The Golden Rules of Social Media (Part 1)

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Social Media – Definitions 


Forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos)


downfall social media

Ah yes, social media. Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. Of course, let’s not forget our biggest killers – Facebook & Instagram. What hasn’t been said about social media? Honestly, social media platforms are absolutely amazing. Sometimes I sit and think of the internet and it’s awesomeness.

I mean, let’s think about memes for a second! Memes are one of the most revolutionary things ever. How they came into existence, I do not know. I know, however, that they must stay! Memes are everything!

Today, however, the topic is not memes. I’ll probably leave that for another day. Social media is also one of the biggest problems a majority of people face.

Quick Stats

According to this website, Facebook alone had 1.94 billion monthly active users as of the first half of 2017. Just imagine! A huge amount (okay, a considerable percentage) of our Earthly population are on Facebook! What about the others?

  • Twitter: 328 million monthly users (source)
  • Instagram: Over 700 million users (source)
  • Snapchat: About 166 million users daily (source)

These are some crazy numbers! Each day, we are bombarded with images and texts on a variety of topics and things.

One thing about social media, is that it has the capacity to affect an individual. I am one of those individuals. I’m sure most of us at some point have felt inadequate. It doesn’t help when we scroll through perfectly curated feeds, controlled by someone who lives a life that seems to be 1000% better than ours. Social media can make or break people, honestly. It also doesn’t help that a lot of us are addicted to it – me included!

However, it is so important to kick this habit of comparison! I’ve had periods where I am going through some serious lack of confidence, self doubt etc. I used to stumble across all these accounts, seeing these photos of people living lives that seemed a million times more exciting than mine. They looked happier, perfect bodies, perfect shots, perfect feeds. They were going to all these places I couldn’t even afford and doing big things – or so it seemed, anyway. Their lives were so perfect! Meanwhile I was wallowing in misery.

And Now, The Golden Rules

I sat down the other day to think, and came up with the 2 golden rules for social media. Even now, I wonder what people who don’t know me see when they look at my feed (my feed is scattered, I don’t even make an effort. So, I doubt anybody is fazed, hehe).

Anyway, this post turned out really long, so I’ll split it into two. I’ve tried so hard to keep posts under 500 words but FAILED. If any post is under 700, know that I either ran out of creative juice, am not really too passionate about the topic OR I’ve mastered getting my message across in a short form! Click here to read Part 2

The first golden rule is…*drumroll*

You See What We Want You To See

Ah, yes. Social media pages are heavily controlled content. For goodness sake, when I slap on make-up and decide to take a selfie, I end up taking about 15 – 50. Yes, 50! I’m not photogenic, so when I decide to take photos I know I won’t be taking others for a while. Others probably take up to 100!

I change my position, my angle, the room I’m standing in (for better lighting), my facial expressions. So much goes behind the scenes, don’t think everybody is oh so perfect and get’s the perfect shot instantly.

There exists a lil’ something called an editing process. It’s when you take all the photos and begin to sift through for the perfect one. Even at that, some people still do more! We turn to trusty Apps such as Facetune, VSCO, Snapseed etc., to enhance our photos. Crazy! Strenuous! All for what? To achieve a certain feeling of beauty.

social media golden rules


I saw a video on Youtube the other day where Chrissie Milan went through her process of editing for the gram. I was shook! Guys, you need to recognise how much effort some people put into their social media pages! The video is below, click the photo!

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 7.54.40 AM


Apart from the rigorous editing that goes on behind the scenes of some selfies and body shots, let’s also talk of other photos. You know, photos of food and places. Well, editing won’t really affect anything here.

It’s just the fact that people are having these adventures that can stir up a hot bowl of envy. Try and realize that one day you’ll also have adventures like these. Why not use it as positive motivation? In fact, why not start your own mini adventures? Explore the area around you!

Keep in mind that sometimes, not all that glitters is gold. The person who you might be envying could be getting sponsored through immoral means e.g. prostitution, online scamming, amongst other illicit paths.

“We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose.”

Bob Goff

Also, on the endless snaps of partying you probably see. I’ve been to parties which have been covered on Snap Chat. Trust me, sometimes people are bored out of their minds & on their phones. To make it look like they have fun, they come together and shake the phone vigorously like some kind of special effect.

It’s all packaging. That, and also the fact that at the social butterflies you see posting all these snaps might be seriously battling some things personally. They could be feeling completely empty, depressed & stagnant, yet putting up this content to keep up the façade. It’s just a sad thing.

You don’t have to post it to prove it


I’m not anti-parties! I just find a lot of them to be useless. A good party, to me, is one where you can relax your mind. One where you have so much fun, you might not even be able to capture everything on Snapchat or whatever. (Ahem, there should also be food, not just drinks)

Anyway, the first rule is that you see what we want you to see. Even you who owns a social media account, don’t you also control your content? I’m sure you don’t share your down moments as much as you share your ‘up’ moments. We all just want to have it together (or look like we do)!

Keep this in your mind.

Stay woke.

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8 thoughts on “The Golden Rules of Social Media (Part 1)

  1. This is so true, I’ve sometimes felt insecure on going through some people’s feeds and I’m wondering Why God will make some people’s life more better than mine; but in all sense social media is a platform people share their best shots and photos that shows you what they want you to see but that doesn’t mean your life isn’t perfect either; everyone has their own silent stories they don’t share so now when I scroll through feeds I just comment on how the post affects me and not really compare anymore like they say the more you’re happy for someone else you’d also get your own happiness

    1. Exactly lol you just ask yourself why God meanwhile God is probably up there like ‘Girl you don’t even know what’s really going on!’ haha. I’m the same now, comment on how the post affects me instead, compare less! Comparison is a thief of joy – one of my favourite quotes!

  2. This is so so true! We go on and compare and compare forgetting how that is not the true and complete represation of their lives. I sometimes used to just get so down scrolling through social media. So yeah its definitely a major problem?.
    Great post?

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