10 Life Experiences I Can’t Wait to Have

Life experiences are unique to every individual. Though we may go through similar life experiences, different factors come into play, affecting the outcome for us as people.

Though sometimes I find myself moping and suddenly filled with a feeling of hopelessness, there are sometimes when I get excited. Why? I get excited at the thought of what is to come. No doubt, life is no walk in the park, but still, there are events and people who just make things a whole lot better. Some of these experiences are pretty mundane, but due to my Nigerian nationality, the experience is amplified!

In this post, I bring you 10 life experiences I can’t wait to have. Most will probably occur in the next 2 -7 years, and boy am I excited.

Solo Market Journey

Okay, don’t laugh. I mean, sure, I’ve gone to the local market near my house by myself, but it’s been for clothes, hair, makeup fabrics and to see my tailor a good 97% of the time. The other 3% was when I once felt “led” to make Banga soup and bought all the ingredients, or when my mum asked me to buy goat meat (absolutely petrifying). It will be the biggest step ever for me to go to a big market to get foodstuff, like, food-for-a-month kind of foodstuff, or even just meat and vegetables.

I keep getting scared I’ll be cheated and jeered at behind my back. Well, that day is coming! I can’t avoid it forever. I was so used to the air-conditioned, supermarket life… I miss it TBH, but Shoprite prices can be shady.

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Learning to Drive

I attempted this in September/October 2017 and failed miserably. It was horrible, and it was terrifying! Yeah, I got the car moving, I know what a clutch, brake, and accelerator are…I know you have to ‘clutch down’ before attempting to accelerate..yet, I don’t think I’m ready for any road, let alone a Nigerian road, for a long time. Have you seen what happens to people whose cars break down at a traffic light? I don’t need my whole generation cursed.

Speaking in Tongues

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Yeah, I’m a bit tongue-tied. I don’t know what happens or why I feel so cursed, but no matter how hard I try, it just didn’t happen. The day it happens will be such a day, honestly. All I hear is stories of the experiences of others, how one moment they’re just normal, next thing they’re speaking in tongues. I’ve never had that experience, never even come close. It is something that hurt a lot, because I truly want it. I hope I figure out what’s wrong. It would also be cool to convert someone – I sound like a vampire, but you know what I mean.

Going to/Finishing law school

I feel a bit ‘meh’ writing this because law school is the natural next level after studying law in uni (not for everyone) but still, It’s a bit scary from all the stories I hear. Until then, I’m preparing myself mentally for the stress, and keeping updated via other bloggers, law school blogs and vlogs #staywoke.

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I can’t even imagine how it will feel to register for law school, to take my first steps into a campus – probably will end up in Abuja, but a teeny part of me wants to go to Lagos or even Enugu. Sha, I don’t want somewhere I’ll end up cheated due to a language barrier (isn’t that everywhere?) so I need to brush up. Imagine being called to bar, declared as fit and proper. A whole me?


For non-Nigerians, NYSC is a compulsory 1-year programme where “youths” serve their country for a monthly stipend. It is kicked off by a 3-week stay in some camp with tear-inducing facilities most of the time. After law school cometh the struggle known as NYSC.

I’ve heard horror stories, seen all the corpers in their uniform going around and about Abuja. I’m excited because It’s a chance to go somewhere in Nigeria I’ve never been to. I’m low-key hoping not to end up in Abuja, but maybe my preference will change before that time comes. Right now, I want Jos because It’s cold there. I don’t want to end up in somewhere with a strong name like Jalingo. Please oh. I think this would be one of the most memorable life experiences, you can bet I’ll blog on it!

Travelling alone (within Nigeria)

I have only ever traveled with my family or in a group setting (with people I know), never by myself or with complete strangers. I can’t wait for the day this story will change.

I want to go to Lagos, Kaduna (by train) and Jos for now. The list could expand as I find other places that piqué my interest. Some Western states would be nice. TBH I want to be Yoruba by association. In fact, learning a Nigerian language would be an awesome life experience, for the benefit of my pockets.

Travelling alone (outside Nigeria)

Similar to above, I want to go through a whole visa process and all that immigration stuff. I’ve never traveled internationally alone! I want to visit London, Australia, and China. I’d also like to visit USA (just for a food eating spree and shopping then I’m out) and Canada. Japan and Korea would be awesome too!

