The Golden Rules of Social Media (2)

RECAP: Part 1

Anyway, the first rule is that you see what we want you to see. Even you who owns a social media account, don’t you also control your content? I’m sure you don’t share your down moments as much as you share your ‘up’ moments. We all just want to have it together (or look like we do)!

Keep this in your mind.

Stay woke.


Last time on Mind of Amaka (sounding like a TV show here), I wrote a kind of rant about social media, coining 2 golden rules for all users (especially those who feel everything there is a real reflection of the account owners’ life) to consider.

We’ve seen rule 1, and now, rule 2!

You know what we want you to know

This applies to blog posts, articles and captions on pictures. Basically, anything dealing with expressive texts. Just like we control the images we put out, we also control what we tell people. Only God knows absolutely everything about each individual (he’s omniscient omnipresent & omnipotent).

You can never know everything about the next person. We all have our secrets, and thoughts swirling wildly through our minds. No matter how much one shares, they are never going to share absolutely everything! We edit to make our stories better, perhaps to make ourselves appear better.

For example, you see a picture of a lady whose boyfriend bought her a new car. You click on her profile, going through the rest of her photos. Romantic dates, matching outfits and whatnot. You feel a bit sad, you wish you had your very own bae. You wish you had a boyfriend so you guys can stunt & flaunt your relationship all over! Sure, the boyfriends’ intentions could be pure ab initio (legal lingo meaning from the onset), but there are also other possibilities. There’s a story behind everything!

Let’s say, the guy cheated, and that is her consolation prize. He’s manipulative and that’s why she keeps going back to him. She’s a mess, and their whole relationship is a mess. They had the wrong foundations, and are just toxic for each other. They fight after basically every photo on that her Instagram page. She has major trust issues, he disrespects her but showers her with gifts to soften her heart. (I must sound like a pessimist right now, but hey! I said before the intentions could be absolutely pure & romantic. This is just the opposite, worst case scenario)

I don’t know If I’ve explained this point well, but I hope you get me. There’s always going to be something omitted. Just know, nothing just comes like that. Again, there’s a story behind everything! Just be careful before you go around comparing and feeling bitter! Don’t be throwing ‘#goals’ everywhere, because a lot are suffering and smiling!

The point of sprinkling ‘#goals’ over every cute photo you see of a couple or something is especially true. Some even type things like ‘mine will be like this’ and ‘I key into this’, not knowing what is really going down behind the scenes.

If you want to make goals for yourself, formulate them in your mind e.g. ‘I want to have a good relationship’, as opposed to ‘I want a relationship like Beyonce & Jay-Z’. Don’t base it on other people, let it be stand alone. I hope someone is getting me here.

Social media has created jealous behaviour over illusions. Sadly some are envious of things, relationships & lifestyles that don’t even exist.


On that note, I hope I’ve managed to sprinkle some knowledge & challenged your way of thinking (to an extent, anyway). I don’t see social media going away anytime soon, and I’m perfectly fine with that because I love it.

A key to enjoying it, is simply adopting the golden rules! Analyse everything, don’t let yourself get discouraged too quickly by what others want you to see & know. Ever since I made this realisation, I’m slightly less depressed.

Remember, your time will come! We all have different seasons! And, you don’t have to share everything with the world! You don’t have to strain yourself because you’re in imaginary competition with other people!



9 thoughts on “The Golden Rules of Social Media (2)

    1. Exactly! Just look and move on real quick haha unless you somehow have 24/7 uninterrupted access to the persons life and can verify that it is indeed perfect! Thanks for commenting!

  1. “The point of sprinkling ‘#goals’ over every cute photo you see of a couple…” that made me laugh. Nice post. I really like this quote “Social media has created jealous behaviour over illusions. Sadly some are envious of things, relationships & lifestyles that don’t even exist”.

  2. This is really true and I agree with you,people don’t even want to know the things going down I keep telling those around me that everyone has a story to tell this post is really educative I should thank you for this.

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