How to Improve Makeup Skills

Perhaps you’ve been bitten by some kind of bug, and have the makeup disease, leading to the question – how to improve makeup skills? Suddenly you can be bothered about how to make that sharp wing, and what shade of lipstick is popping on you. You want to dip your toes into the pool of makeup – some try dipping but end up drowning. Well, welcome aboard! I’ll be your therapist for today. I’ll be sharing some tips on how to improve makeup skills. Read on!

Watch Youtube

Yass, I have a little confession actually. I basically centred this post around the idea of giving my fave YouTubers some clout while rambling about makeup. I really am fascinated with the makeup world of YouTube – dude, these people can get up to 8 million subscribers! How sway?

It’s easy to feel like makeup is all there is to Youtube, but the reality is there are so many niches and interests, it’s a whole other amazing world. My top beauty Youtubers, based on their skill, personality, content quality as well as bomb video editing skills are:

+ Dimma Umeh +

If you know, you know. She’s living in Nigeria, and is so, so classy. Get to watching! I like the quality of her videos and what she speaks about in them. She does nice looks, as well as amazing vlogs. She’s an inspiration, honestly. Find her here

+ Youkeyy +

I just discovered her and she has snatched my wig up to 50000 times with how bomb she looks! I love everything about her, from her on point camera quality, to her plain backgrounds and hairline-snatching eyeshadow looks. I also love when she sings ‘welcome back’ and the fact she’s Nigerian! Please check her out, you’ll definitely take something from her channel.

Find her here

Others include Toni Olaoye, Jackie Aina, Alissa Ashley, Uche Natori, Omabelle etc. Well, the thing is I’m not borderline obsessedlike I don’t make it a thing to watch EVERY SINGLE VIDEO BECAUSE OMG FAVE. However, I do appreciate the occasional video (or five) of these people.

The Fenty Beauty review by Alissa gave me such life, video editing goals, honestly. I really appreciate people who work hard on their videos, because I attempted a video several times and failed miserably. Don’t even get me started on editing. Practice makes perfect though, so fingers crossed that 2018 will be bomb.

By the way, why do you watch Youtube makeup videos (if you do?) I’m past the stage of trying to learn how to do the basics… I occasionally watch ‘how to’ videos, but mostly I just love watching people slather on foundation and concealer. It stirs up something deep within me. I’m weird like that.

My favourite part is when they blend (using either a sponge, brush or those Artis brush dupes) and then when they add that highlight as well as setting powder. I don’t know why, but recently I watched quite a few makeup videos and felt a burning passion stir up in me. I cast and bind, I’m going to try and stick to my teeny budget **says this after having ordered $1000 worth of makeup** Jokes, but Aliexpress will be seeing more of me in 2018 – glitter eyeshadow, anybody? I also really want to try those Artis brush dupes, they look so good! In fact… *adds to cart*.

Practice, Practice, Practice

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Though I rarely do the whole she-bang when it comes to makeup i.e. colour correct, brows with concealer, foundation, concealer, contour, blending, setting etc., I do attribute where I am now to practice. There were weekends I’d say let me just practice a look. I’d go on Youtube, watch the video then repeat the steps, adding my little tweaks as I went. 

I think that has really made me grow in makeup, considering I don’t wear makeup each day (lately I have been, and its been great for my skin because I remember to wash my face at night). I do however know what the standard is, and when I do things right. I know what things are meant to look like, so I can rate myself whenever I attempt a look. I have lots more things to practice, but I like where I am now! That’s right – mascara, eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow, lashes, I’m coming for you in 2018! *Nicki Minaj voice* What’s good?

So yes, practice! Download those little graphics for help too. You know, the ones that give instructions, like the one below:


The Fear of Flash is the Beginning of Wisdom

Oh really, did you think I was some pro who would actually give you professional steps on how to improve makeup skills? Nah b! I’m just like you, perhaps more or less lost.

However, I do know that a key way to get better at makeup is the fear of flash. Oh goodness, you know all those Youtubers that look on point on their videos and Instagram? Lighting is key, as well as editing (some people have so many layers to editing, you’d be scared). I’m sure most look good in real life too, but we learners need to stay woke.

You can’t just do a haphazard job, because sis, FLASH WILL EXPOSE YOU! Girl, I’m so conscious whenever I do makeup because I fear if flash goes off I’ll look like the Queen of the Coast. One of such events was my law dinner in 2016. I got someone to do my makeup, and as we were in the car getting ready to go, my mum took a photo of me with flash and I nearly died from embarrassment. I looked like Morticia Addams, for goodness sake.

