I’ll represent them so hard)


A Prepared Mind

I planned to spend this short break studying intensely for the next semester, but I only managed to get a teeny bit of studying done. It’s alright though, I know I have to bring it on this semester. Another important thing I believe one needs to equip their self with, is a prepared mind. You need to be aware of everything going on around you. You need to know what you need to do, where you want to be by the time the exam results come out.

That is, you need to have reflected on the previous semester/level and all the outcomes. From there, you can pinpoint what you need to increase and what needs to be cut out. For me, I recognize a few things:

  • I need to stop wasting time – I do this a lot, getting carried away by conversations, which I end up regretting. I also procrastinate a lot. I’m going to try and limit the unnecessary conversations I usually involve myself in, spending as much time as possible studying. I want to have a strict schedule, with nearly every minute accounted for. Some unpredictable events can happen which throw off the balance of a schedule, but I want to be as organized as possible.
  • Dressing – I don’t normally put effort into my appearance, but with all the inspiration I’ve tortured myself with during this Easter break, my mind is set on improving. When you look good, you feel good too and it reflects in your mood and the way you carry yourself
Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 6.19.46 PM
Politics aside – this photo of Melania Trump in a pussy bow top is mad! I want this top, badly. It inspired me to put more effort. She looks dead classy.
  • Self Confidence – I am very fond of putting myself down and comparing myself to others. I always think everyone is smarter than me and that I am inferior. I don’t know why, but ever since I became a teenager I was unable to gain self confidence. This semester, I want to embark on a journey of fixing my broken confidence. I will not belittle myself with words, and I will try to use as many positive affirmations as possible each day.

So, thats about it! I hope everything goes smoothly as possible this semester, and if any challenges start I will overcome them with ease.

How do/did you start your semester? Do you like stationery? What did you think of the photos in this post? I hope you liked them! I’d love to read your thoughts!


0 thoughts on “Semester Shenanigans | For the Love of Stationery

  1. I love this post! What app did you use for that mini gif at the top of the page girl! I need the deets and the link for sticky notes that I will need in law school. Just found a blog I love ?

    Sike the makeup artist

    1. I used an app called Stop Motion! In the App store it is a blue icon. It’s such a cool little app, but I just wish It wouldn’t be blurry!

      Law school? So you’ve finished your degree? Chai let me in on all the deets ohh! I’m in Abuja so I can only direct you to NEXT Cash n Carry or Shoprite. I’m sure you can find them in the markets too but I’m not sure of the prices!

  2. I love stationery ehn. They are so cute! From sticky notes to glitter pens to notebooks to journals to pens. It feels weird sometimes.
    Please just keep believing in yourself because from first-hand experience, comparison is the thief of joy.
    God is with you!!!

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