How Fake Foundation Taught Me to Speak Up

It was a bright and sunny afternoon and I skipped off to the market, following a fruitful visit to the bookshop to get my law books. I was happy, clutching the N1500 in my hand, imagining the beat face I would be able to achieve when I purchased this certain product. Though I had a negative experience in the past with this product, I was determined to make amends.

I decided not to go to my usual place, but to try a new place instead. It wasn’t entirely new – I’d visited the shop before and told the owner I’d come back one day to actually buy something. As my eyes scoured the green coloured shop, they fell upon the treasured item – the Classic Liquid Foundation.

Magestically riding to the market to get my foundation – this keke interior was nice though!

It came in a small tube, enclosed in a black box. A few minutes and -N1500 later, I had my foundation. The future looked bright, I could already envision the nice photos I would have. I was ready to say goodbye to the dodgy ‘medium’ foundation I always bought which made me look orange especially when I applied powder on top. I was ready to watch an array of YouTube videos in order to get tips for perfecting my look. I was ready to repent from some makeup sins, ready to say goodbye to foundations that would make my face look like somewhere you could fry plantain on. I couldn’t wait to apply the foundation, which would match my skin tone perfectly.

Happily, I got on an okada (motorcycle) and went on my way home. Stumbling into the house, I felt light and positive. I sat on my bed and brought out the foundation, slathering a tiny dollop on my face. It looked great. Something in me, however, prompted me to bring out the almost-discarded packaging from the last time I bought this same product. I placed the boxes against each other, and it all went downhill from there.

classic liquid foundation

classic matifying liquid foundation

The box from last time had distinct features, the most obvious being that the drawing of the foundation was blue-black in colour, with a little shine on the edges. The drawing on the box from the product I just bought was simply black. Panic and anger arose in me as I noticed other things – the different font sizes, spacing and placement.

Dazed, I quickly scratched the box to get the pin used to verify products. I awaited nervously as I sent the code to the number, only to have my heart fall to the bottom of my stomach when I got the response. It was fake. I felt betrayed. I felt like all my hopes had been dashed. And most of all, I felt like I would not get my money back.

I’m quite a timid person and I hate confrontation. I tend to shy away from conflict, though this doesn’t always work for me. I have been put in situations where I was disadvantaged but refused to speak up. I thought today would be the same, but I was wrong.

Devastated, I typed in several texts to my friend, telling her how mad I was that I lost N1500 like that. She said I should go and collect my money, and for some reason this gave me the momentum to get up and go. I was in such a hurry that I forgot my wallet, not remembering until I was half way to the market. After going back to retrieve my wallet, I landed. The confrontation could’ve gone two ways:

  • I walk in all angry, throw a couple of chairs and tables around and scream like a mad person. Curse the shop and say it should burn to the ground, then demand my money.
  • Walk in calmly and explain what happened.

Of course, the first one isn’t really me and so I walked in calmly, explaining to her what happened. I thought she would be doubtful, I thought she would yell and challenge me, shout at me to get out, shout at me that I had lied and swapped the packaging (considering it was her neighbour who had sold it to me in her absence).

However, she simply calmly listened to me and saw the text message I had been sent which stated the foundation was fake. She started scratching her other Classic products and sending the codes to the number, then gave me back my money in the end. It made me happy that I was able to get my money back without causing a scene.

I went to my normal shop to buy the product again, and the product was watery. It was literally like someone had poured water into a tube and slapped the name “foundation” on it. My friend walked me back to the shop and in the end; I was able to get a bottled foundation instead. It was usually N2000 but since I’d had such a bad experience I was able to get it for N1, 500. After this much trouble, I will make sure this foundation lasts a LONG time (until it reaches the expiry period, of course).

My new love, a steal at N1500 and a bargain for all my troubles.

