#BuyNigerian or Nah?

I felt like having a rant. The title might be a bit misleading as I don’t know what people would think when first seeing it, but I feel it relates to what I’m going to talk about!

I love the internet and social media, it’s such an amazing place which provides so much opportunity for people – especially small business owners.

There are so many online stores which exist just on Instagram, no website or all those extra stuff (probably coming later on).

I like this, but then there are some repeated occurrences which annoy me to no end. Keep in mind that when I say online store, I don’t mean stores like the really popular ones. I’m talking the smaller yet upcoming ones which may not necessarily be an ‘official’ brand, but a side hustle for the owners.

Eh hen, you know It’s not good to complain about problems without offering solutions. That is why yours truly has proffered sensible solutions at the end of each point. Thank me later lol.

Here are three most prominent ones.

Hiding Prices 

‘DM for prices’, ‘For Inquiries/Contact, add +234XXXXXXXXX on WhatsApp’


Is there anyone out there who can explain this? I cannot for the life of me understand why some online stores don’t put prices in the caption for their posts. Life would be made so much easier If they did! I don’t want to have to DM you just to get prices (and then some take ages to reply) or even worse, add you up on WhatsApp before getting answers I seek.

If there’s a reason these shops do this, someone please shed light so I may understand? Is it that they feel putting the prices would deter customers? If one is deterred by high prices, when they go through all that hustle to add you up/DM you, won’t they still run away? It’s not like the price changes with the method used to contact the store.

Picture This: Those scenes in Nigerian/romance movies when two lovers are playing around, chasing each other and playing hide & seek with trees. THAT is what I look like chasing after these prices. I couldn’t find a GIF, so switch on your imaginations, please!

Please repent! (I’m all ears If people have explanations for why people do this)

Solution: Put your prices in your captions under photos! Those who want to buy will buy! Or upload a price list! This is one thing I like about Anike Herbal Solutions (they aren’t paying me o, I just thought of them off the top of my head), nearly every photo has the FULL price list under it. Isn’t that what life should be like?

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Hijacking Other Photos


Bad bad bad. I hate this so much sometimes. Not only does it look so unprofessional and sketchy, it’s just plain wrong! If you have the product, try to take your own photos so we know what’s good!

From one blurry, hijacked photo which may even have the watermark of the original poster on it, how am I meant to trust you? How can I trust that I will get exactly what is in the photo? How can I trust that it will be that quality I seek? Please, repent.

Nobody is saying you have to invest in costly procedures for taking product photos. If you have a phone to use Instagram on, use your camera + cardboard (I’ll do a post on this in the future) and take those photos! I know this might not be easy for everyone, but at least try a little. I don’t want to get any scary surprises and disappointments, though I know even those original posters can deceive with their photos.

Not trying to be too harsh, I understand not everything can be so straight forward. Those who can try should just try. Stand out from the rest! Not everybody must snatch photos from Pinterest, Google and the likes. I get that sometimes you need other photos to show a different angle or something, but at least have some of your own If you can. Those starting out are exempted, but the bigger ones should behave. If you can’t get product photos done by yourself, tell your customers to spill the tea and send their pictures!

Solution: Those who can, glow up! A simple good quality phone camera (or official camera) and a nice background will do. I’ll show you how in a later post.


Location Location Location

On a final note, I present to you the part which breaks my heart the most.

Why does everybody seem to be in Lagos?! Or everywhere except Abuja? Lmao


I know It’s pretty obvious because I mean, Lagos is HUGE with a huge population. However, it is not fair! It seems Lagos gets all the nice stuff. I mean, I wouldn’t mind this fact if not for the fact that there’s a little something called shipping prices. Nuh nuh nuh, how can I be admiring 3 chokers for 1000 Naira and then shipping is N1500? Is that what life is about? Nah, I’ll pass.

I love lurking on the pages of these stores, but once I see ‘Lagos’ in the address section of the bio, a part of me dies. For some stores I would go the extra mile, but when It’s little things I want to purchase, life just seems unfair! And no sis, I don’t want to spend N15,000 to get free shipping. I haven’t reached that level yet.

Solution: You people should move to Abuja. THANKS. Just kidding, but you can have some kind of agent? (I’m currently learning about agency in Commercial law, yass)

On that note, those who live in Abuja should just recommend some nice stores! To be honest, I’m really looking for chokers but don’t know where to find them. Help a sister out!

