5 Wardrobe Facts About Me

Personal style is always something I find fascinating. I like rummaging through the wardrobes of other people in order to see what they’re into. Of course, I don’t literally rummage – that would be weird. I enjoy glimpses of their style now and then as I see them put outfits together, whether it reflects the modern trends or is something completely eccentric. I’ve always loved clothes, and in my two decades of living, there are some patterns which have become evident in my wardrobe. I’d like to share a bit of myself with you, in a series of beautiful Pinterest images until I can purely create my own images. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my wardrobe!

Big Bags

Bags are a highly important part of my wardrobe. And for me, the bigger, the better. I tend to overpack and I guess I’m playing myself by my preference for big bags. This is because big bags = big space, meaning I feel I can just throw everything and anything into the bag.

I like big bags for the space and ability to carry stuff around (though my shoulders hate me). The bags also must have a zip, because I don’t want a situation whereby I get caught in rain and all the contents of my bag also get drenched (I don’t have an umbrella). I used to have beef with mini bags but then they started trending hard, and suddenly I added a mini bag to my collection. Big bags are always a classic for me though.

On the other hand, I love tote bags but they don’t necessarily have to be big. I currently have two – one gingham tote from Woven Lemon, and an Ankara tote from Sola Fagbemi.

Singlets/Camisoles Are Life

I don’t know why but from my childhood I’ve always had to wear a singlet under any clothing I wear. It’s something I’m used to, and so whenever I go without a singlet I always feel naked because that extra lawyer is missing.

I mostly go singlet-less when the Abuja heat becomes too much to handle and I just throw on a nice chiffon top with a bralette underneath. Either way, singlets are an essential in my wardrobe.

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Long Sleeves Are Always In

In addition to the singlet requirement, I find that I’ve always gravitated towards long sleeves. Whether it’s because I’m insecure about my long hands or not, the fact remains that I’m at my highest level of comfort in long sleeves.

I don’t like sleeveless, short sleeved or 3/4 sleeved tops, but I do have a small amount growing in my wardrobe – yet long sleeves always win. I guess it’s because most times I don’t like shaving my armpits and long sleeves are always there like ‘come to me, my hairy child, let me protect you from these judgemental people.’

Sleeves for the win! They have to be chiffon though, and in cold weather, cotton long sleeves. Most people who know me can attest to my constant long-sleeve wearing.

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Jewellery? Accessories? Not Too Keen

Not sure what happened to me to cause my dislike for jewellery, but hey, I’m living my life! I like jewellery on other people, but i’ve always had a complicated relationship with it. This is coming from someone whose mother goes all out with earrings and statement necklaces. I’ve recently began to warm up to simple gold rings and some statement earrings but I rarely wear them, only when my mood lightens up or something. 

The same goes for accessories like sunglasses, watches and scarves. My looks are so basic that I don’t even bother. Scarves are for Sundays, sunglasses are when I’m feeling chic and watches are never because I have a reliable phone to tell me the time.

Covered, Flat Shoes

Looking at my shoe rack, one thing is prevalent – flats. I’ve never been one to really stress myself. The last time I wore proper stiletto high heels, they were $6 white stilettos I found at a thrift store. I wore them for my RCCG School of Disciples Graduation and nearly died because they almost crippled me. Silly me thought I could endure, until my legs nearly wanted to buckle.

Thank God I packed some flats (actually, white wedges) in my bag, otherwise I’d probably be in crutches! Sure, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but those shoes hurt! I value comfort highly, so flats are always my go-to. There’s comfort, and also that being that i’m a tall babe, I don’t want to completely tower over people. I find, however, that as I grow older, I’m throwing that perspective away. Who cares? Did I choose to be tall? Let me start channelling some strong Naomi Campbell vibes. Move aside, peasants!

Share one wardrobe fact about you in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “5 Wardrobe Facts About Me”

  1. I hate long sleeves, I love chiffon tops a lot, I never wear camis as an undergarment. Only time I wear them is with a kimono/jacket. This Nigerian sun is too hot for an extra layer of clothing. I love big bags too but lately I am falling in love with small cute bags. What else, I can’t live without denims. I love heels but I will pass on wearing them if I am going to somewhere my comfort isn’t guaranteed. I only own two flat shoes… I am more of a sandals girl. 😂 Oya let me be going before I turn to gift the epistle writer.

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