Moving out, taking on adulting

I know it’s not really easy for one to move out in Nigeria, especially as a single female but who knows what will happen? What if I move to another country? I want to have my own space, just like Dimma Umeh.

I also wouldn’t mind a roommate as long as they’re not shady. Gosh, the ability to customize your whole interior would be so amazing (everything would be grammable). I hope it can come true in some way or the other.

Of course, moving out comes with responsibilities, and more adulting. I hope I can figure out this adult lifestyle thing too, having as little mental breakdowns as possible. It all starts with making the right choices now.

Getting Involved in a Nigerian Wedding

As a kid, I was often a little bride or flower girl. I want to take part in a Nigerian wedding as an adult, see all the brouhaha that goes on behind the scenes.

I’d like to buy asoebi, as well as be a bridesmaid, I think this will be a one-time thing though (yeah right, me that is a fabric hoarder), I hear it’s not a walk in the park). Plus, I don’t think I’ll have time/resources to be acquiring asoebi like some collector. Smart money woman o! Let’s hope I’ll be able to control myself when the time comes.

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Getting a Legit Job

This’ll be so cool. I’ve worked in KFC and at a Deli before, but I’m yet to get like an “office” job. This doesn’t mean after schooling I’d just sit around waiting for corporate work, but it would definitely be awesome getting my first ‘adult’ job.

I’ve set up things like to sustain me, while also being part of ELCI, but I’m not naturally an entrepreneur. A ‘legit job’ might not even be in an office setting, who knows where blogging might take me? Either way, it’s all in the future! Though I wish I started my blog at 14, to really see development, It excites me to see where my blog will be when I’m 25.

I’m sure someone out there thought ‘getting married’ and ‘having kids/becoming a parent’ would be part. Those life experiences though quite normal and practically expected in our society, have stories attached to them. There’s even the figuring out cooking one. I’ll talk on those life experiences in separate posts, but I hope you enjoyed this one!

What are some life experiences you can’t wait to have?

21 thoughts on “10 Life Experiences I Can’t Wait to Have”

  1. Wow Amaka, this is a long list and a long way to go. I’ve literally experienced most of it, while some are not very pleasant, some are.

    About speaking in tongues, you remind me of my first experience. I was in JSS 3, I though at first that it was not real until it became a part of me. Sometimes I still feel so and I won’t speak in tongue in public spiritual gathering but with the holy spirit with me, I got this! I don’t agree you are tongue-tied though.

    An I am not a lawyer, so I did not experience the law School thingy, neither did I know how to drive. This year, I must conquer that fear.

  2. Amaka oh!! You are a creative soul.
    I do not want to do NYSC, currently seeking a way to curve it low-key, I see it as a waste of time and energy. I mean, one whole year to suffer, why? I no want.
    I have already moved out as I an currently doing my internship in Delta State , gone to market so much I am tired sef, and this adulting this is not beans at all.
    I do want to travel..a lot!
    I wish you the very best dear!
    As always, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  3. Such a nice post! I’m currently serving in Ilorin and living alone and my dear, it’s not easy. Yes, it was actually exciting when I got my new apartment (self-contained to be precise), New curtains and bedspreads and all that… It was really exciting but everytime I come home to myself, nobody to ask me about my day or share gists with.
    But apart all that, it’s really exciting. I plan to start taking driving and swimming lessons too this year ?
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes o those numbers were something you have to hold tightly! I can’t wait to read all the posts on your blog relating to NYSC, you already have awesome content so far. I just can’t wait to decorate my space. I’m sure it’ll be black, white and pink

  4. The learn to drive part!!! This year is my year to finally scatter lagos with my need for speed style of driving.

    I think I have done everything on this list except for law school (obviously) and NYSC (it’s been almost 4 years after school and nothing will get me to wear the khaki green). Living alone is hard, especially when you have to cook and eat your food alone. I grew up with a large family and living alone is pretty lonely but very very nice cos no one to drag remote control with me.

    I am looking forward to giving birth, maybe not getting married (I am still not sure I really want to go down this lane) but definitely having a baby is one of the things I want to do in the next 2-5 years once I am fully fully settled enough to cater to another life. I want to go on a road trip too but I will leave that till when I buy a car. I want to have my tattoos layered off and I want to dye my hair green or purple before I am too old to finally do it ?

