My Makeup Story: The Queen of Grey

I never used to wear makeup. Frankly, the reasons were not unreasonable. I was still young, and though I didn’t exactly like my face, I still found no appeal in makeup. I was a teen filled with angst, worried about everything else in the world –looks included – without actually caring about makeup. Girls I knew also didn’t care too much about it. However, this was to change one day.

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One thing I have realized about myself is that the things I said I wouldn’t ever try, I have started trying them out! No, I don’t mean wild, damaging activities like smoking or whatever. I mean things like wearing makeup, doing certain hairstyles, painting my nails etc. Though I am still very conservative – baffles me because It’s not like my mother is the same way – I have actually started coming out of my cocoon to an extent.

Ashy Beginnings

How did I start this makeup journey? I have no idea, I think I probably watched a YouTube makeup tutorial and felt inspired. However, I started off really badly. I remember going to the shopping mall, walking into a drug store and stumbling across some foundations.


I played myself from the start because:

  • I had NO experience whatsoever, no guiding principles, no experienced guidance
  • I had a skewed perception of my skin tone – more on that below, lol!
  • I also was am a strict person when it comes to money (this has loosened up from then until now – impulse buys. Sad, really). So, low prices were are my drug.


And so, that was how yours truly picked up a random foundation for $2.45 AUD (About N585). Now now, the price would’ve raised the eyebrows of a reasonable man. Another factor to raise eyebrows was the shade of the foundation. Now, I was in a country where black girls faced a struggle when it came to finding their shade. They (who could afford) found comfort in brands like MAC or African Stores, which provided treasures like Black Opal etc.


So why on earth did I think that a random pharmacy would casually have my shade?


Even years after that day, I went to several pharmacies and never actually found my shade. I remember how there was one promo going on where we could go and get makeup consultation. I stupidly and excitedly went, and came out looking ASHY even with the darkest shade the place had. Imagine, and I’m considered to be ‘light skin’. So just picture what more melanin infused sisters go through!


I looked at the packaging without even trying an obligatory dollop on my hand. Blinded by the price, I happily skipped off to the counter to buy it. I recall that day very well. I had started a blog and even took photos! I can’t find the photos though, unfortunately!


What ensued after that day was a series of funeral face-beats. I ask God to forgive me for the amount of times I went past the four walls of my room with that ashy, grey foundation slapped on my face with faux confidence. I really thought it was okay!

Nugget of Wisdom:

P.S. If your friends don’t bring your attention to the fact that your face is white/grey, they don’t love you. They don’t want to see you shine. They don’t want you to be great.

When I look at some photos from that time, I just want to cry. Due to my love for cheap makeup that would enable me to practice without breaking the bank, I shopped on eBay and some Chinese websites – yes, I bought foundation. It was a catastrophe. Queen of grey! It was funny because, I had so many of these cheap pieces, resulting in me having a bigger makeup collection than my friends who used makeup way more frequently.

More blessings. Source: Pinterest

We thank God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I’m no way near a professional, I’d rate myself basic-average when it comes to makeup. My pride is in my eyebrows (that was quite the journey too – I was a mess until I discovered threading & later, shaping), and to this day I have not conquered the eye shadow/eyelashes/eyeliner territory. The thought of it makes my eye itch. I’ve also found out more about my face, but I’m still very much a beginner!


Now I’ve told you my little story, I decided to add a new segment to the blog. Frankly, the blog is still and always will be in a development process. I am no makeup guru or M.U.A, but I would love to talk about it once in a blue moon, showing you my growth when it comes to makeup.

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Broke But Beat was inspired by my newly birthed fascination with makeup, coupled with my tendency to be strict with money. I want to find affordable products & looks for those of us who are on a tight budget, or simply beginners. Since I’m no makeup guru, I’d love to share pieces not just from me, but also from other blogs! So, any of you bloggers out there who are alright with me sharing your pieces or down to collaborate, just indicate via the comments!



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  1. Lol…this post is cool.
    I thank God for wisdom too. My first makeup days where bad but not as horrible as yours I believe…LMAO.

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