Product photography is an amazing way to market your product to a potential customer. It is one of the most important ways to get your brand in the minds of individuals. I’ve been into flatlays and product photography for a while now, and I’m spilling the tea on why I love it so much.


It all boils down to this – have you ever looked in the mirror and thought ‘who is this absolute BABE’ but then someone takes a photo of you and you’re wondering why you look like a vulture mashed against a windscreen? Oh, you can’t relate? Well, aren’t you lucky then! I can relate heavily. I don’t know if it’s because of my mother handed me down the wrong genes or something, or I just don’t know ‘my angles’ and how to ‘smize’.

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Either way, cameras and I do not get along generally. That’s why I prefer selfies, because I control the way it comes out. That sounds pretty sad right? Heck, on my phone and computer, you’ll see more rows of product photos than anything ever since I started blogging. I’m not complaining – being behind the camera is best for me. I feel powerful… It’s stressful to pose and flaunt outfits I don’t even know how to style properly.



If you don’t know, I’m like a semi-anonymous blogger. Anonymous in the sense that you only know my middle name (well, some people who have me on Whatsapp/Facebook found out my last name but you can’t still get info on me). I’m semi-anonymous because of two things – my family don’t really know I’m a blogger yet (don’t feel like telling them, don’t want to) and that I’m trying to figure things out.

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I always feel like if I do enter the corporate world, I’ll need to exude a certain vibe and my weird blog with all my weird thoughts will not match up with that. Thus, I want to have two personalities in a way – my blog is the realest me ever. Sounds dumb, but perhaps I’m the future I’ll just ‘come out’. However, I’m happy with you knowing me as Amaka. I’ve never really used my middle name before and I love it.

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I’ve been on the internet a long time, from playing online games and creating several accounts to now starting a blog. The constant thing is that I do not show photos of my face. It’s just not something I’m too comfortable with– UNLESS I’M SNATCHING EDGES AND SLAYING YASSS (No, not really). That’s why I was a bit nervous when I won the 20k Shop Trendelo voucher and was told my photo and a video of me would be taken



Umm, have you been on Pinterest? Inanimate objects are simply amazing! The way they just stay still (except those pesky circular ones that roll about side eye) and look gorgeous depending on how you style them and your flat lay composition. What adds to the amazing-ness is when the objects are nicely packaged.

I could drool over nice packaging. With objects, you don’t have to communicate (unless you’re into whispering to items), you just have to arrange. I’d like to take awesome portraits of people one day with all the concepts in my mind, but for now, objects are in, humans are out.



When I arranged my first flat lay against a white background, I had some things in mind. First, I wanted to resemble all those hot bloggers on Instagram with their black and white feeds, and I also wanted to arrange cute items. Subsequently I developed my brand colour and found what worked for me and my lazy ass – pink cardboard and good lighting.

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Ever since then, almost every Saturday I bring out the cardboard, arrange and shoot away. It’s such an amazing feeling, so liberating to create and arrange. The best thing is that with props also plus what you already have, your flat lay is unique to you. I love sharing my flat lays with the world and being recognized for them (though I feel I’m not where I want to be) but I’m sure by the end of this year I’ll be on a new level!

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I love still life photography! I think my love for photography of things has developed beyond flat lays because most times, my photos aren’t taken in birds eye view format. When I scroll through Pinterest, I just keep getting even more inspiration and excitement. I have so much energy within I want to channel out! The only dilemma now is, I’m semi-tired of taking photos of my own stuff – I want to expand my creative scope.

On that note, I would also like to use this opportunity to announce once again that I now take product photos/styling products for brands/people! I LOVE skincare and beauty brands, but I’m open to all sorts – food, clothing, etc. perhaps you need a styled photo for a blog post even, I’m your girl – watch out for stock photos! Just getting myself together.

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There’s no set price, because it all depends on the concept behind the project, but I definitely promise to deliver, and deliver on time – ask the brands I’ve done work for so far. Interested or know someone who is?

DM: @mindofamaka on Instagram, or



I’ll subsequently add a whole page dedicated to product photography so you can get the low down, including seeing photos from my portfolio of work. For now, I’ve opened another page @studioamaka so I’ll be able to showcase my portfolio better. I can’t afford rent for an actual studio, so a virtual one will do. So far, I’ve taken photos for @mayanga_ and @slayybox. Could you be next? 

In addition to product photography, I’m also a sucker for cute quotes and aesthetically pleasing graphics (until I graduate to Photoshop level) so if you need content for your social media handles, also contact me.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post!


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