What Makes a Good Blogger?

If you’re wondering how to improve your blog, this will probably be a slightly helpful post. It won’t provide you with everything, but you’ll definitely get a few pointers and be off to a great start.

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I’ve been in the blogging game for just under a year, and in that period of time I have visited many, many blogs. Some were stumbled upon in my search for academic information, like Djetlawyer, while others were perused in my leisure time. However many blogs I jump on, there are certain blogs I keep going back to. These blogs stay at the back of my mind, and can easily be recommended by me. 

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It would be amazing to have readers who I impact in such a way that they can’t help but remember my URL, spreading the word and giving me clout. We all probably want to get to a level like that. Well, in this post, I’ll be sharing what I feel are the characteristics of a good blogger, in the hopes also that you will get pointers on how to improve your blog, especially in this new year. I’ll also include some of my favourite bloggers as examples.

A Good Blogger is Relatable

A good blogger is relatable! Have you ever read an article which had a point so succinct all you could shout was ‘yassss!’?

An article so good and so relatable, you wondered if the person was your twin/lived with you or had the same parent as you. I think this is why African parent jokes/memes are highly popular, because so many people can relate to having highly dramatic parents.

We form relationships based on similar interests, so if I for example see a blog where the writer is a broke student trying to discover themselves, clearly I’m staying! For example, where a blogger is based abroad, I’ll read now and then but I can’t really connect like I do with Nigerians living in Nigeria, you feel?

You guys are probably sick of my obsession with Ifeoma Amadi of Draped in Basics, yet I will always reference her first. I’m not the only one who loves her. I think she’s really influenced the blogging community in Nigeria, from her humble beginnings to the way she constantly upgrades and keeps on top of things. Ifeoma drew me in because I could relate to certain aspects – I liked thrifting. Though we’re very different people e.g. she collects shoes, sunglasses, bags and statement earrings while I’m more of a ‘i want to throw all my clothes away’ person, I find myself glued to her blog. In no way would I wear 95% of what she wears in her posts, yet, she’s my favourite blogger.

However, relatability isn’t always a major reason readers accumulate on a certain blog, and that is why we have the next points.

A Good Blogger Stays Relevant

Sure, I’m an avid reader of lifestyle blogs, however, there is a need for relevant content. A good blogger stays relevant, and how, if you ask? By creating informative and valuable content! You should be adding to the life of a reader in some way or the other, no matter how small. If you’re a lifestyle blogger, be inspiring!

Don’t just make people feel depressed! This is why I can’t handle some style blogs where the blogger simply makes a post filled with photos and bounces off. What even? If I wanted to look at pretty photos, I’d go on Pinterest. I want to learn! Anyone else out there who likes ‘how to’ posts? Wave your hands! I see you! Whatever your niche is, always keep on top and post relevant content. I made this blog to inspire and entertain, and if I put a smile on the face of my reader, I’m doing a good job!

I can’t relate more than about 40% to many bloggers, however some I really like are Dear Salmah, Omas Garden, The Naija Brides Outlet, The Curly Christian, etc.

A Good Blogger is Consistent

If you call yourself a blogger yet post once a month or so, then I am stripping you of your badge. Well, it all depends on your niche. However, consistency is quite an important factor to the blog life. We all want our things fresh, especially when the content is bomb! I’d hate to be on a blog so good, only to find out the last fresh post was about 8 months ago. It’s one of the worst things ever.

A lot of the bloggers I have gotten into are not really consistent. Most don’t post more than 2 times a month, but yet they still have their hooks inside me.

One blogger whose consistency I appreciate is Gift of Gift Collins. Though she’s slowed down lately, she’s pretty awesome and I dig her content. Though it’s not always relatable, I still find myself reading happily. Of course, you know I’d also recommend Ifeoma, but I’m trying to spread the love around. Another consistent blogger is Ifedayo of A Makeup Junkie’s Blog. She’s simply awesome, and though I don’t have much money not to talk of makeup money, I appreciate her posts.

A Good Blogger Makes Investments

Investments need not be monetary. It can be anything, starting with time. It takes time to write a quality blog post. It takes time to customise your website (especially when you like previewing every theme like me), to create your brand, figure out the colour scheme, what you want your logo to look like. Flatlays take time, photoshoots take time. Sometimes, you even need to go to blogger events just so you can get a little more information. There’s also little things like buying blog props and other blogging materials.

Researching takes time! However, when all these things are done with a specific goal and dedication, the results are absolutely beautiful. Some bloggers you can really tell have invested in their craft include Collins of Something Off My Rack, Vincent of Vincent Desmond, Gift of Gift Collins, Salmah of Dear Salmah…the list goes on!

I’ve already told you Draped in Basics is my fave, but I must point out how much investments you can see she has made into her craft. She goes to events, she researches a lot – it reflects on her feed, her curated Instagram stories, and every single blog post. She is a blogger babe to the core. And no, I don’t write these things to please her or win her heart because it’s not like I’m desperate to meet her in real life. My words stem from a deep feeling of appreciation of ones craft and hard work, and I want to see her do well! 

Some appreciation can go to Collins (Something Off My Rack) also! I love the classy layout of his blog posts. The way he writes screams contemporary magazine vibes, while the filters he places on his photos exude class so strongly it is mind-blowing, without being overwhelming. You’ll just have to visit the blog to see.

The four points above are pretty important, and make a killer blogger when combined together. I think to be a good blogger and improve your blog in 2018, you must stay consistent – check out this post for tips on consistency. Not only that, your content should be as original and ‘you’ as possible, while also creating value of some sort – entertain? inform? It should serve it’s purpose. However, let us not forget that above all, you need to write clearly so readers can understand you. Spelling is key!

I am hoping to combine the above listed factors, and it is my goal that by the end of 2018, my blog will have gone to yet another level. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but I’ll need to put in work! Oh yeah, a good blogger should also network! Join blogging communities especially the ones in your area. If you’re a Nigerian blogger, The Bloggers’ Advocate is the platform for you. Check it out!

9 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Blogger?”

  1. Consistency is one big issue for me, I can post continuously for one month and then just fizzle out for another. It’s like taking one step forward, and ten steps backward. I’m working on it now, I need/want to be a good blogger.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips!!!!!

    1. It’s all about strategy o, just have a set schedule because that whole up and down, hot and cold pattern eventually gets tiring. I hope by the end of this year your blog becomes absolutely popping! Thanks for the read

  2. This is one of the most honest post I’ve ever read. You nailed it, Amaka.

    We seem to share similar taste when it comes to consistency on blog posts. And I’m a huge fan of Gift’s blog.

  3. Mami!!! I appreciate you a lot and you don’t know how much you’ve motivated me to keep going at time’s when I wonder why I’m doing this.
    Thank you so so much, Amaka!
    P.S: The money is on its way…wait for it!❤️

  4. Love the points you mentioned. Definitely necessary if your goal is to improve your blog.
    Thank you for the mention of should I say mentions. I am back to being consistent girl.
    P.s I am just hearing for the first time that my posts are not so reparable. Would appreciate if you give me pointers on why you think so via the Dm. Thank you

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