How To Save Even More With Aliexpress

Did you know there were several ways you could save on Aliexpress? I’m going to break down the top tips, and I hope you’ll be able to get more out of your money.

Aliexpress is no alien territory to me, and it shouldn’t be to you, if you’re an avid reader of my blog. I’ve bought several things which have really helped me especially with my branding & imagery on Aliexpress! That being said, Aliexpress generally is amazing and the prices are usually awesome.

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Important Aliexpress Dates

Aliexpress, like many other online stores, has certain periods which allow you to save on Aliexpress, packed with crazier deals and bargains. Some important months in the Aliexpress calendar are:

March: March is a big time because of Aliexpress celebrates its anniversary, and of course no celebration comes without benefits for Aliexpress users! There’s usually a waiting period in which you can fill your cart with items you’re going to buy, so on the day of the anniversary sale you just click buy and anticipate the products.

November: November on Aliexpress brings even bigger discounts as Aliexpress holds 11/11 Sales and Black Friday Sales! If you’ve missed out in March, November is definitely the time for you, and it’s good too – you get to buy things in case you need some gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. 

Apart from these months, there’s always a sale of some sort happening every month, all you need to do is look. The sales could be in particular categories, clothing & accessories, for example. In addition to that, there are discounts on items every day – you just need to look! With an Aliexpress account, when you add things to your Aliexpress wishlist you get to be notified whenever the price reduces – though reductions may not always be drastic, every penny counts, right?

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Install the Aliexpress Mobile App

The Aliexpress mobile app is another sure way to save on Aliexpress. While prices may already be awesome when you access the website, the app makes life better. For some products, there are certain exclusive prices which you can only get when you use the Aliexpress app to shop.

I especially like the app because of I get to see what the rough estimate cost of the product would be in Naira – making me assess the damage to my account much easier. I still use the website via my laptop most times though – this is because I need to read reviews and look well at the photos attached to those reviews.

Did you know? Signing up for an Aliexpress account gives you access to all sorts of benefits – reward points for making purchases which allow you access to discounts, as well as discounts and deals on your birthday when you input your birthday.

Aliexpress Select Coupons and Shop Offers

This is not as popular for me, but is still a very valid way to save more money on Aliexpress. Aliexpress has things called select coupons that help you save money. The only problem I have with them is they often require you to spend quite a large amount before you can apply the coupon. For someone who on average buys items of $1 and under, I don’t personally find the select coupons useful.

That being said, stores also have special deals going on. You can get a discount when you order more than two items, and you can also get a special discount coupon if you spend a certain amount. I remember I once spent $20 for my now stagnant minimalist jewellery business, and once I hit $20 I was able to get a discount that brought the total back to $17.17 dollars might seem small, but that $3 can really make a difference!

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Don’t Rush

In a previous post where I shared top tips for shopping on Aliexpress, I mentioned that one shouldn’t be quick to buy. This is because when you spend your time looking, you can find even better deals. A top you see for $10.99 could be $7.99 at some other store – and it’s the same product. Heck, the $10.99 could end up being trash.

The Aliexpress mobile app allows you to find similar items to the one you are viewing, all you need to do is scroll down. If accessing Aliexpress via a computer, you can simply also scroll down. Adding a product to your wishlist also brings up a pop up window which shows similar items – often at even better prices. It’s all about patience!

With all these tips to save on Aliexpress, I definitely hope that you’d be able to make more savings after reading this. At the end of the day, it all comes down to knowing what you want and spending wisely! By the way, this post is not sponsored, I use Aliexpress a lot, and thus decided to share my experience!

If you’ve benefited from this article, do drop a comment and share the post! If you have any more questions on Aliexpress, drop them in the comment section and I can write more posts, or simply answer you directly. Ciao!

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  1. Thanks for this post. Now I know what coupons are about and the discounts bit. Wish you’d said something about the actual ordering process, shipping and delivery though. I have been skeptical about ordering ’cause some stores show 40 days for delivering. Is that right? How do I make my items come faster?

  2. Please if you are a Nigerian what address do you use?? Is it the postal address or your normal house address, please respond

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