3 Reasons Why I’m Loving the Wig Life

One day, I sat in a salon and loosened my hair (took out my braids, for those who are not familiar with this term), taking out a sew-in weave I’d had for about a month or so. To my shock, my hairline was left looking like craters on the surface of the moon. Where were my edges? ! I died a thousand deaths as I stared at my trifling face in the mirror. Something had to be done, and quick.

To my shock, my hairline was left looking like craters on the surface of the moon #wiglife #hairline #hairlinesnatched Click To Tweet

This situation, coupled with the fact I was getting tired of the whole sit down, do your hair, time spending thing that went down every few months, led me to consider the wig life.

In this post, I expressed my frustrations over what to do with my hair – I felt like just cutting it all off and starting all over again, but here I am.

I got a wig for Christmas from my mother, a braided one to be exact. It was good because it saved the tons of time spent sitting on a chair in some hot, cramped up salon. Prior to that, I got a wig made for me out of some leftover weavon. Thus, I was initiated into the wig gang.

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It’s been quite a ride, from my wig falling off at Dominos to my sister pulling it off next to the snacks stand at church. Yet, I’m not leaving the gang any time soon. It’ crazy that a few years ago I saw wigs as something worn by ancient people with no hair. Turns out, it’s way beyond that. Here are 3 reasons why I love the wig life, and why you should consider getting a wig!


Imagine a situation where you’re in an environment which is quite rigid with dress code. If you get braids done, you’ll be stuck with those braids for a couple of weeks. Then you’ll take them out and do yet another environment compliant style – a sew in weave, for example. This can get boring after a while.

As a law student, particularly a Nigerian law student, I have to look a certain way or risk being perceived as unserious or irresponsible. Thus, things like coloured hair are out of the question, except brown perhaps.

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Thus, I enjoy wigs because I can get a full on burgundy red and stash it away for when I want to unleash my other side. It’s not every time a person must wear black or brown – sometimes try something out of the ordinary! I for one have been lusting after coloured hair for a while now!


For someone who pretends to be busy, wigs are the perfect option. It’s just a grab and go situation you have – how much more efficient can things get? With the ability to slip on and throw off as much as you’d like, wigs are your friend! I need to save more time so I can dedicate it to my blog and flatlays studying hard.

okoye black panther, black panther gif, wig throw gif, wig gif

Have you gotten into a fight on a mission gone wrong? Okoye demonstrated to us that a wig can be used to throw your enemies off guard – another win for wigs!


Wigs might be itchy, but there’s just something about being able to pull it off when you have an itch and giving it a good old scratch. I just love it! Especially for me who can go nuts when it comes to scratching. Gone are the days I’d use my long nails to access my flaky scalp and scatter everywhere with scratching.


A stitch in time saves nine, or whatnot. This is of course the biggest pro of wigs. Instead of planning a whole day dedicated to doing Bob Marley braids (my go-to hairstyle), I can waltz in at 2pm knowing I’d be out of the salon by 4-4.30pm (after loosening, washing, drying, throw in a little eyebrow grooming and maybe even nails If I’m feeling myself). Say no to 8 hour sitting periods!

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Oh, did I mention that wigs are a protective style? My process is simple – get my hair braided, throw on the wig. I haven’t relaxed my hair since 2017, and I have noticed quite a bit of growth, and the emergence of my natural hair. I’m not doing a big chop though!

Even with all these goodies, it’s no doubt that to have a wig you need to be responsible. You need to know how to care for it properly and all that. I just have one braided wig in my collection, and am dreaming of an ombre wig sometime in the future. You also need to secure it, lest you want your wig falling off in a public place or in a fight, just like in the movies. Either way, the ball is in your court!

Luckily, there are some helpful individuals who have shared some knowledge on caring for wigs, especially braided wigs like the one I have:

How to Care for your Braided Wig

Are you a member of wig gang? Would you rather wigs or the real deal?


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I’m Loving the Wig Life”

  1. Vibe!! I am for wigs, all day everyday. Apart from one time in 2016, I have not had a sew-in since 2014 because I cannot come and kill my dear self.
    Wig ti takeover!!
    All joking aside, I love the fact that I can take them off at anytime and the fact that I dream that one day my inner Jackie Aina will come.e through with a pink wig, y’all just wait!
    As always, your writing left me captivated Amaka. Well done!

  2. I love wigs so much!!! It makes me feel more in control when I have the power to take it off and put it back on.
    I need to add more to my 2 wigs… As a student, I’m going for the 10-13k wigs.
    The only problem I have is how to wear them without it appearing like the only with you have.

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