How To Win Instagram Giveaways

Instagram giveaways are one of the many benefits of being an avid user of the platform. Chances are we follow not just other people on Instagram, but also brands. Brands we love, brands we’ve shopped from, and brands we’re yet to shop from. Personally, I have quite a mix, and nothing gets me more excited than the opportunity for a giveaway.

Giveaways are an opportunity for you to get that item you’ve been pining for but just never seem to have enough dough for. It can range from anything from clothing to makeup and hair, even tech – many things have been won through Instagram giveaways.

I’ve had quite some success when it comes to giveaways, but this is not just about luck most of the time – it’s about strategy. I have some principles that I believe have helped me, and can help you too.



Know Thy Strengths

It’s important you know your strengths. What do I mean by your strengths? Strengths can be anything from your characteristics and personal talents, to what you can call ‘social currency’.

Thus, you should pick giveaways that align with your strengths. This is why I don’t really enter the following types of giveaways unless I’m definite I’ll win:

+ Photo with highest likes wins

+ Comment with highest likes wins

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As well as other giveaways that depend on you having to tag a lot of people just so you can win – they can be exhausting, and a lot of the time aren’t worth the stress. I don’t have that many followers, and I’m too lazy to be begging and tagging everyone, including accounts I’ve never even interacted with.

I am good at writing – I also love to infuse humor and banter when I write. Thus, where a giveaway calls for a question to be answered i.e. why do you want to win, most creative comment wins, etc., you will most likely find me there, doing my thing. This almost always assures a win for me.


Be Realistic

Sometimes, I see giveaways that the possibilities of winning are as thin as I am. One example is Pretty Little Thing, they’re always having bogus giveaways on their page, but I don’t really ever see them announcing winners. They have crazy terms like ‘comment on any random photo to win a years worth of clothes’ or ‘win $10,000’ and I’m like, this is not my exercise.

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I shy away from huge brand giveaways, no matter how delicious they are. Brands like Pretty Little Thing and The Balm Cosmetics do giveaways and even when I enter, I just know my chances are slim. By the time you see the post, there’s like 13k+ comments. Stress.

Therefore, just save yourself stress and swerve from all sorts of weird and bogus giveaways.

Unless you’re definite and have a solid strategy for winning, just don’t bother – there’ll be better opportunities. Of course, you can just attempt for the banter and end up winning something, but how often does that happen? This is why I dislike ‘winner selected at random’ giveaways also, because your fate is not in your hands, all you can do is comment and pray you win.

It’s all about strategy – pick your battles.


Understand the Giveaway Terms

Finally, can you really say it’s winning when you end up losing more than you gain? This happens when perhaps due to some undisclosed information, you end up really stressed out and annoyed. It happened to me, and thus, I encourage that we read terms of the giveaway very carefully.

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Sometimes, the winner has to pay for delivery, or must be based in a particular place. Make sure you know all you need to know, and save yourself the unnecessary headache.

I’ve entered quite a number of Lagos-based giveaways, and I’ve been unable to claim my items until now because of this location issue + having to foot logistics costs. It’s pretty sad, but I guess I’ll get them some day! Lol, but I try and unlook now whenever I see that the giveaway is based in another state.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Stress Yourself

I get that the givers in a giveaway situation want a positive outcome e.g. increased following for themselves. However, they sometimes abuse the use of giveaways in order to achieve this.

For goodness sake, why does your giveaway have more than 5 steps? Even 5 steps is a stretch. Some of these rules are out of hand – follow me on IG, Twitter, and Youtube, tag 10 ancestors, comment on 70 of my videos, etc. Okay, I’m being extra, but some of these requirements are so much, it really makes you mad when you don’t win at the end of the day. Some things are just not worth it!

I hope that these tips above have helped you learn something new, or discover something from a fresher perspective. That being said, go all out! You don’t really lose anything by entering giveaways (unless they ask you for money before entry which is weird and sketchy 101)! Just keep trying! That being said, here is my giveaway CV!

Things I’ve Won from Giveaways

+ N20,000 Shopping Voucher – I wrote on my experience here, and shared what I bought here

Scented candle from Mint Organic Care

+ Sola Fagbemi (@shopsola_) Ankara tote bag

+ Woven Lemon Gingham Tote

+ Haute Signatures Glasses

+ Mayanga Sugar Polish (@mayanga_)- Read the review

+ Logo from Mak Artistry (@mak.artistry)

+ Lingerie from Aimanosi Lingerie (@aimanosi_lingerie) – Yet to claim due to shipping!

7 thoughts on “How To Win Instagram Giveaways”

  1. You won quite a lot oooo. Personally, once I see anything like ‘tag 10 ancestors to get the highest likes or repost and tag to like to tag to like…bla bla bla, I just scroll past it. I don’t like too much stress in my life.

    And most times, the brands who give too many conditions (stressful ones at that) have very little thing of value to give to the winner so I don’t even stress myself

    1. We both don’t like stress o, we cannot come and kill ourselves lol! It’s all about weighing things out – is the effort worth the prize? Do I really need the prize or am I just looking for freebie?

  2. You should be called giveaway Queen. Your resume sure look like a conquest award. I dont even stress myself too much on giveaways with too much conditions, i just jump and pass. But those with fair chances of winning, i jump on, if not for anything for the fUn of it.


  3. I have never win a giveaway. I have been involved in 3 and truthfully I don’t wish to partake in another. My followers sef is nothing to write home about, so now jejely waka pass when I see giveaway post. But aside my personal traumatic experience with giveaway, I must say this is a really good post.✌🏾👌🏾

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