Camera Phone or DSLR?

Camera phone or dslr is a major question I’ve been trying to conquer lately.

I’m writing this post with the hopes that by the end of this year I’ll be able to have my phone upgraded, or instead get a camera. While I’m still wondering what camera I’ll end up with (I’m wishing for an Olympus Pen E-PL7 or even Fuji Film but the bank account has moths in it. Moths called Aliexpress and financial stagnancy), lately I’ve been wondering whether a camera is worth it after all.

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When I search for info on cameras, I keep getting referred to DSLR cameras. The ones you need lens – in enters the math, I see things like 35mm and 50mm and get a bit scared. I also read that in addition to buying the camera itself, lens are a whole other territory that need to be conquered. It led me to the question: camera phone or dslr?

Firstly, It’s probably best to consider the pros of either of the options:

Pros of a DSLR/Proper Camera

+ It would allow for me to grow my photography skills beyond the normal phone level

+ It opens up a whole new world with different buttons and settings to be mastered and played around with.

+ Clearer, higher quality photos:

I can’t even imagine what something like 20 mega pixels would look like in comparison to 8MP.  This is subjective – you can kill it with a phone BUT have the best camera but take hideous photos. It all depends on you.

There’s no doubt that DSLRs can be expensive, and the expenses don’t end at the purchase. If you want to get some lens, you have to fork over money for that too. Some of them can also be bulky and pretty obvious. This brings me to my next points:

Pros of an iPhone (or any other phone with a good camera)

+ It’s light weight, easily carried around

+ It’s not just a camera, but you can also do a host of other things on it – music, apps for editing and whatnot.

+ The hassle of transferring from memory card to computer and all that process is way less than if you had a camera.

+ The possibilities are endless, you can use an iPhone to blog and vlog if need be – I’ve recorded some videos on my phone, and they’re pretty quality!

So, Camera Phone or DSLR?

For starters, I am a bootleg journalist – found myself in many peculiar, often artsy, often funny situations which would require a camera to capture the moment. Of course, I don’t want to be fumbling around with a camera as it can lead to issues. I like being able to take a photo with stealth of a thousand predators. All I’d need is to lower my screen brightness (totes #journalist material – CNN, where you at?).

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I live in Nigeria, and from one experience I had, I’m a bit reluctant to carry a big-ish camera around.

Jabi Lake Mall, No Cameras

My friend came over to Abuja during Christmas and we went to Jabi Lake Mall for a movie. A security guard saw her DSLR in her bag and told her to keep it in the car. It was so retarded because phones have cameras and we are allowed to take our phones with us. What could possibly be the difference? I even recall some creatives expressing annoyance over harassment due to this camera issue.

There is no doubt that iPhone cameras are quality, and I can testify to that. I’m dreaming of a 128 or 256GB iPhone 6 or 7 – oh, the things I would do! I’d download editing apps out there, create loads of content, take even more photos and use the camera so well. I only consider three things when buying a phone – camera, music and battery life. Space is also a very important factor. 

The best case scenario would be to get both a phone and a camera, but that’s wishful thinking at this point. Oh well! Basically, it all comes down to what is more efficient, and suited to my environment – what do you think? iPhone/camera phone or DSLR?


10 thoughts on “Camera Phone or DSLR?”

  1. Homestly at the end of the day I’d choose a camera and a bulky one too for various reasons. 1. It’s easier to get good quality shots when you get the photography basics, you also don’t have to really stress about editing and stuff. 2. In Nigeria here it’s a great conversation starter esepcially at events. Plus people tend to take you more seriously with it and trust you esepcially if you are making a living off photography. Don’t mind Nigerian Businesses, just focus on places that allow camera pictures, no stress really. But if you can have both, a good phone comes in handy for Insta stories, impromptu stuff and quick posts. Overall as a blogger, I always wished that I had gotten a DSLR right from the start because it has been a game changer so far.

    Princess Audu

    1. Hey Sarah! Nice of you to drop by, especially being queen of DSLR lol. Chai, my brows furrowed a bit upon seeing ‘bulky’ because lord knows I don’t like load even if I overpack a lot. You’re right about the cameras being conversation starters, and the good shots when you get the basics covered. I definitely want to do both, can’t just pick one – I trust that I’ll be able to save up and get all I need! Thanks for the helpful comment!

  2. Tough one. I know your phone needs an upgrade and given all the points you raised in your post I was about to say get an iPhone until I scrolled down and saw Sarah’s comment.
    It makes much more sense to get a camera given that you are a photographer.

    So DSLR it is for me.

    1. Lol honestly the best option is BOTH! I already have a camera which I can manage while working towards an iPhone, so I think I’ll focus on the iPhone then look at upgrading the camera I currently have – that way, I’m winning on both ends. I still have loads of equipment I need, though! Yeah, the photographer thing made me buy Hugo in the first place – I felt a bit uncomfortable showing up to a client appointment with an iPhone, even though iPhones are not entirely terrible.

      Thanks for dropping by, Gift!

  3. Hey Amaka
    I think getting an iPhone over A camera is preferable. But then Princess Audu and gift are definitely right, because of your photography and studio, a camera will definitely take you places and people will take you seriously. Upgrading your phone won’t be all that bad, . Plus iPhone cam absolutely transform pictures with the right editing apps too.

  4. Everyone in this comment section knows a bit more about cameras than I do. But I can suggest a mirrorless camera that has a full frame sensor. So it is very comparable to the DSLRs and it doesn’t have the bulk. You can get one that has the option of interchangeable lenses so that you can expand your photography.
    An iPhone upgrade is great but I’ll still pick a camera.

  5. I am not much of a Camera person. All my life except when I collaborate with other bloggers, I have always used an Iphone to take my pictures. maybe I got so accustomed to it, I can’t see any other reason to get a camera. But i am really considering it going by these comments.

  6. Hey! New fan over here, LOVE your work.
    What do you shoot with now?
    I saw the Fujifilm comment and I knew we were on the same wavelength.
    So I bought an xt2 at the beginning of the year, sold it and I’m buying an xt3 next (better for video).
    However, in the interim, I shoot everything with a Pixel 3. I know you’d love it.
    So yeah, for me right now it’s phone over everything, but come Christmastime, that’s going to change 🙂
    Rock on!

    1. Heyyy! Welcome on board to the love-train lol. I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ-18 and I want to upgrade – the camera isn’t bad, I just want higher megapixels. I wish you good luck in upgrading, and wish I could be in your shoes! Unfortunately, it looks like my money has gone towards clothes and food more than anything lol. I did get an iPhone 6s recently though – going to see what i can make out of what i have

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