Is Growth Inevitable?

Growth is just one of those things that come naturally – there’s all types of levels of growth. There’s physical growth (the inevitable one which we can’t put a pause button on), mental, spiritual, financial, material growth, amongst many other categories of growth.

Living on Freebies & Mediocre Ambition

One year and a few weeks ago, I made my very first post as Mind of Amaka. I was ready to venture into the blogging world – there was no apprehension as to whether people would like my content or not – I knew I could write. I was inspired by the other blogs I’d been reading consistently for a while at that time. One thing I took from these blogs however, was funny when I look back at it.

At that time, Ifeoma Amadi was still Who What Fab (now Draped in Basics) and she was using the free wordpress platform with in her url, and whatnot. She and the rest of the blogs I had discovered at that time were very much on free WordPress. The world of ‘.com’ blogs seemed like a whole other universe to me, and from my observations, this is what I came up with as the golden plan:

I was going to blog on free wordpress for about 3 years. I’d save up lots of money from the sponsored posts I’d be paid for and all those blogger benefits and live lavish. I’d use only my iPhone as my photography tool, not having to upgrade or invest in anything else.


Basically, I was determined to squeeze every drop of freebie juice from WordPress and the tools I already had. Look at me now! It’s actually pretty funny what was going through my mind at that time.

Is Growth Inevitable?

I coined this post ‘is growth inevitable?’ because while some types of growth come naturally – you’re one day a screaming baby and next thing you’re thrust into the big bad world. You have smooth, beautiful skin and next thing you know it’s all wrinkled up due to age. You can’t fight nature and age, you can try, but you can never defeat it completely. Vampires aren’t real, folks (or are they?).

Post: Do I Regret Self Hosting?

On the other hand, some types of growth are by choice. I had the choice to remain at the level I was – using and enjoying my life without worrying about renewal of domain names, hosting providers and payment for these things. I had the choice of just continuing to blog without major commitments and responsibilities – but I also had the choice to do the opposite. I took that choice.

Growth is Calling?

Financial growth is an awesome thing, it can have you holding your head up as high as an ostrich and walking with a bounce. I find that personally, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have that i-can-buy-a-house-with-cash-right-this-moment money, any amount over N20,000 in my account has me feeling excited. Why? It gives me hope, it makes me feel like I’m on the right track. Perhaps this perspective will change as adulthood comes in strong and I have bigger aspirations (and responsibilities), but I’m happy right now I guess.

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I recently started a product photography business – yes, I’m a product photographer! You can view my portfolio via Studio Amaka (Instagram & Facebook). I was doing pretty well, getting clients especially when I started pitching on my twentieth birthday – yet, I felt a bit insecure. Now, while I was photographing products (pretty bomb photos, if you ask me) with my trusty iPhone, I felt a bit scared. I don’t know why my thought process was this way, but I looked down a bit on myself because I was using a phone. I had a pretty big job with an amazing brand – Mint Organic Care, and I started panicking. Next thing I knew, I wanted to rent a DSLR for the day to look uber-professional. In the end I used my phone, and the photos came out well, especially after the extra editing.

Yet, I knew I needed to put my racing mind to a rest. I think it’s been a long time coming too. I mean, you can’t use a phone forever, sometimes you want to explore, you want to try something new. You want to go beyond the simplicity of clicking the circle on your screen, clicking a certain area to focus on, and other simple movements. You yearn to play around with dials, unique settings and more light. You yearn to see the world from a different lens.

My First Camera as a Blogger

It may not be some high-end, popular brand or camera model like the Canon Rebel T-5 or the Sony A5000, but it’s still a camera. When I first heard of the offer for the camera I felt I wouldn’t be able to make it, but I was determined. At that time things were looking bleak financially and I had no steady source of income that would make me positive that I’d be able to obtain the camera. I’d been hoping to win the Mall for Africa $300 competition but that fell through because I wasn’t Lagos based.

However, I tried my very best, pitching to brands as well as doing my social media management gig for Aimanosi Lingerie. A few alerts later – viola! I’m so happy I got it, and can’t wait to use it. Of course, I aspire to upgrade by the end of the year/mid-2019 but until then, let’s see what we can do with this! I’m definitely a strong supporter of getting the most out of what you have – hence my improved iPhone photography over the span of a year.

I got a Panasonic DMC Fz-18 – pretty old (2007), but still decent. I like that I don’t have to worry about things like acquiring more lens for now – I want to play around with all the buttons and work my way around before moving up – everything at its own time. Here’s to bigger goals and better equipment!

While some locations (people) in Nigeria can come off as hostile once a ‘proper’ camera appears, I tend to make the most of my camera – perhaps I’d even do photoshoots with a few bloggers – no restrictions! Oh yes, and remember my blogging bucket list? I feel my Youtube channel may soon come to life! I’m thinking more of short vlogs here and there, behind the scenes of shoots, creative stuff and whatnot – let’s see how it goes.

If you need visual content for your social media handles, simply contact me at or send a message to @studioamaka. I can take brand-specific photos, simple product photos, and even videos of products to enable you showcase your product at its prime on various mediums. And the best thing? It’s affordable, plus packed with benefits for repeat customers.

8 thoughts on “Is Growth Inevitable?”

  1. So this is major news and it makes me very happy! I remember thinking about you and your brand some weeks back, and I thought to myself, “Amaka deserves a camera”. Like someone should legit just give it to you, because the awesomeness that you create with your phone alone is on another level. So here’s me saying congratulations, and it’s even better you got it yourself, so you know the value.
    Cheers to more beautiful contents, and more amazing clients!

  2. Very inspiring post! I hope one day I get to be as decisive as you seem to be in making up your mind. Major congrats from over here. Rooting for you 👍🏽

  3. Reading through this and I legit have goose bumps. It’s funny how the theme you used while on wordpress is what I’m using. I totally believe in making the most with what you have. I currently use a Samsung phone, but I borrow my CDS camera from time to time, you’ve given me some sort of wake up call. I’ve been worrying about my blog lately and all that, but reading this, it just feels sincere and honest and I’m so not going to worry too much. Will be in Abuja soon, hoping to link up with you though and big congratulations darling.
    P.S. Watch out for the interview soon on my blog *winks*

  4. Congratulations Amaka, this is a step in the right direction. You can only get better. Looking forward to all that magic you have in store for us.

    Unrelated yet relevant – Did you reduce the font size for your page. The text is looking tinier would be great if you increased it a bit especially for desktop readers.

  5. Amaka now has a camera, I am legit excited for you. In my head, I am already thinking of all the magic you will make happen! That’s so beautiful. Cheers to more growth, girl.

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