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Girl Meets Scrub: Mayanga Sugar Polish Review

The other day, I realized how awesome things can be sometimes. I had made a little graphic on CANVA for my Instagram with some skin care brands I’d wanted to try in 2018. That same week also, Mayañga (@mayanga_) posted a pretty tantalizing photo of their Mayanga Sugar Polish variants, and I commented “I want!” under it. Their reply was that I should look out for the giveaway later in the week. Lo and behold, the giveaway came and I ended up winning one of the scrubs! I was so excited that day because school was stressing me out, so I happily went over to collect my scrub. 

If you never knew, here’s a fact about me: I’m a skin product junkie. It’s not my fault, blame the skin I was ‘blessed’ with – oily skin. This oily, acne prone skin of mine, has caused me to go in search of products that would suit me. I could list out the hundreds of products I want to try, but maybe we’ll leave that for another post. 

Mayanga body polish, mind of amaka

I’m not new to the exfoliation life, I’m simply lazy. I exfoliate just my face but had been wanting a body scrub. I used to use the Frank Body Coffee Scrub, but of course, we moved.

It was awesome to win the Mayanga Sugar Polish. Given a choice between delicious sounding variants – raven, coffee, turmeric, honey & coco, as well as green tea, I decided on honey and coco. I sniffed it on the ride back home, and was loving the sweetness of it (I also tasted it a bit – don’t try this at home). I’m giving you the low-down and my views, coupled with some pretty delicious photos If I must say! I’ll divide the review into 2 – first impression, then the actual review.

Mayanga body polish, mind of amaka

First Impressions

Like I mentioned above, the first thing I did was to smell the product. The Honey Coco Sugar Polish smells very pleasant. It’s a nice blend of sweet things with sugar as the main ingredient. I can’t say it smells like honey or anything specific, but sweet is the best descriptive word.

Mayanga body polish, mind of amaka


Now, I’m a sucker for good packaging. I believe good packaging = great photos. There’s a way a product will look that will really draw me in! The packaging for the Mayanga Sugar Polish was not too impressive to me, though the most important thing is that the product does a great job.

I think a more minimalist label – black or white- would’ve done the product justice. That, or just a basic font instead of cursive (I’m no branding expert though). Then again, it’s a pretty small brand and they’re going to evolve over the years! Apart from that, I liked that there were instructions written, but wished the ingredients were listed.

My mayanga sugar polish experience

Like I’ve said, I’m lazy when it comes to exfoliation. This means I’ve neglected this seemingly important aspect for a while, leading to a poor state of skin. Due to my genes, I’m also prone to pimples on my chest, and even my back. 

Mayanga sugar scrub, mayanga body scrub, Mind of Amaka

The texture is quite grainy, and the grains are bigger than that of the Anike Herbal Solutions Coconut Cleanser. Then again, it’s a sugar scrub, and sugar grains are pretty big – I guess that all adds to the exfoliation experience, considering it’s for the body.

Mayanga sugar scrub, mayanga body scrub, Mind of Amaka

So far, I’ve used the scrub more than twice. The essence of a sugar scrub (or any scrub) is to take off nasties from your skin (dead skin, etc) while also leaving you moisturized and glowing. This scrub did definitely just that, and I liked how moisturized my body was when I washed off the sugar grains. I even once put it on my face with the intent of washing it after 15 minutes like instructed but ended up falling asleep. I woke up the next morning absolutely shook, but still, the moisturizing effect was there, and there weren’t any adverse effects! I’m surprised ants weren’t snacking on my face.

Price + Extra Comments

So those are my experiences with the Mayanga Sugar Polish! The small tub goes for N1500 while the large tub is N5000. The size of the small tub, which is the one I have, can be likened to a slightly bigger tub of mini-Vaseline, however, it is filled to the brim with product. I wish the grains were smaller, but I don’t know if that’s something that can be done. Having bigger grains made me feel like they wouldn’t dissolve quickly, but I had no challenges in the end.

