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Four Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

In this post, I’m going to share my blogging tips for new bloggers. When I first started blogging , I had a set, albeit rough idea of what I was trying to achieve. Basically, the plan was to use my blog as a platform to show off my writing skills and sharpen them further. I’d milk the .wordpress.com platform for as long as possible while creating content in a consistent manner. I’d also eventually blow. 

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However, I have found that I have evolved in some way. There are things I used to do which I do not anymore, and vice versa. However, even with all this, I’m quite happy with where I am. I mean, I don’t have it all figured out, but I reckon I’m on the right path. I attribute where I am right now to certain things, and that is why I’m spilling blogging tips. By sharing, I am in no way presenting myself as a professional, but it helps to share ones experience.

I have four key blogging tips, and they are:


Do You, Boo

This is the paramount thing. Trust me, when you’re new, your eyes dart everywhere. You see all these big bloggers who seem to have it all. Just know that they all started somewhere. In fact, read this post to see how some of the top bloggers started their blogging journeys. 

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You need to be yourself, because it is your uniqueness that gets your readers drawn to you. Every one has a unique story to tell, nobody has the same life. As a blogger, you have your different life experiences, different choices you’ve made, different upbringing, beliefs and values. You have different opinions, a different way of dressing, different musicians you listen to. Depending on the niche of your blog, you’re going to be spilling all the deets of these areas for us. Why wouldn’t you want to be yourself? Your readers want to know and invest in you!

Don’t try and deviate in the pursuit of popularity. Your time will come, just be consistent. In this post I shared tips on how I stay consistent in blogging. You can check it out if you need some clues. 

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Do Your Research

This applies to me in a way, because I haven’t really done a blog post where I have to research vigorously. However, apart from researching to ensure accuracy of blog posts, you also need to be informed of developments.

Trying to brand your blog and stand out? Get on Pinterest for a burst of inspiration! Find out about apps you can use to curate your feed and Instagram story through other blog posts, Youtube and even Pinterest. Find out about developments, policies and inner workings of social media platforms. These will be of much help to you.


Connect and Network with Other Bloggers

This is the most important tip I’ll be sharing. One thing I realised is that no blog is an island. When you start a blog, especially on wordpress.com, your first readers are going other bloggers like yourself. I really liked the community feeling that was going on at WordPress.com. As long as you publish a post with relevant tags and such, readers will find you!

Why do you need to network? I think friendships are important especially in this blogging thing. You may be like me, tending to keep to yourself and stay in your hermit shell. However, you should reach out! Find other blogs, go blog hopping, leave meaningful comments. Comments are amazing, and I’m sure you like reading them and receiving them. Why not leave something nice and detailed on that blog post you like? Attach your link at the end in case the other blogger is so interested they want to know who you are.

By doing this, you’re not only getting more inspiration for your own blog, but you’re setting a foundation for relationships with other bloggers. I’d also recommend joining blogging communities (not the saturated ones with just blog links sprinkled all over). Blogging communities offer opportunities to communicate, as well as gain knowledge on blogging tips and offers. Personally, @thebloggersadvocate is one community I really appreciate. It is a platform enabling one to connect with other bloggers, while also deriving highly valuable blogging tips and information. As a Nigerian blogger, you can also check out The Blogger Point.


Don’t Be Afraid of Trial and Error


Honestly, what you start with is not necessarily what you end up with. Weeks, months and years pass by, knowledge is gained. You might like this colour today, but not tomorrow. You may have a certain writing voice today, and another some months or years down the track. Your logo may change, your photos may change. What am I saying? Even your blog name might change! I’ve seen many bloggers I follow undergo rebranding, and that’s such an interesting process.

However, it’s all trial and error. Don’t be afraid to play around until you reach satisfaction. I definitely do this a lot, as I’ve changed my blog theme so many times, as well as my ‘logo’ and ‘signature’. I’m only going to keep evolving, as long as something called Pinterest exists. 

So keep trying, testing, play around with your resources! We all start somewhere, and we’ll end up somewhere greater, hopefully! You can check out this post for some motivation for blogging!

With the above tips, I hope I’ve been able to communicate effectively. Blogging is definitely a journey. It’s one I never in my life imagined I’d take, but yet, here I am. If you ever need help, just reach out to me via my email – mindofamaka@gmail.com – or Instagram (@mindofamaka). I hope you enjoyed this post!

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