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I’m currently in a dilemma. It is important to note that I am quite a picky person, and also find it hard to make decisions when confronted with more than two options. So now, I stare at the theme page wondering which theme to choose. On Blogspot, there were a lot of ways one could manipulate the themes provided to have a more custom page. I loved that and had a lot of fun, going on Google to search for interesting additions e.g. making a signature appear at the end of every post, having a menu bar etc. At the end of the day, I had a pretty nice outcome, If I must say:

Former Blog Layout


I love WordPress, but one thing that has always annoyed me is the restrictions! The font choices for one are too little and some are way too similar. There are so many theme choices, but I have strict criteria I must follow! I have been hopping from blog to blog, reading interesting content but as well trying on the themes those blogs use. Still, I have found myself stuck and disappointed. My current theme is Cerauno, but I find myself unhappy as it stretches out the photos I use for feature photos, making them blurry and yuck. I want a theme which allows for the photos to be as they are, not stretching them out too much. I think the solution to this would be to simply make all the photos I intend to use as feature photos a uniform size.

My criteria for a nice theme are simple enough:

  • Side bar, either left or right or even the option of having both
  • Very adjustable, allowing for some nice additions and personalization
  • Minimalistic – black & white, clean look
  • A theme that doesn’t warp photos, making them look ugly
  • Allows for excerpts of content to be posted – not the whole content! I personally find it a bit annoying when the whole content is splattered on the page so you scroll for ages… but I at the same time see the benefit, as the reader wouldn’t have to click and open each and every link to access the content.


That’s my ramblings for now! Exam results tomorrow… Can’t wait, honestly.

If anyone believes they have a nice FREE theme, feel free to put your blog link down below in the comments! I’ve tried a lot in the past few days though, mind you.


How did you manage to pick your theme? Was it straightforward or frustrating? What themes would you recommend?


Have you read these?


  1. Sorry dear, but these restrictions are to motivate you to move on to the self hosted site. Me too am very very picky, even after purchasing a dotcom domain I still took about 2 whole weeks! I mean damn whole weeks before settling for the one I use currently. Not like I like it that much per say, but it’s something still close to what I wanted. I’m thinking of buying a theme tho. Just need money lol. As for the fonts? Same thing. You gotta move. I hope you’re enjoying your blogging journey so far?

    1. God forbid ooo! I plan to stick to my .wordpress.com plan for a looong time! Haha, they won’t beat me that easily! I finally decided to stop whining and work with what I got.. settling for the ‘Origin’ theme in the end as it fit most of my boxes lol. I’ll just have to manipulate and plan my posts/graphics well so I don’t end up frustrated again.

      2 weeks oh! God forbid, but I can be indecisive like that too sometimes lol. The themes which cost money are so expensive yet so beautiful! I hope one day we both reach a level where we can buy themes without breaking sweat lol.

      Blogging so far is good, just need to plan my content especially now I’ll be whisked back into the wild world of schoolwork! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment lol

      1. Lol, #teambloggingnogokillme.

  2. My dear, I totally understand the struggle. I am not satisfied with my blog’s look at all, but I picked what I felt was one the best to me.
    Hopefully, I would get a self-hosted site soon.


    1. Amen to the self hosted site, for now let’s keep up the struggle lmao

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