    I love your list a lot, a bit nostalgic to read them…

    1. Ha, need for speed? Until you enter traffic lol! You haven’t done NYSC yet? I thought you can’t get jobs if you don’t? Or is it because of the nature of your work? I think I’d do okay with living alone because I’m already a loner even if it’s a family of 5. Cooking might be a struggle though because I’m lazy. However it would be nice to only wash 1 plate, pot, fork and spoon (yeah right). Giving birth of all things is what you’re looking forward to? Even with the pain? Abeg o, I think I’d definitely be more excited for getting married than anything else. Kids and I don’t get along. I’m steadily watching you on this your life adventure. As for the road trip, you travel so much you have way more miles under your belt than me. I get you on that ‘before I am too old to finally do it’ thing. Thanks for stopping by Alice!

  5. I loved your post.!!!!. Girl!!!
    I am also yet to experience NYSC, at the moment the ginger to travel yaff lemme ?. I want to stay in my Lagos jeje.

    Hell yeah!! I want to experience living alone or with a rookie, you know. I have had dreams and plans about this since I was too little.

    Well Done Ma’am. I enjoyed every bit of this post. ??

  6. Lived this post. I used to want NYSC but now I couldn’t be bothered. Definitely dolor travel for me. As an independent adult, I’m experienced quite bit and can’t think ignore anything other then do what married people do and kids. I think I’ll be a pretty good wife and cool mom. Dazzall

  7. I’ve done some on this list, i definitely need more experience. Lovely post darl. Oh btw i served in Jos. Trust me amazing place!

    1. Thanks Seky! Now I definitely want to go to Jos. I mean, they’ll have kilishi, masa and suya won’t they? What else does one need in this life? Lol

  8. I guess am at the adulting stage and trust me girl, it ain’t easy at…….all. I hope to learn how to drive before the end of this year too. Wish you a happy journey through it all and least I forget, your theme is soo amazing.

  9. Wow, it’s like we have the same list. I really need to learn how to drive, it’ll make my life more convenient. And I know right? The thought of driving in Nigeria and Lagos, in particular, fills me with horror low key. I don’t know how I feel about NYSC, it would be so good if they would just provide good facilities. I did the travelling alone internationally thing for the first time last year which was really nerve-wracking lol. And I know right? Dimma’s home is goals mehn.

    Love your sense of humour and this post. I hope you’re able to experience all these things and more. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  10. Enjoyed this post and when I saw the going to a market alone, I went all ‘Yess’. I actually hate foodstuff shopping, gosh. The few times I followed my mum, I ended up feeling very dizzy and almost fainted! As large as the market was, I just felt claustrophobic because too many people. I’m eager about driving too, sometimes I get scared, sometimes I’m ready lol. Definitely looking forward to the whole job thingy and having my own apartment too. But adulting? God help us. Lol. xx
    A Literary Conversation | JANUARY

    1. Another foodstuff hater, woo! I tell you, these markets be wild. My own case I even stay in Abuja, I can’t imagine somewhere like Lagos. Honestly driving is some scary stuff, I don’t even want again lol. God help us indeed!

  11. Did you like read my mental list and steal my “want to do plans”. I’m so shook! For the first time in my life this December, my own mother let loose of me into the wild wild market in my home town. It’s like a proper African market. The way I was trying so hard to blend in. My sister sent me to buy hair pins and I was so proud of myself when I bid the prices, only to come home and find that the guy sold it to be for double the price. Which means his inflation was at 400% before we even started bidding. haha…Living out of home and returning is honestly not easy. But I think the more you try the better you’ll become and the more familiar you’ll be with the prices. Next….driving! girlllll I was just downloading our learners licence book as I’m typing. I pray I get my licence this year because…new levels require new skills. And this one is for life, so the time has come! I have never even turned a key into a car before, so you’re better ooo…haha. Then with regards to NYSC, I think it’s so cool how ya’ll give back to your nation through service. WE don’t have that in CMR. Also adds to your work experience, which is great. I think the down side is being treated like a 1st year student with all those rules/regulations, even after you’ve graduated..naaaa fam!

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