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Blogging Photography

FLATLAYS101: Blog Photography Props

Welcome again to FLATLAYS101!

So, in the last post, we were talking backgrounds for photos. Some backgrounds mentioned included either flat backgrounds e.g. cardboard, or textured backgrounds such as wool, wood, etc. Today, we shall talk about taking things to the next level, as sometimes a background alone is not enough.


Blog Photo Props

So, now, you have a nice background all snatched up. Perhaps its the plain colour cardboard, and you’re tired of the same look. Perhaps you want to beef things up! Well, look no further! Here are some awesome things you can use, as well as links to where I got mine.

DISCLAIMER: The prices are subject to change. The Naira prices are also estimates, based on the current conversion rate at the time the blog post was written. Some of the links are also affiliate links, meaning when you purchase using that link, I earn a certain percentage in commission. This doesn’t change the price in any way, but is a great way to support the blog.

Monstera Leaves/Tropical Leaves

Oh yes, I’m sure we’ve all seen these gorgeous leaves sprinkled all over Pinterest. I’m not even sure Monstera plants grow in Nigeria, nor am I planning to buy one. It would die real quick. It hit me one day that I could use plastic ones. I mean, why not?

It saves money, and I don’t have to worry about it dying off. I personally like the tropical aesthetic, and my eyes love seeing flatlays with a bit of green thrown in. I’m just like that. I have 2 types in my collection currently – 1 palm, and monstera leaves.

The only downside is that some clearly look artificial, but I don’t mind! 

white lace bralette, white lace bralette pinterest, lace bralette pinterest

Plastic Palm – $1 (about N300 – N380) – Buy Here

I got the plastic palm on Aliexpress. It took quite a while to come, but I’m recommending this person to you, because I bought from them. The palm is alright, but you need to flatten it a bit, otherwise it pops up. I got just one, because I was lusting after the monstera.


Monstera Leaves – $1.21 / N450 – Buy Here

I couldn’t link you to the person I bought these from. When I bought them, they were 90 cents, and free shipping. Now, the seller is acting brand new and putting a $3 shipping cost! I linked you to what I hope is a better alternative. The leaves are gorgeous though! I am so glad I bought 2 when I had the chance.

They’re quite big, and make a lot of sense. They’re also dark green in colour, and this looks nice, especially when you put filters on a photo. However, don’t expect something that looks absolutely real! When the package arrives, they bend the ‘stalk’ so it can fit into the bag. You’ll have to open it up. Also, try and flatten the leaves so the corners don’t turn up.


I also have some smaller monstera leaves. They’re lighter green, and they came in a pack of 5. I honestly love the deal, because they’re not that much smaller than the first 2, and you’re paying a great price for 5!


5 Pack Monstera – $1.09/N388 – Buy Here

Rose Petals/Flower Props


Now, I’m sure some of us would like to be like the bloggers we see on Pinterest, sprinkling fresh rose petals or other flower species over their awesome flat lays. Clearly, that is an expensive habit, and I also find it a tad wasteful. How long do real rose petals last? Well, I decided to go with artificial ones and try them out. I got rose petals in the colours red, pink, and blue. They were on sale, so I got them for about N66 each. Each pack has 100 petals.  


However, I haven’t really used the petals until the above photos. I’m sure you could be more creative with them. Instead, I also ordered some dried rose petals. I feel they look even better! It’s all up to you. In fact, now I think of it, why not use zobo leaves (dried hibiscus flowers)? Looks about the same! I can just imagine the person who sells them to you thinking you just want to use it for a drink, little do they know… you’re a blogger.

Below is a photo of the dried rose petals in action:


I also have some individual small roses, and 3 bigger ones with stalks. There are more realistic ones on Aliexpress, but the price would increase, of course. You can get other flower types, tulips, sunflowers, hydrangeas, etc! Just look around.

Rose Petals (Pack of 100 petals) – $0.25 – $0.50/N90 – N180 – Buy Here

Rose with Stalk – $0.20/N75 – Buy Here

Small Roses (Pack of 10) – $0.32/N115 – Buy Here



Pom Poms & Pearls

Where you don’t want to go for plants, you can use craft items such as pom poms, pearls, beads, etc. It all depends on the look you’re going for. There are no set rules for flatlays, only individual standards and preferences. Knock yourself out!


Pom Poms – $1.50/N540 – Buy Here


Black Pearls – $0.92/N330 – Buy Here

Note that you should pay attention to the sizes. There’s different sizes of pearls and pom poms, all to enable you achieve the look you want.

BONUS TIP: How could I forget to mention makeup? Makeup items such as lipsticks, are always a nice touch to flat lays.

white lace bralette pink background with palm

This depends on the theme of the flatlay though! Whether it’s lipstick or brushes, incorporate makeup into your flatlays today!

I actually love flat lays. I never thought I’d get into such an activity. With the blogging terrain, you have to be creative, in order to draw people in! I think I’m achieving this quite well, but of course, I have a long way to go. I can’t wait to see what my flat lays will look like in a year or two.

Acknowledgements: Thank you for Kene of Kene Kingsley for shedding light on the fact that hibiscus leaves do not stain when dry, meaning they can be a good flat lay upgrade option! This post was requested (aka demanded under duress) by Gift of Gift Collins, and Didi of The Black Beauty. I thank them for giving me the push, and I also know other people would be curious. 

I hope this post has been helpful! In the next post, I’ll be talking on how I take my flat lays and what goes into the process. Stay tuned! In the mean time, you can request some posts related to blogging, and I’ll see if I can do them! Be sure it’s something you know I do frequently and you definitely want to see me teach. 

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    1. I got it from the National Arts and Crafts Centre for N500, I’m sure some people would bargain further. I think you should just find some arts and crafts village in PH, PH is a big place, I’m surprised you haven’t found it yet

  1. This creativity is amazing Amaka and I’m going to try them out! Kisses.
    I still blog at abujagirlsjournal.blogspot.com

  2. Hello. Thanks so much for this post. I checked the links you added and I saw that the Rose petals are $0.50 per piece. Not per pack of 100. I wanted to ask if that’s what you meant.

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