Be Moved: Favourite Gospel Songs

I honestly love music with all my heart. I’m not the best singer, nor do I play any instruments, but there’s something about music that just has a magical effect on me. It can bump up my mood, make me feel sober and reflective (‘Draking’) or just catapult my heart & mind into some kind of different realm. This℘℘℘℘℘ is especially the case when it comes to Gospel music. Gospel music, I feel, can be a way for me to connect even though like I said here, I feel so disconnected.

I LOVE Gospel music, but I’m also very picky. When I want it to be fast, it has to be at a certain tempo to really get me going. Also, when I want it slow, there is also a certain tempo I like. This is why I have a limited amount of music.

Anyway, I’ve been surrounded by gospel music all my life essentially (Nigerian life, lol) so there’s some songs that have really stuck with me at different times of joy or struggle. I’d like to share my faves with you, also adding why I love them so much.

One thing about me, is that whenever I listen to gospel songs I picture myself singing and performing them. It’s just so weird but I picture doing an amazing performance filled with passion that would move people. It just gives me this light feeling.

By the way, I’d say my favourite singer in the whole world is Donnie McClurkin. I used to have Israel Houghton in this position, but unfortunately it didn’t work out, lol. Donnie’s voice is so strong, so moving, so powerful. I just feel so many emotions whenever I listen to his songs. Some of my favourites of his are Caribbean Medley, Agnus Dei, Only You are Holy..so many more!

Anyway, off to the faves!

P.S click the title to go to the Youtube link and hear the song.

Bow Down & Worship Him (Benjamin Dube)

The BEST. From start to finish, way too amazing! I especially love the part of the track where he just starts speaking and praising God.

“He exists in nature but he is not nature, nor is he bound by the laws of nature. He is the source of all life, everything that is, and his name is Yahweh. Jehovah, he who causes everything to be…and his name is God.”

Chills every time. Skip to 4:00 in the video to hear the song!


Sweet Jesus (J.Moss)

Another equally amazing song. I love the chorus especially. The amount of passion in that Jesus x5 is too good! It’s times like this I wish I had a powerful gospel singer voice because I’d just vandalise this song! Oh well, this is where having an imagination comes in.

“Demons tremble, at the name when I call it. Mountains move, at the same, when I shout it.”


I Need More Of You (Myron Butler)

This is a slow song but is simply awesome. It’s very deep, and it’s just about wanting to have more of God’s presence.

more of you myron butler

You give peace, that passes understanding. And your love, for me is never ending.

The voices are powerful, especially when you get to “I can’t make it without you!” You have to just listen to understand me. The link is to the Youtube live performance, but try and find the track! Chills every time! I heard it off a gospel album my mum got ‘Gospels Best Men’.

Aka Aka Ya (Gabriel Eziashi)

I like this song so much; I looked for the English version. When it’s sung in church, there are subtitles, so that makes life easier. The song is just so gorgeous, from beginning to end. I love the way Gabriel Eziashi sings with passion. Indeed, the hand of the lord does great things.


Yes You Are the Lord (Denzel Agyeman Prempeh) It is just one line being repeated, but yet it is honestly so powerful. The best songs don’t have to be filled with words, one line can be just so moving. The way they sang it in this version especially is just powerful. Check it out!

You Are Great (Steve Crown)

I just love this song! It’s quite popular, and it is sang in my church every other Sunday. My favourite line is ‘demons tremble at your presence.’ It just sends chills down my spine.

“Demons tremble at your presence! What a mighty God we serve!”


Sovereign God (Maurette Brown Clark)

I first heard a snippet of this song from a wedding video. The wedding was that of Karl & Cassandra of #LokkedIn (one of the most amazing wedding videos I have EVER seen!) and I was completely in love, I had to hear the full version. I was not at all disappointed! It was amazing! Chills everywhere!

“He is able to do exceedingly abundantly .. above all we ask or think. So take up your burden and lay them at his feet, and watch him meet the need. We have the victory because you are…”


So yep, these are my current faves. There’s sometimes I listen to one and I just feel so moved, so uplifted in my soul. Music is honestly amazing. I also listen to instrumentals a lot because I like beats, and I recently discovered some awesome Christian music channels on Youtube. Will share in a later post! Till then.

What are your current faves? Recommend some so I can grow my playlist!


11 thoughts on “Be Moved: Favourite Gospel Songs”

  1. This is lovely. There’s just something about listening to worship songs, it makes you realize how awesomely amazing our God is!!! My fave for now is Onise Iyanu because it speaks about how awesome he is!

    1. That’s a pretty great song too. Exactly, worship songs just send deep chills down ones spine. They’re amazing, especially when performed right

  2. I also love You Are Great and Yes You Are The Lord, powerful!
    You should listen to Hillsong, Bethel Music and Planetshakers!! You’d thank me later. God has worked wonders for my faith through their music.

  3. Amaka that’s a really great post. For me I listen to only gospel songs so I’m pretty much always in the worship mode. Checkout Lauren Diagle and Kari Jobe and Travis Greene. They are awesome singers.

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