If you’re on a budget definitely get this for a spa experience (since we’re out here trying to be smart money women and can’t splurge all the time). The small tub is just right, and I’m sure it will last me 3-5 months due to my stingy product using ways. In fact, I’ve used it 3 times and it’s still pretty full.

Get your yanga on in 2018. Begin your journey here: @mayanga_

What Nigerian skincare brands have you patronized? Which ones are you interested in currently? Have you tried Mayañga? Let’s chat, folks!

17 thoughts on “Girl Meets Scrub: Mayanga Sugar Polish Review”

  1. Skin care junkie here too!!
    A recent buy made my facial skin really horrible. I have the worst reaction, and for someone who has relatively smooth skin naturally, it makes me sad, so I might just stay back on the junkie-ness for a while.
    I’d still love to try Ajali, Namaste Organics and Natural Nigerian though.
    All the best in your skin care journey!!

    1. You people sef, why do you keep mentioning new brands?! Now the lust has increased lol! Eeyah, I wish your skin quick recovery. Ajali, Matte Apothecary and Arami are on my list, but then they actually have similar products so it’s down to who has cheapest prices/shipping lmao. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi, I recently got interested in organic skin care products, I’ve not yet used any one but I’ll like to try Mayanga and Namaste body products (if my account balance would allow me). By the way, you make me want to start a blog just like yours. Keep up the good work. ??

    1. I hope your account balance heals quickly enough to allow you o! If you want to start a blog, go ahead girl! Don’t let anything hold you back lol, it’s a whole new adventure. Thanks for dropping by!

    1. “kind of”? Ha! The king of skincare himself lol! Even if it’s not buying products, those DIYs! Can’t wait to see your experiments because I know posts will come out of them, woo-hoo!

  3. Thank you so much for the candid review.
    We truly appreciate all the feedbacks.
    Thank you so much. It was an amazing, and interesting read.

  4. Get your “Yanga”on??? ????
    Walahi you must do brand collaborations this year. Love the review.
    I currently exfoliate with Baking Soda & Coconut oil and sometimes I do a Turmeric and Honey mask.
    I’m open to trying sugar and coffee based scrubs.
    Aunty Miser, 3 months is okay ooo, 5 months for that tiny tub haba!

    1. Amen ooo amen! Sha, let it not just be any brand o, I want to make money while staying true to my blog theme and concept! Baking soda and coconut oil, please how does one exfoliate with that? Explain o! Turmeric and honey is the essential facial mask lol! Who are you calling miser eh? Is it your miser? Mchewww you don’t even know my situation rn o, you’d cry for me sef. Lol

  5. Totally enjoyed reading this post ..the part about ants snacking on your face while you sleep got me laughing out loud …I love to exfoliate my body…I just wish I had more time on my hands !!!!

    1. The time is coming oo don’t worry those energy-balls will soon calm down (we hope) haha! But that ant thing was so real o, I legit got knocked out by sleep! Chai! Thanks for dropping by Toyosi!

  6. First time checking out your blog,this is ur second post I ld be reading tday,n I must confess ,I LOVE the way you write?

  7. Hey Amaka, great product review. Its so good you won the giveaway. Please come and teach me how to win giveaway o, lol. don’t be lazy with exfoliation o. I also have oily skin and exfoliating regularly is what has helped me keep the pimples and blackheads away. I currently use St Ives Apricot Scrub for my face. I used to be lazy too but the trick I use now is the scrub is right next to my soap so I can just grab it and use in the shower without stress. Plus I don’t need warm water to rinse it off so makes using it less stressful.

    does this scrub have oils in it? I’m a bit scared of using face or body scrubs that have oils in it cuz I have oily skin. I got a body polish from Namaste Organics last year and after 2 tries, I gave it out. It was oil based and left my skin oily after shower and I just didn’t get it. Natural skincare I’m loving now is Sage and Skin (@sageskin on IG) I use their black soap and exfoliating body scrub.
    Skincare I’ll love to try now would be Cocoshe, Ajali and Arami.

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