Rant Over.

Don’t mind me o, these are just part of the shopping experience. I’ll still patronise my dearest Nigerian small businesses now and again (thrifting is life too). I just wish some things would be different.



35 thoughts on “#BuyNigerian or Nah?”

    1. I hope I do so too! Haha well in your case you stay in Lagos so you probably know where to find what.

      Sometimes online shopping is awesome as you find what you may not be able to find in the places you usually go to. Then again, this doesn’t apply to you because you guys have sooo many thrift stores! *shouts in jealousy*

  1. I recently heard some do that, just so they can give different prices to different people based on your profile. Like oh this one looks rich, lets add 5k to the real price. And the location thing can be really annoying. I saw this 2500 deal for 10 chokers on Ig, but where was the seller? Lagos!!! Then some might say its 2500 for delivery to abuja. Mbano!! We really need more affordable stores here. Please where do you thrift here??

    1. Lol what! *Makes account private* They must be joking o! What 2500 for 10 wow! Who is this seller biko? Let me see what else they have to offer! Lol It’s like everyone in Abuja thinks everyone is loaded with money sometimes o. I live near a market (Apo Fish Market) which is a 5-7 minute walk or 2 minute Okada ride away, so there’s some thrift shops there but their prices aren’t anything to write home about. They have nice stuff though! I’m still on the prowl for better stores and better bargains so I’ll keep you updated. Until then, the struggle continues

    1. First time I’m hearing this different price for different people when there’s a need to dm… O ga oo… This laive sha.. E go better. Well thank God I stay in Lagos… And I do online shopping too.. The thing with this delivery is sometimes based on what the delivery coy charges. Some charge 1500 but you may need to pickup for their park.. Direct Door to door delivery means an extra 500 or 1000.
      Pele dear.. I’m sure there would be somewhere in an. It can’t be that bad na

  2. That photo theft issue… I don’t even take you seriously if I discover you stole someone else’s photo to advertise. It was sooooo bad when turbans started to become really popular. You would see one picture being used by up to 15 different sellers. It was a problem.

  3. Point one i can definitely relate with and it’s so annoying. Sometimes I go through the stress of adding those online stores on whatsapp just because of the reviews but it’s so unfortunate that some of the owners reply in a snaile-like pace *sigh*. I followed Anike Herbal solutions on IG after reading their review here on your blog and i like that they put up a price list of their products for one to see.
    Hopefully you get to find some nice stores in Abuja, I live in Lagos so can’t relate with that. Talking about problems and solutions, this a problem you’ve just identified and there are others who might be in same shoe as you, why not work out something?


    1. That’s a good idea! I actually might have an idea of what to do to solve this issue ??
      Wow Anike and co should pay me for my stellar services o ???

  4. I can definitely relate to most of this girl, and especially the location part; why do they always have to be in Lagos, it’s frustrating having to wait for weeks and paying for shipping as well. Great post girl!

  5. You gave me ideas also. I’ve been trying to put up my own online store and looking to implement in mine the things I have a distate for. But one thing i never understood was the whole full description of items but withholding the price. What gives. I’m trying not to believe the commenter that said prices are independently fixed. What’s that? People ehn

    1. Deaaad ‘what’s that?’ I’m telling you eh! Good luck on starting your online store! These people must release those prices one day o! Thanks for reading & commenting!

  6. I hate when they ask you to dm for prices but I think they’re listening to the complaints and changing that. I hate when I have to dm and then explain that it’s just too pricey for me. Tbh I’m not so much a fun of buying things online, especially with shoes and my big feet.

  7. First off loving the whole blog look and the GIFs. Didn’t know we could upload GIFs on this free plan oooo. Ọmọ that DM for price is a total turn off.
    Funke Olotu and Sarah Audu both have online thrift stores and they are based in Abuja you should check theirs out.
    Babe sometimes you gotta close eye for delivery fee ooo if you really want the item.
    Nice post all in all ? ? ?

    1. Yass girl GIFs are so allowed. That would absolutely suck if both videos and GIFs weren’t allowed, because life is just nicer with GIFs. I was happy the day I discovered it! I know of both those thrift stores, yet to patronise haha! The delivery fee thing eh, may God help us. Sha, I’ve realised it’s not everything you need to be killing yourself over delivery for! There are ways!

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