My Current Makeup Faves (Budget Friendly)

When you’re a beginner, I believe that you should stay away from expensive stuff. This is unless you have the financial capacity to go all out and start off bomb. While I like starting off things well (with all the best things in the game), makeup has been a different story. Unlike blogging, where I was happy-ish to buy a hosting/a domain, as well as flat-lay props, makeup is so easy to get drowned in.

I’m a babe on a budget (and recently converted smart money woman, though some of my purchasing has been shady). Though I do have a growing, strong love for the mysteries behind the beat face, I’m trying not to go overboard. I’m also an absolute cheapskate, so there are some items I just cannot see myself buying right now. With that, I’ve tried to find some very budget friendly items to practice the art of makeup with, waiting for the day I ‘land’ or ‘blow’. 

I’ve realised that the term ‘budget’ friendly’ may not apply to all budget types. There’s cheapskate budget friendly, student budget friendly, minimum wage budget friendly, working class budget friendly, middle class, etc. The list goes on. These products are cheapskate budget friendly, while also doing quite a good job. They’ve served me well.

L.A. Pride 2-in-1 Foundation

Since a foundation is the ultimate base upon which all makeup stands, it’s pretty important to have something loyal. I bought this at a whopping price of N1200 thereabouts, and though I’ve shaded it here, I’ve come to realise that I appreciate it. It’s of a thick consistency (I guess this is because it’s supposed to be a ‘2-in-1’). Coming in a bottle with a tube for squeezing out product, it’s hard to waste because you squeeze out what you need. A little actually goes a long way. 

I complained that it doesn’t keep oil at bay for long, but for N1200 it does a pretty good job to be honest. When you do the proper makeup steps – primer, powder-before-foundation and/or putting finishing powder at the end, it lasts quite a bit, dare I say 3-5 hours before you need to start blotting. I don’t like that it transfers, but you get what you pay for. Stay away from too close hugs with people wearing white shirts.



I think until I get another brush set I’ll rave about these. However, I don’t see that happening for a while. It’s so easy to lose control and end up buying so many things which all have the same purpose. Right now, I aim for brushes and sponges. These are perfect for a beginner or just anyone who wants to beat their face efficiently.

Each brush serves a purpose, helping you get your makeup done from eyes to lips even. My only issue was that one of the brushes in this set was so stiff, I had to throw it away. Apart from that, you basically have a whole kit in this set. The bamboo is nice on the eyes (#fortheaesthetic). The foundation brushes are amazing, I especially love the thickest one because it blends so well. Interested? You can get one for yourself or a friend hereI linked to the person I bought from, but now they have a shipping charge in place, just a heads up. Shop Now Here.


Though I feel like I’ve talked about these a thousand times, I really am happy with this purchase. I always stare in amazement for a few seconds at the beautiful packaging while opening it. My favourite shade is ‘salted caramel’ as it’s nice for my lighter skin tone.

beauty glazed, beauty glazed highlighter, beauty glazed aliexpress, aliexpress makeup

The other ones are also nice, but shouldn’t be applied too generously. It’ll be ages before I hit bottom pan on this product because I’m more of a ‘light glow’ person (plus my skin is already oily), but I’m excited for the journey ahead.  

beauty glazed aliexpress, aliexpress makeup, aliexpress makeup brands, beauty glazed highlighter, mind of amaka

The verdict? Definitely worth the buy. I bought it at N1000 here.

USHAS Bronzer

I ‘borrowed’ this from my mums makeup bag, and I honestly love it. I don’t think I’ll be returning it soon. Though it made me confused as to why some products are ‘highlighters’ and others ‘bronzers’ when they’re both shimmery, I love the colour of it. It’s quite similar to ‘salted caramel’ but a tad darker. It applies beautifully, makes me feel popping – what’s there not to love? Clearly, I’m not the only one with an eye for this bronzer, as it’s been reviewed here, here and here. It’s very affordable, and though I didn’t buy it myself, from what I gather it’s just under N800. If you can’t be bothered going to local beauty shops, you can order it here.


Fun fact, did you know on the side of the package of this item, there’s some kind of holographic image of a lady which changes into a lady wearing ‘gele’ when the box is tilted? If you have this product, check it out! One question that always comes to my mind is whether Classic is a Nigerian or U.S. brand? I mean.. I haven’t really heard of it much outside Nigeria. Maybe they slapped ‘USA’ to give international flavouring, who knows.

mind of amaka, classic makeup USA, classic makeup powder, nigerian beauty brands, beginner beauty nigeria
This is a photo of my powder that fell on the ground and smashed to pieces. It’s deep because it reminds us how physical beauty is fleeting. Lol jokes, but I did find it pretty. Was going to use it as a cover or something. Higher levels in 2018 and beyond!

Either way, this has been the real MVP for days where I couldn’t be bothered with the likes of liquid foundation and the whole she-bang (basically 75% of 2017). I loved the convenience of it, how I could slap on the powder on my face and it made me look put-together.

With this powder you can be efficient, and if you’re me, your makeup time is cut to about 5-7 minutes – powder, vaseline or lip gloss on the lips. Out the door. It won’t cover all your hyper pigmentation and other annoying facial tenants, but it does make your face appear smoother. Trust me, I needed that. Looking for a nice face powder? Get yourself this baby! I use it in the shade Medium.

There’s so many different products promising different things. Not only that, these products come in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Next thing you know, you have like 10 of the same item in different forms. If there’s anyone with a minimalist makeup collection, do tell me in the comments!


Though a new comer, this pretty small eyeshadow palette from MEIS on Aliexpress has been making a home in my heart. Highly pigmented, and the price? It’ll shock you. $1, babes (about N350-ish) It’s now $1.49 but still awesome for budget beauty. Cheapskates, get on it! Click here to look at the product and it’s reviews.

Either way, these are still my MVP’s, and have been for the most part of this year. Some have been here since January 1, 2017 and the others came shortly after. Hope you’ve found something you liked, and even if not, tell me your beauty favourites! Comment below, or make it a whole post! I’m all for giving content ideas, people.

5 thoughts on “My Current Makeup Faves (Budget Friendly)”

  1. Hey Amaka…
    Funny thing.. I had already prepared all post like this and it’s coming up soon. I enjoyed your review cos I was also looking for reviews on affordable makeup products..

  2. Beautiful collection. I’m currently using L.A pride foundation. i think it is too oily for my skin. But I know someone else who thinks it is great. I think it all depends on your skin. Meanwhile, I’m really just loving shopping at aliexpress just cos of you.

    1. Ah yes the foundation is quite oily but I manage it with baby powder and rose water. It’s the price that keeps me coming back, but as the account leads I’d like to try others – ZARON, Hegai and Esther, Maybelline etc. But the thought of releasing 5k just like that, kai! I’m glad you’re thinking of Aliexpress!

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