The Desired Break

Ah, I’m writing this with a calmness in my heart. Exam period is finally over. It was quite an interesting two weeks, as what was meant to take 8 days turned into 2 whole weeks. This was due to some administrative issues, and whatnot.

Anyway! I like being free because now I can continue doing the things I was doing during the exam period, just with less guilt! Some of those things are;

  • Shamelessly perusing Pinterest – Yeah.. you guys know by now that I have a slight obsession with Pinterest. I get inspiration EVERY DAY. It’s shaping me a lot. Here are some of my favorites lately:


  • Shamelessly perusing WordPress/Blogs – I found so many blogs and read so many blog posts! I was commenting everywhere! Why was I so blog-productive during an exam period? I need to repent!
  • I also did a lot of playing around with my layout and even re-vamped my ‘About’ page. Check it out here
  • Shamelessly creating graphics on Canva – Did I ever tell you how much I love Canva? Here’s a taste of what I made:

social media golden rules

  • Writing up posts and taking down ideas – The amount of creativity that hit me this exam period was crazy! I had 1 exam each day for 4 days in a row last week, and in that week I came up with 10 posts! They’ll be making their way towards the blog, don’t you worry.

While I’ll be weighed down by anxiety due to calculating what I need to maintain a GPA above 3.5, I definitely have plans for this short break. In no particular order, these are:

  • De-cluttering – This is the keyword for these holidays. The other day I really got overwhelmed by the amount of stuff cluttering up my room. I need space to think and be productive. I’m still inspired by this post by one of my favourite blogs, The Pearly Life. I want to re-arrange room, and my wardrobe especially! For the past 2 weeks, I’ve shared half my bed with several law textbooks & up to 50 loose sheets of paper used for notes & handouts. De-cluttering is SO needed!


  • Blog Lovin’ – No, not the platform. I want to obsess over my blog in a guilt-free environment. I want to take photos and create content, not just on WordPress but also Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I especially want to get more creative writing done.


  • Hair Done, Nails Did – Had my hair out for the past 3 weeks. I always take out whatever hairstyle I have when exams are near due to frustration. Might also paint my nails black. Can’t wait for a new hairstyle! Oh yes, makeup experimenting too!


  • Preparation Preparation Preparation – Need to plan for next semester!


  • Wardrobe Revamp: Not only do I want to de-clutter my wardrobe, I also want to sort it out in such a way that I have clothes which I definitely use. There are so many clothes I have which are lying around, useless. I want to also try my hand at more outfit posts, though I don’t consider myself ANYWHERE close to being a fashionista.

Anyways, that’s about it! What’s going on in your side of life? Any plans for personal development? If you want me to read your posts, just remind me below so I can visit!


7 thoughts on “The Desired Break”

  1. Ah haaa so now I know the secret?. I saw some other cool images on your Instagram and was wondering what app you used to create them. Canva. Off to go check it out! ????

  2. Was checking your blog at interval wondering why the inconsistency and lack of new blog post. Glad you are back, i guess i’ve some catching up to do as i have obviously missed alot!

    1. Girl really? Haha and here I was thinking that I’d stayed consistent during this period! I don’t post much anyways, but don’t worry, more is coming! It’s you people that have been quiet. I refresh my Reader like how many times and it’s so dry. Maybe I’ve missed a recent post of yours, off to your blog to search for content to read!

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