I even had the long hair (it was brown though) and black gown on. It was horrifying, and I told myself I knew best when it came to make up for my own face. For the whole night, I was dodging photographers because they were using flash. It was terrible. It didn’t even help that the lighting at the event was that white fluorescent, hospital type lighting. After that evening, I told myself I’d learn more about makeup, and I wouldn’t patronize people for makeup except it’s something I can’t do – eye makeup.

Until this day, I cannot for the life of me fathom what went wrong. How? Why? It hurts me that someone would be exposed on camera like this, and the makeup looks decent if you take away the casket-ready, overly powdery layer. Man, flash is the worst. STAY WOKE! It’s not me in the photo, by the way.


So yeah, next time you want to freestyle that blending (for an event), think again sis because the cameras are waiting! I just want to get to a level where I can feel comfortable to take photos – flash or no flash. Whenever you practice makeup, take a photo with flash (because even the daylight can deceive), that’s how you can tell if you’re improving, tbh.

Alright, so with these 3 steps, I hope I’ve been able to encourage your makeup ministry. Seriously though, the key is to practice as well as watch others. I think It would be childish (and a lie) at this point to say I’m not that into makeup. Come on, I have a collection befitting of a beginner makeup artist, and It’s only going to grow more this year. I’m just scared of waking up one day with 100 brushes, 20 sponges, 5 7 different foundations, 8 different concealers and like 500 eyeshadow palettes. At my core, I still want to keep things simple. Plus, skincare is more of what I need too!

P.S. You better check out Youkeyy. I’m watching you! She is the bomb, okay?!


14 thoughts on “How to Improve Makeup Skills”

  1. lmao girl I understand you. I love Toni olaoye and omabelle’s videos. I recently found a tomiwa rodia she does great too on YouTube. Great post dear

  2. Lovely post, girl!
    I’m definteky going to check Youkey out!! Youtube is my obsession and I watch videos practically everyday and anywhere…it’s like being at home..
    And your tips are right on point!??

    1. Yay please do check her out! Her eye looks are bomb! Her video editing also serves as inspo for a budding Youtuber like you! I’m sure you feel well at home on Youtube, I find myself there more frequently than usual nowadays. Thanks for coming to my hood and dropping a comment!

  3. Hahaha… Killed the writeup as usual. Tbh I watch these videos to see the magical steps and also to learn. Like I didn’t know about skin undertones until I read about it on a beauty blog and then proceeded to watch a million and one YT videos.
    My faves are definitely Ronke Raji, Jackie Aina, Dimma Umeh and Toni Laoye. Will check out this Youkeyy because of you. I also watch other non-Nigerian WOC YouTubers.
    The whole flash thing has gotta to with your blending technique and the products you use. Even these settings powders have shades. Also, editing is involved soooo….
    I’m not certain I’ll be a makeup junkie like you but I’ll definitely love to go beyond the basic eyeliner, powder, mascara and lipstick.

    1. See o, there’s just so many elements to learn as you go. Yay another Youkeyy convert, yes o you better check her! I watch non-Nigerians too, the Sudanese and African Americans. You’re right about the flash, especially the setting powders. Aunty o I don’t think I’m a junkie per se considering I’m a cheapskate, but your own is better because you know how to do eyeliner and mascara. My own is powder or foundation, then Vaseline, lipgloss or lip balm. Simple, but I really like it!

  4. This was so hilarious to read, I discovered Youkeyy from your instagram post one day, and now I am hooked!
    Alissa Ashley is my MOM when it comes to makeup, video edits and photography. She is so dedicated and I love that about her. I do like Jackie, mainly because she has the most amazing vibe. I like Dimma as well. Infact, I love them all!
    You better spend those dolllasss girl, lets not all be looking like Morticia Adams in 2018!

    Ash | theashtreejournal.com

    1. I’m glad you’re hooked to Youkeyy, she should totally pay me. Alissa is bomb, you’re right! Lol give me the ‘dolllasss’ to spend first, I won’t disappoint you at all o!

  5. LMAOOO……..Can’t even do my make up to be the bomb to save my life. I jejely stick with watching @lolaoj. And just keep wowing all the way till the end then create a disaster sometimes. Little by little I keep up.

  6. Haha… Your post is hilarious and interesting at the same time. I watch a lot of this youtubers as well to try and improve my makeup game a little. Hands still shaky especially when it comes to lashes.

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