How to Blog Consistently

Wondering how to blog consistently? The last time I wrote a post and published it on the very same day, I think It was around my first or second month of blogging. After that, I quickly switched things up, and I can honestly say that I have a system which has worked wonders for me. This system has me sitting in public transport on my commute home, only to get home and realise that a post has been published.

The other day, a classmate even asked how I still had time for blogging. The truth is, I don’t really. I’m meant to be submerged solely in law sections, but blogging is just such a big part of me!HOW TO SURVIVE AN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT (3)


How to Blog Consistently

I’m sure sometimes (if you’re a frequent reader) you’ve seen posts of mine and gone ‘how does she keep coming up with these ideas?’ or ‘how does she manage to post so frequently?’. Well, the first question will probably be answered in a different post, because frankly my mind is wild. I just get ideas, grabbing them and writing almost immediately. 

The other question, however, has a very simple answer. I schedule my posts ahead of time, and I also batch-write


Batch writing is basically me sitting down in a spot, grabbing whatever post ideas may have come to my head at that moment or during other activities, then starting to draft each post on each idea. I can write like 3 posts in one day, perhaps at different times during the day, or all at once. The thing I like about myself the most, is that I write loooong posts. Now, this is something I’m trying to cut back on, but it really helps because I get all detailed! On the other hand, I can also decide to cut a singular post into two (although I believe this is lazy blogging sometimes – just my view).

Why You Should Batch Write

Batch writing is time consuming, depending on the topics you’re writing about. It’ll be way faster and easier to write something like a rant on a personal topic e.g. the state of your hair, or maybe complaining about something. When you have to research, however, batch writing might become a tad tasking. 

What I promise you though, is that its worth it. Come to think of it, if you’re reading this, and you usually write and post on the same day, how do you do it? I feel like this is the reason why sometimes people get stuck – they put this pressure on themselves to meet a certain deadline e.g. style posts on Mondays, shopping posts on Fridays etc., and find that their minds are blocked a day before their deadline or on the day of their deadline.

Scheduling Posts

Batch writing has done wonders for me, because I can write a post today, and I can schedule it for the next month. Nobody says that posts must be published on the same day. Though sometimes I feel what I’m writing about may not be relevant in the next month, I rarely feel like this. And so, the content continues! 

There’s a difference between having a post schedule, and scheduling posts. As I don’t have a specific blog theme yet, I schedule posts. A post schedule would be like I mentioned above, e.g. inspiration posts on Tuesdays, and style posts on Fridays.

Once I finish writing a post, I simply click schedule. The beauty of scheduling posts in advance, is that on that day I’m writing a particular post, I already have like 3 – 5 posts already scheduled, and so the post I’m writing moves to the next month – leaving enough time for me to return to it, add the necessary photos, edits, and tweaks. This is unless I’m absolutely dying to share. 

One thing that has also really helped me, is the fact that I’ve already mentioned on my About page that I will post about 2-4 times a month. That number can be further divided into once a week, and as you can see, I’ve surpassed that amount every week. 2 – 4 times a month is the barest minimum. By setting such an amount, I’m not under unnecessary pressure to post, and the content keeps flowing freely. 

When I think of posting every single day of the week, or posting up to 3 times a day, I get sick. I don’t know how people even manage to do that! I even shudder a little when I post in the middle of the week, because I usually like posting twice a week – Monday and Friday. I guess that as I grow, this view would be likely to change.

Try It!

So yes, I stay on top of blogging by batch-writing and scheduling. These two things have made my life much easier. The only downsides are that sometimes I nearly keel over from excitement as I count down until a certain post is published.

This was the case with my post How to Survive an Assassination Attempt, as well as others. The benefit is that once it is finally published, my mind can relax and I await the comments! 

Of course, this may not work for everyone due to the different phases of life we’re in, as well as different schedules. If you feel you can do this though, then please do go ahead! I hope I’ve been able to help you figure out how to blog consistently, even in the slightest.

Do you batch write or schedule your posts? What is your system for content?

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6 thoughts on “How to Blog Consistently”

  1. Amaka, thank you for these tips. ICM struggling with the same issues and you’re right, mostly, the only thing i get done is my pictures in batches, as a style blogger this is a thing but scheduling posts and batch writing should definitely work because of my crappy schedule as a student! I’m gonna ask, how do you stay consistent with trends e.g. if your scheduled post talks about a trend that becomes stale before the posting day. Also your tenses in writing? I hope you understand what i mean. Thank you so much for this timely post! I appreciate!

    1. Hey girl, thanks for dropping by! You’re welcome, and I’m glad to hear you believe this method will work. The trends thing is a very important question, so for trends I just have to publish immediately. However, it’s not every trend I want to talk about, so that saves me a lot of sahara I guess, lol. I think trends should be posted almost immediately, you can’t push it to the next month, except it’s still trending. Tenses oo, that’s why it’s good to have lots of time between when you write and when it’s going to be published, so you can keep going back to your drafts to check for errors and all that! Hope I’ve been clear in my explanations, thanks for dropping by!

  2. Bloggers and Content Writers who have a posting schedule and actually stick to it are the REAL MVPs. My “schedule” is to post every weekend mostly Saturdays and Sundays. I also try to alternate my posts by having a style post one week and a lifestyle post the next.
    Since I have to take outfit pictures and occasionally flat lays, edit photos and equally draft written content to back it up it’s quite a ton of work.
    Hence, immediately an idea hits me I draft (more like scribble) some gibberish that will back up the outfits at this point I might not even have the pictures yet. When I do have the pictures, I pick a day to edit them and then another day to create graphics and put it all together. It’s work ooo that’s why 4-5 posts per month are how far I can go for my personal blog.
    P.s – I plan my posts weeks ahead. I already have all my content for February 2018 and planning for March is underway 😀

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