Can Life Be Search Engine Optimised?

I finish writing the post. I’ve poured all my heart and emotion into it. Of course, I’ve done the basic stuff like checked for spelling mistakes and linked to my other posts. Yet, the question hovers above. The Yoast Plugin shows a dull, dead grey, challenging me to turn it green. I’m perplexed. Confused. I’m a bad blogger.

The Catalyst

I remember in my July monthly recap, I was told that my slug i.e. ‘death and gospel concerts‘ was basically a bad choice, and to use something that would basically enable more people to find my blog, leveraging on the fact that I had gone to a Tim Godfrey & Travis Greene concert.

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While I appreciated the advice, it made me stressed. For God sake, I’m talking about my life! I’m talking about the fact that someone died in my church and it impacted on me, about how I attended my very first gospel concert. I don’t want to have to think about those technical things, I just want to express myself and share my experience.

That’s what I initially created a blog for.

My Blog Background

For so long, I’ve always had these thoughts running through my mind. Coupled with a love for writing, I wanted a platform on which to hone my skills while also documenting my life. That was what brought Mind of Amaka about. Surely, I started, and quickly I got into a nice routine. I was sharing and people were actually reading.

Suddenly, things got a bit more technical. I found myself grappling with a previously non-existent need to place myself in a niche, to do things a certain way, to rank, to search engine optimise.

Are Keywords Killing My Blog?

Now, I know some SEO-expert may probably be out there rolling their eyes at this post, but I just need to get my thoughts out there. I don’t think you need a keyword for every blog post, or that every blog post must be search engine optimised, per say. I feel like sometimes, you just want to talk. You just want to pour out your mind and heart, and the topic you’re sharing, no keyword can really cover that. Not to mention once you have a keyword you have to sprinkle it all around.

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Another thing I feel – and It’s probably a misunderstanding on my part – is that whenever you have an experience, you have to talk about ways to overcome it. Let’s say I get into an abusive relationship (God forbid), I feel If I come out of that relationship and want to share my experience, I have write it as ‘How to Leave an Abusive Relationship’ i.e. a guide with numbered advice, as opposed to ‘My Abusive Relationship Experience’. What if I just want to talk on my experience? What If I haven’t really overcome yet? Must I dish out advice like a pro?

I don’t know if anyone understands what I mean..It’s not like I feel this way all the time, but this feeling does come up. I think maybe I’m misunderstanding something. Still, at least I’ve let it off my chest now.

I love reading blogs based on the lives of people - I want to know how you felt when that relationship you thought would end at the isle ended, when you failed that exam, when you had that argument, when someone said something hurtful to you... Click To Tweet

Finding Balance

There are many blogs which have awesome SEO – I guess those are the ones I stumble upon whenever I have a problem I need Google to solve. However, my favourite blogs are blogs where people just write, and write unapologetically. I noticed this recently visiting some cool blogs – Gist Dot Com, I Am Pase, Journey Down the Isle, Temitoria, Laju Iren – amongst others!

Sometimes, I'm just going to let myself write. Click To Tweet

I love reading blogs based on the lives of people – I want to know how you felt when that relationship you thought would end at the isle ended, when you failed that exam, when you had that argument, when someone said something hurtful to you. Basically, I guess you could say I like reading online diaries.

While I’m not ruling out all the SEO stuff completely – It’s important for a blog – there are basic things I’ll do in posts about my life, like linking to my previous posts and similar posts written by others, ensuring readability, sharing, etc. – sometimes, I’m just going to let myself write. Rants don’t always need keywords – they’re just rants. Of course, there are times you’ll need to write a really helpful, information filled post to help citizens of the internet – but there are people who enjoy having a look into your life.

6 thoughts on “Can Life Be Search Engine Optimised?”

  1. Amaka you are not alone on this. When I first started blogging, I would combine my opinionated thoughts into my fashion posts and this was great for engagement with readers but not SEO. Over time though, I started doing less of those popular posts and more SEO friendly ones. At times it can be quite stressful and as you said I just want to rant without thinking about those things and thus came my Sarah Speaks segment. IT’s still quite annoying at times but at the end of the day it’s all about balance I guess and sometimes we just need to choose to write and forget all the other techy stuff because for most of us that is why we started blogging. Thanks for the linkup to Esther’s post, it’s very insightful.
    Princess Audu

  2. “I don’t know if anyone understands what I mean”

    I perfectly understand what you mean. So, I have worked with people who have raised this over and over. Quite fortunately, I have myself. It is therefore very easy to relate to.

    What I usually advise for people who are looking to be on Google’s side while they write out their heart’s content freely is to have cornerstone content. You might read more on it. Because in reality, if we become so robotic that we cannot connect with our blog readers, it is basically pointless!

    I would in essence write out my heart, and then apply some workable SEO. I could teach you how to do that even when you still want to write out what you want. Now, this is even if you are up for it because we sometimes just want to write, express and leave the technicality overall.

    Thank you for mentioning me on your blog too. That means a lot to me. Don’t stop writing 😘😘😘

  3. I think this is one of the best posts I’ve read from your blog in a while and I totally understand and relate to it. While I get that there are people who figured out what they want for/from their blog from the origin and so they do not lose touch of those niche and whatever, people like me started my blog because I wanted to figure myself out somehow and document my growth both physical, social, spiritual, mental et all to help some other person out there who feels stuck. I want people to relate with the things I feel so I don’t get to sound like a robot and just have pretty pictures all over the place.

    I’m actually happy you wrote on this as I could see the pressure to get a niche and all has been on you for a while and yes, even though you might act like those things don’t bother you, I’m actually sure it does and you want to do something about it. I want to remind you that I followed your blog because I found one young girl who has a lovely way with words who knows how to combine real life situations with humour as well as one who gives a different view on topics we seem to have a different idea about e.g the boborisky story and that maybe the same story for most people.

    I’m not really one that takes SEO and stuff into consideration (maybe cos I don’t have a domain yet to be bugged by analytics and all) but I think all you need do is to calm down. The import of the SEO is to bring readers to your site and so I think its totally useless if this readers are brought to read a roboticized (lol) regular pattern of speech and writing.

    Like you would say, ” We’re all amebos at heart to a degree”. This is the reason I’ll keep visiting Sade’s blog and that of Grace Alex to keep up no matter how long I’ve been away. I love reading from people who make you feel like they are actually people like you, that they do not have any extra superpower attached to their life and that’s really cool because it makes me have this comfortable feeling when I’m over at that person’s blog and not the feeling of envy that tends to bug me most times when I visit some others. I just wanna remind you again in case you’ve forgotten but whenever I think of people who are born to blog, you are one of the people that come to my mind. Stay cool and don’t freeze!! (Lmao)

  4. There is nothing conventional about my blog. And if I try to make it fit into something it’s not, it would lose its essence. So for now, SEO is not something I worry about, ever. Even when I go self hosted, I’m not sure these rules will apply, except if I introduce categories that would require that sha.

  5. SEO stresses me out. I kid you not. I’ve stopped thinking about it. I find it important to just do what I love and love what I do.

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