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What I Want Out of 2018: Blog & Life Goals

Ah yes, the start of the year, where most of us start acting brand new. This period (end of the year/start of a new year) always brings about reflections as well as goal setting. Most times, we promise ourselves so many things, only to end up feeling un-accomplished by the end of the year.

I try not to place huge expectations on myself, as I just want to go about things moderately, working towards a bigger goal.

This year, time really went fast, and I feel so sad I did not record anything in my diary (I did sometimes, but not consistently enough)) and so I don’t recall most of what happened. The year was packed, however!

Though new years resolutions are so overdone, it’s never a bad thing to try to set goals. I definitely have some things I want to do in 2018! I really hope I can achieve at least 75%. Here are some of them:

Blog Goals

With blog goals, I’ve realized that sometimes it’s best not to set a specific time for certain things. I realized this when buying my domain name and going self-hosted. I was so set on buying my domain only when my blog turned one, I nearly missed my golden chance. I don’t even know why I felt turning one would be the only action to validate the big move. Armed with this new confidence, here are some of my blog goals for 2018:

Stay Consistent: I fear that now I’ve bought a domain and gone self-hosted, I’ll become less consistent. Many factors cause inconsistency, and lack of time is one of them. I’m a uni student, and things are getting tough with a heavier workload. Either way, I’ll try my hardest to stick to my 4 posts a month minimum rule. Consistency also extends to my social media presence, particularly Instagram.

Attend a Blogger Event: I’ve been dreaming of the TBP Bloggers Brunch event ever since seeing the gorgeous photos from their white-themed 2017 brunch. I’m low-key wishing they’d use Ankara for their next theme, but who knows what it’ll be! Below is a photo of Ella of Ella Pinkette looking gorgeous.

Collaborate: I definitely am looking to collaborate with not just other bloggers, but also brands. I’m open to ideas and suggestions!

Email: mindofamaka@gmail.com

Graphic Skills: You guys should know by now that CANVA is the plug. I have used it since 2015, and I get better each time. I want to have a kind of layout for graphics I make e.g. Pinterest, Instagram and blog graphics. It’s all part of a branding plan, I hope I can execute. I also hope I’d be able to help other people with CANVA graphics.

Blog Improvement: I really want to start learning the SEO basics, practicing things like naming all my photos, utilizing keywords, writing more efficiently. This will make my posts better, and cause me to grow as a blogger! It’ll also take more time and I’m not keen on that.

Flat-lay Improvement: I want to keep getting better at flat-lays, and photos in general. I want to know as many tricks as possible, to use my iPhone to the highest capacity. This will involve playing around with colors and textures, hopefully, I execute!

Make Blogger Friends: While I am part of communities like The Bloggers’ Advocate, which contains so many wonderful people, I’m still looking to make more blogger friends, who I can chat to frequently! Holla at me!


Spiritual Growth

I really, really need this. I’m turning 20 next year, and I can’t keep being stagnant. As adulthood begins to hit, I don’t want to wait until I’m in a place of absolute desolation before I seek God. I just don’t know where to start, honestly. I’ll share my struggles with you guys.


I need to keep acquiring as many A’s as possible, and making sure I end each semester with good CA scores so exams are not hell! I’ve heard Law of Evidence is a place where dreams go to die, and I hope I can survive it.


I have a certain amount which I need to save before I feel comfortable with my finances, and I want to make better financial decisions in 2017. I need to push back things like makeup (yeah right), unnecessary clothing items while bringing forward worthy investments like myself, my blog, and businesses. 

Personal Growth
  • Read more – not just entertainment stuff, but resources relating to personal growth & development. Self-help books, educational books etc.
  • Write Better: I can only get better at writing when I practice writing. If I stay consistent, I can achieve this
  • Improve Time Management: For the second half of 2017, my time management was absolutely disappointing. As more responsibilities come, I need to be able to hone the skill of time management, to be better prepared for the future.
  • Eat Better: I’m skinny, but it’s not because I’m healthy, I have a terrible eating schedule and I hope to remedy this.
  • Love Better: I want to be a better friend, child, colleague, etc.
  • Dress Better: Oh yes! My style needs to be taken up a notch! I actually find that I love corporate wear, as much as I like being comfortable. I hope to shop wisely, adding some awesome corporate pieces to my wardrobe.

Like I said, I hope I can achieve up to 75% of these ambitions! I mean, all it takes is determination, right?

What is one thing you want out of 2018? 

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13 thoughts on “What I Want Out of 2018: Blog & Life Goals”

  1. It’s always very inspiring to read about other people’s goals. Our goals for 2018 are so similar, it’s like you were reading my mind haha. Good luck with achieving everything babe! xx

    PS:I’m definitely down, I’ll be your blogger friend 🙂
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Awwww, I enjoyed reading this!
    One thing I want out of 2018 is to kick out the two brothers that are fear and procrastination…Mans tired of them in her life!
    2 posts in one day!! Girl, now, that is consistency! Well done, Amaka.
    I’m with you on reading, loving, writing better. Definitely on the top of the list.
    Just joined the group with the WhatsApp link in your previous post. Hoping to connect with bloggers this year!
    2018 is the Year to Seize Everything!!! They are not ready for our greatness ?

    1. Yess o I’m glad you joined the group lol! What are you fearing? Is it in regards to blogging or life in general? Anyway, good luck!

  3. These are amazing goals and quite frankly I think they’re achievable. I do also want to make more blogger friends who I can connect with and chat with. Also want to grow my blog And make it a source of valuable info for people.

    1. I’m sure you’re doing just that already, making your blog a source of valuable info for people. I mean, you’re promoting making better choices in regards to green skincare and minimalist living, as well as shedding light on the lack of catering for people of colour. You’re doing great! Hope you find the blogger friends that will really help you flourish in 2018! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Now your newly moved blog looks so hot ? … I believe you can keep up with the renewals.

    SEO? It’s not that serious… You can get a hang of it in no time… Congratulations ? once more… Addicted to your writing style!

    1. Amen and amen, no failure to pay for me IJN! SEO sounds serious o, I mean there’s the naming each photo, alt text, the headings and all those things Yoast shouts at you for…chai
      Thank you for sticking with me!

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