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DIY: How to Revive a Trifling Bag

Metallic paint spray is one discovery I won’t be forgetting in a flash! Do you have a bag with a metal handle or any metal part? Has the metal handle of your bag started fading/looking like the greatest struggle? Well, I had the same problem, and in this post, I’ll be spilling all the tea on how I solved it. Right now, I’m side-eying my bag, but it looks way better than it was before.

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Bag Gist

I got this bag from the Shop Trendelo Trade Fair (which I talked about here). You can also read my full haul post to see what else I got. It was N3000 and I bought it while the evening had begun to set in, so visibility wasn’t exactly 100% I was quite sad when I realised the leather wasn’t as brown as I thought, but there’s no turning back now. It’s still a cute bag with two sides to it – the patterned side and the plain side.

I also bought the bag because small bags are trending currently (as much as I like to pretend I’m a rebel, I shamelessly follow trends when I have seen enough people following them). The main attraction for me wasn’t just the bag, but the handle.

I’m obsessed with bags with round/circular handles. I feel they give off such a strong vibe of ‘don’t mess with me’ and everyone who wears such a bag automatically looks like the ultimate #girlboss. Thus, I was a bit disappointed with the ugly colour of the handle for this bag – it’s meant to be the main attraction! It was an ugly gunmetal-greyish colour which didn’t flow at all. 

I visited the Ebeano Supermarket closest to me (in Lokogoma, for those who stay in Abuja) and was pleased to discover they had sprays (also inspired by Staples and Style & Dimma Umeh. Torn between silver and gold, I settled for gold spray in the hopes of carrying out a still-life photography project sometime soon. Little did I know I’d end up using it for my bag too. I got a Metallic Paint by the brand Supa-Coat. Here’s how I revamped my bag!

Craft Ingredients

Metallic Spray Paint

1 Trifling Bag

Old Newspapers


I had beef with the detachable round handle and the detachable long strap for the bag. This bag must have been waiting quite a while for an owner, even the vendor said so.


After identifying the areas giving me headache, I started the slow process of detaching. I liked that the ring handle was not completely sealed and thus I could remove it, making this process way easier.


The next step is to get to somewhere you can spray freely. I used some old newspapers and layered them up to create a small space, then laid the metal rings on them in order to begin the real work. When spraying, angle the spray just above the item to be sprayed (about 30cm, but who is measuring?)

diy faded metal, how to fix faded gold, faded gold bag handle, diy bag, nigerian blogger, nigerian lifestyle blog

As I sprayed, I realised that bits were flying around with the wind, unfortunately dropping on a pink cardboard I kept lying carelessly about. These bits later dried though.

So yes, if you want a tear-free experience, just practice safe spraying, alright?


The instructions on the can say it should start to dry after 30 minutes, but mine dried so quickly because I didn’t exactly drown the metal in the paint. There’s also the humidity going on right now. Woo-hoo to the heat.


After checking that both sides were dry (touched the metal and nothing stained my hands) I carefully re-attached the metal to my bag, ready to face the world one trend at a time.


diy faded metal, how to fix faded gold, faded gold bag handle, diy bag, nigerian blogger, nigerian lifestyle blog


Supa-Coat Metallic Paint Spray Review

Though the handles look way better than before, I wasn’t that impressed with the product. I know that gold is gold and no imitation can come close, yet the spray could’ve been better. I should’ve read the back of the can properly initially, because on the back it says that the colour of the cap is the colour you’re going to get – they were very correct.

That being said, it wasn’t all bad. I liked that it dried fast, and hope that the finish lasts because according to the spray it’s a permanent spray. I’d rate it 6.5/10. I’m still hoping to discover rose gold spray, and perhaps even buying silver next time! I got this bottle for N1090 at Ebeano Supermarket, Lokogoma, Abuja.

You’re probably used to my pink backgrounds, but due to the poor lighting and my eagerness to try something different, I opted for this gorgeous dark blue, and I don’t regret it! It’s fluorescent cardboard and I got it from Ebeano Supermarket for N450 – the price is quite high for paper, but then it’s not as light as regular N50 cardboard and looks like a professional backdrop – I only wish it came in human size. Until next time!

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