The UK Royal Wedding and How to Watch It

Another UK Royal Wedding is here! In what seems like just yesterday (but is actually 7 years ago), the world watched as Prince William and Kate Middleton became man and wife – it was a grand event that gathered a lot of crowds, covered by several channels and stations. Yet, here we are again once again anticipating another UK Royal Wedding.

Who is our Royal Dashing Groom, Prince Harry?

I’d hope that we all know who this ginger prince is, but for the benefit of those who do not, I’ll share a little bit of information.

Prince Harry, 33, is first of all, well, a prince – a member of the British Royal family. He is the last-born child of Prince Charles & Princess Diana, and the sixth in line to the throne.

how to watch the uk royal wedding
Princess Diana holds Prince Harry as a baby

Apart from that, we know Prince Harry to be quite different from the rest of the royal fam – indulging openly in activities such as partying. Safe to say, we like Prince Harry, and many of us (minus me, my friends had the obsession) have imagined being the girl to snatch his heart. Too late now – but who is the special lady?

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The Blushing Bride, Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, 36, is an actress and our blushing bride! She’s appeared in acclaimed television series Suits, as well as other productions such as Horrible Bosses, Dater’s Handbook, Remember Me, When Sparks Fly, and others.

As she is an actress, could one say the love for Prince Harry is all an act? Well, Meghan and Harry met through mutual friends in 2016, and he apparently popped the big question as they were cooking roast chicken one night – traditional love story, with a royal title attached to it. Gosh! It sounds kind of fairytale like.

Tea: It’s not Meghan’s first marriage. Her ex husband, Trevor Engleson, is rumoured to be producing a  TV show centred around a man in a custody battle with his ex wife who marries into the royal family – opportunist much? Move on joor!

Important Information on the UK Royal Wedding

Date of the Royal Wedding:

The wedding will be on the 19th of May, 2018 – a Saturday.

Location of the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding will hold at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Windsor, United Kingdom.

Some Celebrity Guests

Celebrity guests for the royal wedding include the Spice Girls group members, Priyanka Chopra (Meghan’s best pal), David and Victoria Beckham, Sir Elton John, Cara Delevingne, Serena Williams and the cast of Suits. These are only a few celebrity names out of the rumoured 600-guest list.

Other Details:

  • The couple have had their fair share of trouble from the media, some outlets choosing to somehow use the fact that Meghan is a mixed-race woman (half African-America, half white) to come up with nasty headlines. Yuck.
  • The Royal Wedding bridal party will consist of children, following tradition. Some children expected to be used include Princess Charlotte, Ivy Mulroney, Isla & Savannah Phillips & Mia Tindall.
  • Nobody knows who is designing the dress, it’s all been speculation! The world awaits.

How and Where to Watch the UK Royal Wedding

Join the Crowd at London

Sure, you can choose to sit back like millions of other individuals and watch the spectacle from your television screens, but in case you’re feeling adventurous – I mean, this is a historical moment, believe it or not – you can get cheap flights from Lagos to London aboard Virgin Atlantic.

Imagine one day being able to tell your children that you saw the UK Royal wedding of Harry & Meghan? Not from a television screen, but actually were present? These are the little things that allow us be part of history. You may not want to involve yourself in the throng of crowds, but you can still get a prime balcony location to help you watch. Either way, cheap flights from Lagos to London are available – take advantage of this opportunity!

Social Media

You can follow the Kensington Palace on Twitter for highlights as well as major news outlets such as CNN, BBC, TODAY, Good Morning America, amongst others. This is an event with massive press, so If you’re not one to watch everything on screen, a simple scroll through Instagram and Facebook can keep you updated through photos.

No Cable? No Problem.

Sign up for Hulu before the Royal Wedding to access a live streaming via the internet, courtesy of Hulu and Youtube! Everybody wins.

That being said, there is no doubt that the UK Royal Wedding courtesy of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle will be a spectacular event. A day filled with love and tradition. It’s only right to wish them all the best!

Did you watch William & Kate? Will you be watching Harry & Meghan?

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