3 Things I Suck At

Everyone knows we can’t all be perfect, even Beyoncé isn’t perfect, no matter how much hype and credit is given to her. I’m sure while there are some things we absolutely kill, there are also things we absolutely suck at and usually avoid at all costs. In this light-hearted post, I’ll be sharing three things I suck at – for your entertainment and a chance for you to relate if you’re like me.

Skincare Routines

As I write this, I have a Teiva Skincare bentonite clay face mask on. Why? After some days of frustration with my skin which looks like the surface of the moon including the ‘dark side’ (hyper pigmentation/acne scars) I’ve been forced to slap some on. It’s a pretty nice mask, used it a few times now – but not on a consistent basis.

The day I write a blog post about my skincare routine, you should either:

a) Panic because the world is ending

b) Scoff because it’s all a lie and I’m doing it for the blog and to try and convey that I’m getting my life together

c) Break out into songs of praise because I’ve finally gotten the hang of a routine

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Either way, I suck at skincare routines! They’re things you have to do consistently in order to achieve better skin. I have acne and it’s genetic, soo I don’t think I can ever completely get rid of it. What I can do, however, is try and limit the bumps to the barest minimum.

Two Faced?

My face is ‘cursed’ in the sense that one side of it is clear with a tiny amount of scars (this is my good side) and the other side + my forehead have been overtaken by acne. I want better skin – do you think I like looking like a crunchy bar when I put my foundation on? I love seeing foundation being applied on clear skin – it’s mesmerising! When I read articles on skincare routines I die at the amount of products and steps involved.

The routine is – wash face with black soap, dab on the Teiva Skincare Neem & Turmeric face cream (this post isn’t sponsored, these are just the products I have), put makeup on, wash face with black soap after coming back home. Sometimes I cleanse with the RDL Babyface toner..either way, there’s nothing too consistent. It get’s annoying! How do people do it? Are people actually consistent or are they all BS-ing?


As I write this particular point, I’m meant to be on my way to school to do registration, but I like writing away! When I discover something I really like, It’s hard for me to go back to doing things which are boring. Ever since blogging and in particular product photos came into my life, I have found it hard to be interested with law.

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Don’t get me wrong, law is very interesting as a course, but when you look between piles of textbooks and playing around with coloured cardboard and cute items, what would you rather do? It gets really hard sometimes! I find it hard to say no, I’m going to sit my butt down for 5 hours and read and do coursework – except when exams are around the corner. During the semester, prioritising falls apart. 

With my failure to prioritise also comes a lack of organisation. I like being organised, I mean who doesn’t? But I’m often torn on how best to distribute myself to achieve certain tasks by the end of the day

Keeping in Touch/Communication

This is the worst of the worst! One thing about me is that I hate phone calls – I find them annoying and sometimes awkward. Actually, it depends on the person calling, and even when I like the person, I still have a slight annoyance when my phone starts vibrating. Once the convo starts flowing, however, I relax. Still, phone calls and I are like water and oil – I think it all stems from the fact I never have credit and live for texting – too bad the people in my life don’t get that.

I’ve tried to repent for the sake of communication, but I honestly suck at it. Even texting is a problem for me. I find that my very bad habit is that of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and so when I don’t see you every day, I find it hard to actually keep in touch even if I’m basically online. It’s pretty awful and yes, I’m a terrible person.

Now that I’ve come clean with some of my lame-ness, I’d love to know things you suck at!

4 thoughts on “3 Things I Suck At”

  1. Keeping in touch is something I’m so terrible at. I cant count how many times I’ve been accused of forgetting people. I’m like… I haven’t forgotten you, I’m just bad at keeping in touch.
    I’m sure you’ll get the hang of your skincare routine….LOL

  2. I suck at keeping in touch too.You need to love your skincare products to be consistent. Get something that the scent or feel appeals to you and I guess you’ll do better❤❤❤

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