3 Ways I Treat Myself

The other day, I took advantage of some natural lighting and decided to play around with flat-lays. I also discovered just how many pink things I have lying around my room! That’s rich, coming from someone who claims that blue is their favourite colour! I have to admit, I’m growing more and more attracted to pink each day. 



Anyway, sometimes life can just feel dull and ‘meh’. So in those moments, it can be good to have activities which can take away your focus from the troubles of life, at least for a few moments. I have 3 which I usually go to, but not all the time. Usually if I’m worrying about something I simply just sit in one place and panic. When I do these activities though, I feel a little lighter and happier for some reason.

P.S. all photos are by yours truly

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Wear Makeup

You might be thinking, ‘but I’m a beginner, I can’t even get moisturizer right’.

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It’s alright, wearing makeup is just about the art of putting makeup on. You can use it as a time to practice, or if you’re slightly less of a beginner, you can do a simple beat and just take a few selfies under good lighting.


I used to do this often, and I found it quite relaxing. It helped me practice, because for one I don’t really bother with makeup during school. In fact, when I wear makeup (powder and lip gloss, brows sometimes) people don’t even know I’m wearing makeup! They’re always like ‘why didn’t you put on makeup?’ and I’m so confused. That’s by the way. So yeah, get out those brushes and palettes and get to painting! 


Of course, not everyone has the time, patience or energy for that, so here’s another option:

A Face Mask/Skincare

There’s just something about caring for my skin that makes me feel ten times better. It makes me feel I’m getting my life together, even when the otherwise might be the case.


You don’t have to use a store-bought facial mask like the one in the photo, but you can get your DIY hat on! A turmeric and honey facial mask is not a bad start. It’s refreshing when you can wash off the mask, and feel the smoothness of your skin. 


This can also extend to full body loving, using a body scrub. I used to use a coffee scrub by Frank Body. It was BOMB! Unfortunately , they’re back in Australia, and your girl can’t be bothered paying exorbitant prices for a coffee scrub right now. I’m searching for body scrubs which are sold in Nigeria, and until I get one, I’ll just stick to treating my face.

Shaving Your Legs

Last but not the least, another way I treat myself is by getting rid of my leg hair. I remember this video where the girl shaved her legs, and went around forcing everyone to touch them. I love the feeling of smooth legs, especially when they glisten after you put lotion/oil on them. Not everyone shaves their legs nor has time to, but those who do, know what’s up.


I use Veet. I remember the day I discovered it as a slightly-younger me. It was like I was hit by unicorn dust and stars jumped from the package. I never knew there was a way to shave legs apart from the good ol’ shaving stick, which had sucked my blood more times than I’d like to admit.

From that day, I knew we were to become the best of friends. I have quite long legs, so you can imagine I don’t want to sit around all day going slowly over the pesky hairs with a shaving stick (and still managing to miss out a whole portion at the back). I love slathering the product on then waiting the required time before scraping it off, leaving my legs re-birthed.


Of course, I have other ways – chocolate, binge blog reading, listening to music, etc. However, these three things are the mains (…and also the things I could photograph for an awesome flat lay)

Did you like the photos? I am honestly loving the seemingly limitless creativity that comes with flat lays.

How do you treat yourself? 

17 thoughts on “3 Ways I Treat Myself”

  1. Face masks! Good music and a nice bath. Works like a charm! The flat lays are popping. Shaving is pretty routine here so it’s hard to see that as self pampering especially when the razor cuts you ?

    1. Lmao when the razor cuts you! I used to hate that when shaving was my routine! I like that over here nobody really cares about the state of your legs, and I see hairy legs all around me

  2. I love to do face masks too, really makes me feel all adult-y and grown-up. Considering that I can’t seem to find to find the joy of my life (ice-cream)where I live currently, I stick with having my cereal with lots of milk to make myself feel better.
    I would have sworn that pink is your favourite colour, but we learn new things everyday,eh?

    1. Seriously? Where will you be in this world that won’t have icecream? That should be a violation of human rights! I love having cereal with lots of milk, pouring powdered milk on top of the milk which is already liquid. I’m weird like that. Lol, we indeed do learn new things everyday!

    1. Thank you Somgolibe! You need to tell me how to pronounce your name before I butcher it. Food is always nice to buy, I love biscuits especially chocolate ones.

    1. Haha inspiration comes from everywhere! Plus I’ve had some experiences before opening the blog so I capitalise on those too. This post was actually a random idea! I made it the first day I bought pink cardboard

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