March 2018 – More Debits than Credit

I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t post this yesterday, but better late than never! March has come and gone, and there were loads of things that happened. Right now, I’m plagued with thougths about what the next step is for me – where am I going? What am I going to do after school? What am I doing right now? Where is all this going to end?

While I still ask those questions, I’m looking back on everything that happened in March!

March Wins

If you don’t know by now, I started off March by going to the Shop Trendelo Discount Trade Fair where I won N20,000! It was an awesome experience – read this post and this post to get the low-down. I’m sad because I wanted to go this month but don’t think I’ll be able to – #brokegirlproblems.

In March, I spent a lot. I bought way more props – I think I’m addicted to Aliexpress, no lie. There’s just always something new discovered. The thing is that instead of say spending N5000 on a singular item, I use that N5000 and buy more up to 10 items. I don’t buy clothes, shoes or bags (but I’ve definitely seen things I like) but I buy props.

shop trendelo haul, mind of amaka

A win was the Aliexpress Anniversary Sale which lasted for 3 days. I took one of the biggest (and riskiest) steps ever on Aliexpress and bought quite an expensive item, which I only hope will come to me in perfect condition, and take things to the next level for me. I’ll share with you when it arrives!

I think this product photography/styling thing is becoming a huge part of me. It’s weird because I never thought I’d be doing this. 5 years ago, who would’ve thought I’d spend my weekends bent over a piece of cardboard with products strewn all over?

Burst of Creativity

I’m finding that my head is charged with all sorts of thoughts – how I’ll style something, the angles i’ll use to make a video look awesome with a particular tune playing in the background. I just want to unleash all this creativity, and I’ve gotten a head start! In March, Slayy Box, a brand started by a fellow blogger, Joyce Daniels, gave me the opportunity to do my first product photography gig.

Actually, Mayanga (@mayanga_) whose product I reviewed in this post reached out to me in February, but the difference with Slayy Box was that I actually went out of my house. It was a surreal and refreshing experience, and I really had fun! Please follow @slayybox to see their range of goodies!

Slayy Box

The Slayy Box is a monthly Nigerian beauty box which features a range of high quality beauty and skincare products – all Nigerian made and owned. Picked carefully to ensure you seize the glow, the Slayy Box also is for the babe on a budget, coming at a price of N9000 which gets you 4 products.

slayy box, nigerian beauty, nigerian beauty influencer, nigerian beauty blog, nigerian beauty products, nigerian beauty box

This month, the box included micellar water, matte lipsticks by Kokobelle Cosmetics, black soap from Kush Organics, Mayanga Sugar Polish, as well as a cute satin bonnet to keep your edges safe. If you’re considering a present for someone or a box to treat yourself, they’re the ones for you! #BuyNigerian #Supportsmallbusinesses

A New Opportunity!

Before the month ended, Mercy (@thatgiftedgirl) tagged me in a post which invited individuals to display their skills in the hopes that they’d find work – I did! I got a gig with a makeup brand and I can’t wait to reveal the outcome to you! Thank you Mercy – check out her blog That Gifted Gal.

diy faded metal, how to fix faded gold, faded gold bag handle, diy bag, nigerian blogger, nigerian lifestyle blog

I discovered Ebeano Supermarket on my commute to school – leading to the discovery of more coloured cardboard! This is a mega win because I’ve been wondering how the hell I’d expand my collection of coloured backgrounds from just pink and yellow! Woo hoo!

Oh yeah, I’ve decided to explore more and brand myself as a product photographer and stylist. Therefore, I’ve opened a new page @studioamaka and also have a new category on my blog menu where I’ll display my portfolio – pray for me that it grows! Thank you Oma (check her blog here) for being my first follower!

March L’s

Though things seemed to have gone pretty well, there were many downtimes. I’m still having those downtimes. I’m torn between regret and non-regret. I’m wondering what I’m doing, If I’ll ever get myself together spiritually and in certain other areas. I worry about my bank account and how I’m going to become a financially buoyant lady who doesn’t have to rely on handouts. I’m wondering how I’ll take charge – how I’ll get money to save up for the camera of my dreams and take things to the next level. I want to do so many things.

Though spending money was kind of depicted as a win, it wasn’t ultimately as I had more debit than credit in March. Seeing my account balance makes me want to do better, be better – there’s so many things I want to get but can’t! I think towards the end of the month I had the notion of ‘money is meant to be spent’ and so ate quite a lot into my savings. So much for smart money woman, lol.

I’m conscious about the fact that Jesus is coming soon, and yet I’m at the lowest point I’ve ever been. Everything is just static – no prayer, just the occasional praise song that lifts my heart and makes me feel a bit whole. I’m not myself, and I have nobody. I don’t know what to do, I’m on autopilot.


School has been a drag, it’s been so lame. I’m not clicking with anything being taught apart from Intellectual Property Law, and subjects such as Evidence and Equity drain my joy. I’m scared for my exams which start on April 23 and hope I can scale through – looks like I’ll need to hit the books. Hard.

Onto April

It’s April – the month where I turned 19, where I made the decision to start a blog for real. Ever since that very day I started the blog, I have been consistent and gone on to discover amazing things about myself. It’s been a great journey, honestly! As I turn 20 this month and also have my blog turn 1, I hope April will be filled with other wins and lots of positivity. Perhaps I need more answers than questions this time – fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “March 2018 – More Debits than Credit”

  1. Girl, I can so relate to the not knowing where to go next or what to do thing. I’m going through the same and I feel so lost at times too. I totally understand how you feel and I hope things start looking up for us both soon!

    Congrats on the flatlay gigs you’ve been getting, that’s amazing. You’re really good at it, very soon many brands will be falling over themselves to get you to take their pictures haha. Happy new month Amaka! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

  2. I really have a lot to catch up on le blog. You’re doing amazing baby girl and I can’t wait to see all you have in store for us. Consider those “debits” as investments because bigger things are coming.
    I’m finally taking the leap to shop from Ali Express, I just hope not to go overboard and spend all the money I don’t have LOL! Can’t wait to see the “hexpensive” item you got off the site.
    Wehdone Baby Girl!

    1. TBH it was one thing that could be tagged as expensive and even then some Otedola children will consider it to be chicken change. Please catch up and read ooo! Amen to bigger things coming, amen! Glad you’re taking the Aliexpress route – just be safe out in these online shopping streets though but I trust you’ll do fine! Test it one by one or in twos or threes. The item is pretty exciting so I hope everyone will be as excited when it finally lands lmao

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