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Zest and Tropics: A Bo And Jo Naturals Review

Bo and Jo Naturals are a Nigerian organic skincare brand based in Enugu, Eastern Nigeria. They boast of a range of not just awesome organic skincare products made in Nigeria, but also have in their arsenal products suited for natural hair care. Why not let your skin and hair flourish at the same time?

Affordable, organic skincare is something we all look out for, even if the ‘organic’ is removed from the equation. It all comes down to the search for glowing, popping skin free from all the nasties. Want to know where you can source for affordable organic skincare brands in Nigeria? This post should have you off to a great start.

With Love from Bo and Jo Naturals

On Christmas day, I received the best gift from Bo and Jo Naturals – I was going to be sent a package to suit my skincare needs. I gave them the low-down on what I wanted for my skin/my skin problems – zapping away the acne on my face, while also chasing the acne scarring into oblivion. Apart from that, I wanted to stay moisturized on top of it all. In response to my needs, I was sent four items from their enticing range of organic skincare products – the Bo and Jo Naturals papaya black soap, rice and carrot scrub, glow oil and miracle cream.

bo and jo naturals

Having used 3 of these items dedicatedly since January, I finally feel qualified to share a more in-depth review to add to the one I posted on Instagram before.

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The glow oil is what inspired the ‘tropics’ inserted into the title. Upon first impression, I perceived a tropical scent, likely aided by the fruity cocktail of ingredients – carrot, papaya, oranges, etc. Now, while I wonder why skincare brands give their oil-based products names like ‘glow’ or other words which hint at ‘glowing’ (doesn’t oil make you glow originally?) I of course was not left out of the glow train with this oil.

bo and jo naturals

I disliked the smell when it came down to mixing scents i.e. rubbing the oil, then trying to spray deodorant/perfume, but in all honesty, the glow oil does what it is meant to – make you glow. I remember once I caught a glimpse of my legs and was a bit taken aback at what a subtle yet gorgeous glow they had to them. I have to admit though, this oil is no match for the harsh Abuja harmattan, and so you’d definitely need to opt for something ‘tougher’ like coconut oil.

As the harsh and cold mornings slowly took their leave, I found that the oil to began to moisturize me just fine. Therefore, I’d recommend it if you don’t mind tropical, sweet and fruity smells. I rate it 8/10



The Bo and Jo Naturals Miracle Cream is definitely my favorite out of all the products I was sent. I used it basically every morning and night, but this thinned out as school got busier.

bo and jo naturals

Yet, I still use it on most nights. It’s consistency and heavenly smell inspired the ‘zest’ part of this post title. Upon first impression, I was hit with the most wonderful smell of lemon – a smell that keeps me opening the small tub sometimes just to get a whiff. The consistency – one I keep raving about – can only be compared to well mixed puff-puff batter. Think of all things light, whipped and fluffy. I love the ingredient mix – witch hazel, lemon – and a little goes a long way. Though I didn’t notice any drastic acne scar fading on my part, I definitely still love the product. I rate it 8/10



The papaya black soap was definitely a shocker from the start. Firstly, it had a deep dark green colour, and looked like jelly. Have you ever seen black soap in such a form? However, the product didn’t disappoint because it lathered more than well enough.

It kept me feeling cleansed without being completely stripped, though it is quite a messy experience as a little flick can send the concoction flying everywhere. What I highly disliked was the smell of the product, which can only be likened to boiled eggs.

While I love boiled eggs, having a soap which gave that smell wasn’t really pleasant. This is because the soap smell actually sticks to your skin, so I’d suggest perhaps improving the recipe for this particular product to ensure a better user experience. I’d rate the product 6/10 because of the smell.

Notes to the Brand

+ Branding + a uniform colour and label would go a long way and look better. Then again, where Bo and Jo Naturals is at currently is good, because growth comes with improvement. Again on the labelling, the miracle cream label was incredibly hard to read and I had to strain my eyes to understand that the ingredients were witch hazel and lemon. The glow oil didn’t have any ingredient list apart from the drawings of fruits which I assumed were the ingredients of the product – this can be improved on. People always need to know what they’re putting on their skin.

Packaging + Needs to be improved especially for the glow oil. I don’t know how, but even if the bottle was sealed when I received it, the bottle still spilled quite some oil in the box. While taking photos the oil also spilled, killing my long-term cardboard friend. Good packaging goes a long way! 

That being said and done, I hope you enjoyed this review of Bo and Jo Naturals! This is only a few products out of their whole range, so if you aren’t interested by these, you can always try other products. Bo and Jo Naturals can be found on Facebook and Instagram (@boandjonaturals)

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