5 Reasons To Love Ndani TV

Ndani TV, a channel on Youtube, is a source of constant, quality web series which we have all grown to love. Featuring amazing shows like Gidi Up, Skinny Girl in Transit and Rumour Has It, amongst a few other series, I’ll be giving you 5 reasons to love Ndani TV if you haven’t checked them out yet. If you’re already familiar with them, this post will help you refresh your memory on why you love them!


I may not have watched all their series but I have watched 3, and I tell you, each one of them has seized my heart. Though Ndani TV committed the treacherous act of leaving us without a second season of Gidi Up, we still have to love them for the other shows they have – Skinny Girl in Transit was mesmerising, and Rumour Has It, which I only just got into, has definitely captured my heart.

I love the intros for Rumour Has It! Season 1 had a stop motion with some important clues, and Season 2 looks so clean and boujie. Ndani TV is the bomb!

One thing I notice is that the characters are usually in modern, not-so-tranditional jobs. In Gidi Up they were into tech start ups and OAP work, Tiwa was an OAP, Obi ran a hot gossip blog, Rumour Has It, and had a Youtube channel to… Click To Tweet

Stories by Ndani

The story lines! I love how we get to watch the lives of different people at different aspects of life. For Gidi Up, it was a bunch of friends trying to carve a way out for themselves in the hustle and bustle of Lagos. In Skinny Girl in Transit, Tiwa was also trying to make something out of her career, lose weight and seize the bae. Rumour Has It presented us with two story lines in two seasons – season 2 which is still ongoing. I’m no professional script analyst, but I’m definitely satisfied with what I’ve gotten so far from Ndani!

You’d also agree that they have some pretty interesting characters. Some of my favourites so far have been Eki (Gidi Up), Shalewa (Skinny Girl in Transit), Tiwa’s Mother (Skinny Girl In Transit), Obi’s Mother (Rumour Has It, Season 1) amongst a few others.

One thing I notice is that the characters are usually in modern, not-so-tranditional jobs. In Gidi Up they were into tech start ups and OAP work, Tiwa was an OAP, Obi ran a hot gossip blog and had a Youtube channel to match, Eki was a poet – Ndani TV loves art, that’s one thing for sure! Not that doctors and lawyers are a bad thing, but I really love seeing creative careers being brought to the limelight, as it reflects the new age.


Though I’ve covered characters above, there is no argument that the men on Ndani TV deserve their very own category. Man! Ndani TV surely knows how to cast people. Be it Ayoola Ayolola who played Mide (I’m in love!), Blossom Chujekwu and his cute face in Rumour Has It, Mawuli Gavor, Efa Iwara, OC Ukeje … my laptop screen is always sizzling and I don’t even know how to act.

Of course, the women are also bombshells. That’s not even a fact in dispute.

My love goes to Ayoola Ayolola in Skinny Girl in Transit, the chemistry between him and Tiwa was so awesome. Can I get a Mide please? – he must wear a suit every single day or God help me. I also like that the guys they cast dip into rapping and the music industry as well – Ayoola Ayolola is a musician, and Efa Iwara is a rapper


I think in addition to all the blogs owned by people living in Lagos that I’ve read, Ndani TV makes me want to not just visit but actually live in Lagos. This is a huge deal considering I don’t like stress. I can’t help it!

Things like that scene from Rumour Has It with Obi and her friend, which gave us a view of the bridge, the shots thrown in here and there of Lagos buildings, the hustle and bustle in the lives of the characters. I know it’s all fictional, but I really want to at least visit. Ndani TV makes Lagos look oh so appealing. Like a slightly less clean New York, Ndani makes Lagos look like the place of dreams – and it is.


Ndani TV are like that one friend who always have a bomb playlist ready to be unleashed on the world. I love their soundtracks because they always pick unique songs, they really feature a lot of Soundcloud artists and always provide a link so you can find the songs for yourself! My phone has definitely been blessed.

Some amazing ones include Miracle, Labalaba & Family Ties. Click the links to listen in – you won’t regret it. Trust.


Ndani’s characters are always popping and dripping all sorts of pepper all over our screens. If I had no self control, I’d have screens hotted every single scene Shalewa & Ranti appeared in.

ndani tv, rumour has it season 2, rumour has it, linda ejiofor

Slight Beef – Where the deets at?

This love for the character wardrobes, also doubles as the reason I have slight beef with them. We need outfit details! Sure, I can’t afford about 99% of the things the characters wear, but I’d like to have a level to aspire to, you know? The only thing I know so far is that the dark blue skirt Shalewa wore in that scene where she gets exposed at a boutique by the wife of a married man was by Fablane by Derin.

ndani tv, skinny girl in transit, shalewa, sharon ooja
An iconic outfit and combination for an iconic girl!

Dear @ndanitv , please help @mindofamaka get the details behind the outfits worn by Shalewa, Ranti & Linda, pretty please xo #rumourhasit #skinnygirlintransit #ndanitv Click To Tweet

No idea how I’ll possibly be able to get the remaining details. Can someone put me through to the person in charge of wardrobe or something?

rumour has it, jemima osunde, ranti rumour has it, ndani tv
Hey, if you’re yelling at a two-timing spy while feeling your heart break, you might as well look good. Jemima Osunde (Ranti) in Rumour Has It, Season 2, ‘Janus’.

Currently I’ve been snatched by the clothes worn by Jemima Osunde & Linda Ejiofor in the opening sequence of Rumour Has It, Season 2. Yet, I’ve been unable to find who designed the clothes. Issa heartbreak, but I’ll live, I guess.

ndani tv love, rumour has it, jemima osunde

That all being said, I hope I’ve at least piqued your interest if you’re new to this whole Ndani TV thing – trust me, you won’t regret it! No, this post isn’t sponsored, but I wouldn’t mind being invited to a filming session for their next series! It would be amazing to be surrounded by such awesomeness.

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Love Ndani TV”

  1. Ndani TV is definitely killing it when it comes to content, everyone loves their shows! I know right? They always get the casting so right, so many gorgeous people. I’m also looking for my Mide o, just in case you see him haha. Eagerly looking forward to the new season of Skinny Girl In Transit. I’ve never watched Gidi Up or Rumour Has It, maybe I should give try them one of these days! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Yesss! Lol I’ll let you know when I run into your Mide, but that is after I’ve stolen his heart. Haha! There’s going to be a new SGIT season?! I didn’t know o! Please do give the others a try for sure!

  2. Well the thing with all GT Bank’s franchise is they love being extra. Skinny girl in transit has got to be my favorite series from them. Abimbola Craig did an awesome job with it just like she’s doing with rumour has it 2.
    But there’s no YouTube series that’s yet to beat my love for this is it. It’s amazeballs..😍

    1. Lol we all love a bit of SGIT and need a dash of it in our lives, especially with Mummy Tiwa! I think Ndani definitely produce some of the best mother characters ever following the era of Patience Ozokwor and the rest!

  3. Sometimes I wonder if it would do Ndani TV more good than harm to become an actual TV station; they already have all it needs – more than one hit series, a few movies, and even a round table show

    1. They’re really good at what they do! I don’t want them to go on TV though because I won’t watch as much lol. I’m sure they plan on growing and expanding

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