Being 21: So Far, So Good?

It’s funny I’m writing a blog post with such a title because at this very moment I type this, my face is breaking out, my right middle nail which I patiently grew to badass length has snapped off, my under-wig cornrows are a freaking mess, and my account contains only N3000. Only N3000? actually, it’s more of N2,979.62. Let’s not forget the fact I lied to myself that from July 1 I’d start working out and drinking mint/lemon infused water.

Basically, things don’t look good. I mean, it’s the second half of the year and I was pumped on July 1.. but now, a couple of bad financial decisions and delayed payments down the track, It’s safe to say I feel bummed out as hell.

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But then, this too shall pass, right? Things up until this very moment have been quite lovely, hence why I titled this post the way I did in the first place. I turned 21 in April, on April 20 to be exact. This was 3 days after my project defense – yes, your girl here is a semi-graduate! I’m about to head to law school soon (insert extended internal groaning) but it’s been such a ride. Being 21 is such a new experience, I mean obviously I’ve never been 21 before but like… the world is out there to conquer. I’m truly legal now! Does this mean I can start looking at man? Lol. I’ve bought my first ‘lingerie’ though – welcome to womanhood?

I don’t think I feared turning 21, I mean getting older means proximity to responsibility but things were surprisingly chill. I do wish I’d gotten around to writing goals and stuff, but I guess I’m still stubbornly free-spirited in that aspect. Still, it’s been a good time so far!

After my birthday, I got an awesome new job with a client that values creativity and product photography. This means your girl has a constant monthly salary. I also get to use a Nikon D3300 so Hugo (my first camera, a Panasonic DMZ FZ-18) has been gathering dust – I might sell it soon. This month, the Nikon was upgraded too! Can’t wait to share the content I’ll create – you can follow me on Instagram on my page or my studio page to keep up. I was a bit nervous because I mean, I didn’t know if I was meant to force myself into an internship at some law firm in this period between university ending and law school beginning, but I’m at peace with my decision.

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I tell myself I’ll just read up on the law to keep my mind refreshed before law school, but in reality, my books are sitting in a carton that used to house Kemps Cream Crackers biscuits. #unashamed. I also had to bring a key relationship to an end, and that single decision propelled me into a place of peace that I never knew existed. I was so calm about everything though I ugly-cried on the actual day, but the next day I was fine. Every day since that, I’ve experienced a constant glow-up, and It’s been so blissful. Oh yeah, and I kind of abandoned my blog but hey, I’m back now! Are you feeling my new theme as much as I am? I’m in love!

Lessons from 21 So Far

Never mind that things seem a bit dull at the moment I’m typing this, but I’m grateful. I’m thankful for growth – my new photography job has allowed me to grow under a pretty cool person and as a result, in case you haven’t been following me on the gram, my pictures are getting bomb. Of course, there’s technicalities to figure out here and there, but I’m growing! A couple of things I’ve realized so far at 21 are:

Your Parents Won’t Always Make the Right Decisions

I didn’t exactly have to turn 21 to figure this out, but I’ll say it anyway. In a society like ours, of course, parents are revered due to the whole respect thing, but we need to constantly remember that they are humans. They are not perfect, and they do not always make the right decisions. Maybe I’ll talk about this in more detail some day, but yeah. It might have seemed right to them at the time, but in retrospect, wasn’t exactly properly thought out. It’s fine though because when you acknowledge this, you begin your journey towards shaping yourself to be a better version of what you grew up with. I’m a little scared however because I feel some negative traits developing. Basically, I’m going to be the strict parent – it’s not necessarily negative, but let’s see.

If It Inhibits/Stifles You, Let Go

There are situations and relationships you’ll find yourself in where you’re internally screaming for help. You know you need to let go, but you’re taking into consideration different factors. But the main question you should ask is, will I become the best version of myself If I continue on this path?

Don’t be Afraid to Let Go

This relates to the point I made above, but basically don’t be afraid to let go. I know you’re thinking of all the time you might have spent in this particular situation/relationship as well as the memories or whatnot, but trust. If your gut tells you it’s time to let go, follow it.

Don’t Rush, Sometimes You Ought to Enjoy the Process

This relates more to my physical appearance. If you’ve read my post on being a late bloomer, you’ll know that I haven’t exactly been a peng ting all my life. I, however, find that as I turned 21, I’m entering a phase where I guess you could say I’m blooming. My skin may not be clear, but my wardrobe is being phased out, replaced by what I never thought I’d have in there – colorful clothes. I mean, I got a pink blazer the other day, for goodness sake! 15 year old me would have flies in her mouth by now.

I’m also taking photos on Sundays after church, meaning I wear outfits worthy enough to photograph. And my makeup game isn’t too bad! I can’t believe this is me, and I’m loving it. When you look good, you feel good. So I believe that wherever you are, especially as a late bloomer watching people around you have the trendy clothes, hair and whatnot, your time is coming. Don’t rush it, you’ll end up with black caterpillar brows like I did back in 2015. Of course, blooming doesn’t always have to relate to your physical appearance, it can be mental reformation or just growth in general. Still, enjoy the process, and please, document it if you can! Your future self will thank you.

So yeah, that’s it from me and I guess you could call it a little update on my life, as I haven’t been here in a bit. What’s been going on in your side of life?

4 thoughts on “Being 21: So Far, So Good?”

  1. I am so glad for the lessons you have learnt. I can totally relate and I can’t wait to read more of your posts. You go girl! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  2. “Parents don’t always make the right decision” I resonated with that! I’m so proud of how far you’ve come Amaka and I can proudly say you’re my inspiration!

  3. Amaka…she can’t disappoint me, I really like this post, am turning 20 soon and I can already relate to being 21…Am starting my blog and would love if you follow me back so we can read each others blogposts and help each other grow…πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  4. Amaka…she can’t disappoint…
    I love this post as I can really relate with being 21 although I’ll just be turning 20 soon…Kindly follow me back so we can help each other grow and keep track of our sites…

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