Anyway, from my experience today, I learnt a few things:

  • Stay away from Classic liquid foundation that comes in the black tube, especially in that market (Not all will be like the ones I experienced, but I’m not playing myself anymore. 3 times is enough please)
  • Rather than buy something because its cheap, sometimes you need to save up to get the quality product. Sometimes though the cheap one can do just fine, but when you need to save, you need to save.
  • Don’t let yourself get cheated – try your best to speak up. There are some situations that will make you have to let go and let God, but there are also situations where you must speak up. Fight for yourself, you don’t deserve to be treated like crap or to be cheated. I really need to incorporate this into my daily life, because I’m so shy and so quiet.
  • Stay Calm – If I’d stormed in angrily, I’d probably have embarrassed myself instead of embarrassing the shop owner. Try and dissect the situation with a clear mind, don’t let anger cloud your emotions otherwise you might regret it. I’m sure she didn’t know it was fake, because while the scratch codes are helpful to verify, you scratch the products after buying the product and this can be very problematic. If she did know, however, then I hope she learned her lesson. I thank God I had the other box of the original product with me!
  • Buy safe – always look well at what you’re buying before letting go of your money. As a slightly broke person, N1500 really hurt me today so of course I was mad! This applies to everything especially second hand clothes – there are some things that can be fixed e.g. broken zip, but things like rips etc. must be checked for. I keep playing myself in this area, and I have resolved to buy safe in order to save myself from unnecessary heartache and frustration! It’s not every time you buy something from a place so close to your house that you can walk back in case any problem arises.

Now that I’ve learnt these lessons, let’s hope this foundation actually works for me and I can make a happy post about it soon!


25 thoughts on “How Fake Foundation Taught Me to Speak Up”

    1. Amen ooo! I can’t shout again, this foundation must favour me IJN ? Good bye to oily & grey, hello slay!

      Thank you for wishing the best for me!

  1. Lol! This was such a funny read!
    I’ve never had a “fake” experience with all the Classic products I buy because the supermarket I buy mine always has the original, it’s like they supply them directly from Classic’s store at Tradefair.
    I hope you enjoy this concealing foundation too, which shade did you get it in?

    Bookie Kunlere

    1. Haha be very careful o! Those scratch codes on the packages are actually useful.. who knew lol.. but most would just disregard them out of blind faith!

  2. Lol the part of you giving the two actions you could take made me smile. We are so much alike with confrontations, But I think living in Lagos has helped me alot.
    I really hate buying fake makeup so I either buy from the brand shop or a trusted seller I’ve bought from before.

    1. Haha Lagos surely would make one sit up really fast! I have definitely learnt to stick to one person when buying stuff, to avoid stories that touch! I always seem to have the worst luck when I deviate from the people I normally patronise lol

  3. It’s hard to fine original products these days one has to be extra careful. I have such fake product experience with an eye-shadow product. So now I pray for original products before I go to buy my makeup??

  4. My worst experience with fake products was when I was still new to the whole make up thing, I wish someone would’ve warned me off some aliexpress vendors lol, I bought an eyeshadow palette with 0 pigmentation and stiff makeup brushed ??? I’ll never get over it lol.

  5. Awww! Amaka! Sorry ehn! I rarely use foundation tho but I have learnt few lessons from this post. I pray I won’t make any mistake while trying to purchase my own foundation too. Thank you!

  6. Biko me I just stay away from classic products in general.. I don’t trust it at all, like is it a made in Nigeria product? Is it a foreign product? I cnt tell! So I kinda have a thing with classic products o, I just assumed it’s a dupe. This is the first time I’m hearing about it having Fake and original o! But I’m glad you returned it sha, would have definitely done the same if that happened to me.

    1. Lol I tell you! You can’t even find any official info on the thing! It must be made in Nigeria or something. I’m also glad I returned it, but I messed up by exchanging it for yet another Classic Foundation because that one disappointed me too!

  7. Sorry about your bad experience. I am glad you realised the foundation was fake early and you were able to get a refund.
    I recently went to an Anti-Counterfeiting Roundtable for work as part of the Intellectual property team. Counterfeiting is a big problem all over the world. I try to buy make up from the actual brand owner where possible. I have very sensitive skin so I am very particular about what I use which sometimes means I have to buy more expensive make up but since I use make up like once a week, my make up tends to last ages which evens it out I like to think.


    1. Counterfeiting is definitely a big problem all over the world! We just have to really be careful and try not to compromise when it comes to quality, otherwise we may get more than we bargained for. I also sparingly use makeup, but at the same time I want to have a good foundation so I know when its time to shine something is there for me

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