Considering I just started this blog a few days ago, It would be inappropriate to simply launch into the blog life without doing the basics – an introduction of myself, the author. Below are 10 things I want you to know about me, from this list I hope I can bump into like-minded folks!

  • I was born on April 20, 1998. That makes me 19 as I post this. Yep, I became a 19 year old 6 days ago!


  • I’m a very shy person, and tend to do more intense listening as opposed to talking. The best thing though, is that when I am comfortable with someone then I can become an ‘extrovert’. However, If I am by myself in a crowded place full of strangers, it kinda makes me anxious. This can be misread as being a “snob” sometimes.


  • I am currently studying Law, my first degree. Liking it, though I get scared when I hear stories of the law school experience! Black & white all the way!


  • My favourite colour is blue, and I am very specific about the shade. It ranges from navy blue to baby blue depending on my mood. I guess you can say this attracts me to certain websites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress etc.


  • I LOVE fashion & everything to do with clothes –however, I’m not referring to everything off the runway. I have a preference for comfortable, every day clothing. I could spend hours on places like Pinterest looking at photos of how clothes are styled. A weird thing however, is that sometimes this love for fashion doesn’t translate to real life. That is, I can spend hours looking at the trendiest things but then still opt for my often “deeper life” appearance. I’m quite conservative. P.S. I am obsessed with thrift shopping. I also did a 3 month sewing course last year. I’ll do a post on that experience soon!


  • I don’t like wearing sleeveless things. I don’t know why, but I have a habit of wearing long sleeves, especially sweaters/cardigans even in the hottest weather. This had to change when the Nigerian humidity slapped me in the face.


  • I don’t wear earrings – I attribute this to the fact that a long time ago when I was younger, I wore earrings and then I guess they were quite heavy so now one of my ears looks like it wants to cut. When I do try to wear earrings, I end up losing them somehow. I’m hoping to change this, and embrace earrings as well as other accessories more!


  • When it comes to soups e.g. pepper soup or soups used for swallow such as Egusi, I prefer having more soup than meat. In fact, I can eat food without meat. It annoys me to no end when a pot of soup has more meat than the actual soup! More soup is better than more meat any day, every day!


  • I am obsessed with stationery and anything that gives me the illusion that I am getting my life together. Pens, highlighters, those brightly coloured bookmark stickers – definitely look out for posts on stationery!


  • Jollof is king. Especially the smoky jollof rice served at parties. Thus, my favourite food is jollof rice!

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  1. darling jollof is everything and then some. lol. about blue attracting you to some websites. for real? my favorite colour is simply white or black. good luck with law, been there and it was not funny ? lol. great post

    1. Yess ooo team jollof for life! Haha blue isn’t the only reason for attraction nau, its the content that matters the most! I love black and white, being a law student means I have an excuse not to wear anything else but that combo (this aggravates my mother but what can she do lol) Yes o law is for serious people, so I am currently pretending to be a serious person lol

  2. Happy birthday in arrears Amaka! As for colors, I think I’m somebody with strong feeling for cool colors depending on my mood. I do love black and white tho. But not in an everyday combo. Lol.

    1. Cool colours.. you mean like dark hues e.g. dark green? I love cool colours, frankly I like a lot of colours but I still end up showing love to my black/white and blue most haha

  3. Hey Amaka. Apart from the sleeveless clothing, and the earrings thing, we could be twins! I really love blue, especially when its really light (think powder blue). I loooovve stationery too, and you don’t get a lot of people who acrually like it so much.
    You’re quite young actually. I feel like we could ve friends in real life.
    Enjoyed reading this and I really like your blog layout. Honestly, wordpress is better than blogger

    1. Haha yesss #TeamWordpress always! I left to Blogger because I felt WordPress was too technical, now I completely understand and love it. Powder blue is an awesome shade of blue, so light and pretty (swoon). Finally! Someone that likes stationery like me! Yeah I realised I’m actually young because most of you guys are like 20+, but I’m joining your gang soon sha lol. Thanks for the comment!

  4. The soup story shaa…lol
    I always cringe in fear when I hear that wearing black and white would kill my fashion sense soon.
    Do you hear that too??

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