Perhaps you’re intrigued by what you see, and want to work with me, either through collaborations with you as a blogger, or even as a brand! Well, look no further, this is the page for you. Here are my details:


Instagram: @mindofamaka

It all starts with an email! Simply type a message introducing yourself, and we’ll take it from there. I look forward to collaborations that may come my way!

Here is a little guide to what I can offer, along with links to a sample work of mine!

For Brands

Detailed, honest product reviews (Blog Post) – See my reviews on Anike Herbal Solutions, Mayanga

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Instagram Review: This will be a review, but solely on Instagram. I will make it short yet visually appealing, with either a flatlay or graphic.

Humorous Posts – See How to Survive an Assassination Attempt

*NEW* Content Creation/Branding Assistance: While I’m not a professional, I have an eye for the good things and can help you take your brand from basic to bomb. Available for small businesses just starting out. I can help you create content – graphics, instagram themes and anything that would vamp up your social media presence. It’s time to shine!

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For Bloggers

I once did a ‘what type of blogger are you?’ test and I got blogger bestie. That’s right, I’m quite a supportive person, I want to see other bloggers like me thrive! So, in the search for awesome content for not just myself, but also others, here are some ways we can collaborate:

Guest Posting: Do you want me to write for you? Just shoot me your offer! I’m eager to spread my ink. Check out my first guest post here.

Co-Posts: Where I feature in one of your posts or you feature in one of mine. We can be sharing opinions, or exploring themes and concepts. If you want me to feature in one of your posts, you must give me the low-down and the idea behind it. This is essential so we both have a goal we’ll achieve, enabling the best outcome for both our blogs.

Note that I prefer other lifestyle bloggers like me, but if the idea is awesome then I can go beyond this specification. All you need to do is send that first email!